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  1. So, ... Final Fantasy II? Of course there's the other option, like Sword Coast Legends. I.e. everyone is in the party for banter, but you still construct a party for tactics. Me, I prefer companion that are a.i. controlled. Or, at most, Knights of the Old Republic switch control style. Especially when RTwP. If full party control, I like full party creation. Maybe some additional companion slots like Wizardry 8, The Temple of Elemental Evil, or SoZ. So I'm down with quest related followers. Even better if they don't take up precious slots.
  2. MCA is obviously the definition of disgruntled former employee. However, whether or not Mr. Slam Dunk embezzled funds into the coffers of his relatives, he almost certainly mismanaged the company so bad for them to always be in the gutter when that was not true about other independent developers. Sure, still not Pitchford, but still. (Eh, everyone hates their boss.) TOW was a personal disappointment, but I was dreaming of an AP or DS3 after MMOs, RTwP Iso games, and that digital card game. That's on me. Grounded might be more my scene, If I was into survival games (read: the demo was fun.
  3. Indeed it is. Can go solo, but only if you suicide your pawn. Pawns are the computer controlled party members, which is tied into the narrative. You create your own pawn early in the game, but can also take two other pawns (from other users or pregen ones) to adventure with you. And, just like how you can change your class (vocation in game) in the big city, you can change your own pawn's class. Only the arisen (main character) can be hybrid classes however. It also lets you play as a hobbit-sized character. An example of a party-based first-person rpg, which is neither a blobber nor Oute
  4. If combat is tactical, there is fun, if you get harder combat in the future for combat, but that thing Sawyer always talks about, then you can make the combat easier for those who want less of a challenge (or just not force combat, but then one usually ends up with Torment rather than Disco) and more tactical fun for those who play rpgs for the combat systems. ... In theory. But then we have Augury of Chaos as a counter example, or rather pushing the envelope too darn far. And I say this as one who tried clearing maps the multiple times I tried to play Pillars, and would do so even
  5. Indeed, at the end of the day a game has to go in a direction. I for one miss animated hud face like id Software used to make. Heck animated portrait of any sort would be nice, also screen borders, Quake-style comand console, and a ui like Morrowind. There are so many things I miss in modern video games. Would also be nice if more games had Dark Sun's mouse driven control and KotC's hyperlink in-game documentation.
  6. makes me want a 6DoF rpg.
  7. I'm not well versed with the genre, but an ironman mode sounds like an excellent addition.
  8. I use 90 fov typically, but higher than is more natural for 16:9. That's more 4:3. But I was able to play the Catacomb Adventure Series on a 1080p monitor with borders and original fov, so I don't have this issue. Character reactivity is one of the best parts of rpgs, and some of the best character reactivity is class based (although race based is even better, typically.)
  9. I'm in such a blobber mood right now (yet I'm playing Sakura Dungeon instead of Wiz8, what am I even doing with my life?) I don't get how blobber now refers to single character games though.(1) Where's the blob!? Language, amirite? Wouldn't the reduction to a shorthand for party-based first-person game make more sense?(2) Instead of Wizlike / Dungeon Master clone. And why? Just because dungeon crawler is too broad? (I.e. first-person grid-based rpg / roguelike / hack & slash (Diablo) / even Gauntlet apparently.) Hmm, if Gauntlet is a dungeon crawler, and Catacomb is a Gauntlet clone,
  10. Shoot, and here I was hoping Obsidian would make a spiritual successor to Descent to Undermountain.
  11. This. Reminds me of Bloodlines where the game went third person for melee. Troika sure was something else.
  12. I much prefer when games fully flesh out the systems they are developing. I mean I'm sorry, but not every game can be for everybody. Blobbers literally don't exist without first person for example. I for one have slow thinking, but I'm not going to demand that every action game has pause for orders (which doesn't help much anyway.) I'm also just plain bad at computer games anyway, but I'm neither demanding cheat codes (fun stuff though) nor story mode. That being said, if there is time and money, a "functional" third person mode wouldn't go amiss, like Bethesda does. I mean, it just works.
  13. Wouldn't an Ultima Underworld sort of Pillars of Skyrim be a contemporary Battlespire?
  14. I've recently realized that I actually prefer first person games. Now one can state that some games work better in certain perspectives, but obviously if you just copy what works in first into third, or vice versa, it probably won't. However if you adapt to the perspective, you might end up with something neat, possibly new, and perhaps even functional. Of course with decades of examples to pick from, there may be no need to reinvent the wheel. For example, consider turn based tactics. How does one translate that into first? Three games give me a solid foundation on which to build: Wizardry 8,
  15. Classes in single character games allow strict gameplay variation (Hexen, Amulets & Armor,) path divergence (Hillsfar,) and an extra layer of player build reactivity (Swordflight.) Also first person perspective (fpp) doesn't mean no party (blobbers (literally party-based first person games) obviously, but also Outer Worlds.) Of course, classless can be fine too, and you can still do the above ... more or less.
  16. Second Life lets you see your body in first person, but unoptimized for obvious reasons. Can't wait for AAA to catch up to the noughties though, or the nineties; remember functional mirrors anyone? That's going to be huge.
  17. About classes: it worked for Arena, Neverwinter Nights, Amulets & Armor, Hillsfar, Eschalon, Divine Divinity, Stone Soup, etc. All those have the player with direct control of a single character. Although some are less strict than others.
  18. Pillars of Skyrim? Well I'll be! All aboard the hype train, choo-choo! I hope we can play as an orlan and get a shorter camera point. Hope it's more of an rpg than that previous game. Either way, it will probably be a good game for a filthy popamole casual like me, but I doubt it will be as good as Wiz8. Hmm, wonder how well the dungeon crawling will be; I mean it won't be Daggerfall, but it would be nice if it was close to Morrowind. There, that's a big wish.
  19. Sadly it's more than ten for me. In my defense, Keen 3 can be completed in 10 minutes or less.
  20. Anything by Ace Team Obulis Action puzzle is a odd and not so popular genre (Portal being the exception): how about Chip's Challenge, Exit, or Spelunker HD anything Mr. Driller, Bomberman, or Ape Escape Games by Nifflas, Remar, or Konjak If you were into fps I would recommend mods for Doom engine games. like Skulldash, The Golden Souls, or "The Given" There's probably a lot I'm forgetting.
  21. Fun Fact: I played Bloodlines without fan patches and it still made it's way on my top 25. I also beat Sith Lords, Daggerfall, and Arena modless. I like to live dangerously.
  22. Every once in a while I think I should stop playing 5-10 games at a time, but how else am I supposed to finish an average of two games a month. So I recently finished Submerged (which I purchased during the winter sale), and some game I stumbled upon named The Unprintable MAGENTA. I also had my first successful match of Pathfinder Adventures and have been playing Doom II mods like "Lunatic," "Vanguard," and Valiant. What I need to get back to: Neverwinter Nights 2, Fallout: New Vegas, and various Doom II mods. Namely Back to Saturn X Episode 2: Tower in the Fountain of Sparks, Doom II
  23. The biggest flaw of Ocarina of Time for me is that so much of the game is waiting, at least Majora's Mask gave us the song of double time. Meanwhile Skyward Sword is just too long. That's probably true about Twilight Princess as well, but I haven't played that one since it came out on Gamecube. While I was able to replay Super Mario 64 and The Hyrule Fantasy last year, I wasn't able to get far in Ocarina of Time, not when there are other game I enjoy more. To be fair, the only time i beat Ocarina it was the Master Quest. I think I missed out on Super Mario Galaxy as well, I played that last ye
  24. Alpha Protocol! Woo! Yeah, I have never played a Jagged Alliance game either. It's close enough to the end, so have a list:
  25. I've reached Crossroad Keep in NWN2, maybe I should sell off all these inventory items I'm not using. It's going to take a while, since I left them across my companions. I guess it pays to think ahead.
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