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  1. Can't play even on minimal settings, freezes everywhere.. The game looks like a slow slide-show. Would it be some sort of optimisation of this game for not-so-top computers?
  2. Is it gonna be normal to play on a laptop with NVIDIA GeForce 630M ? All other requirements are higher than recommended (intel i7, 12 RAM etc.).
  3. Kind Disciple of Abydon ---------------------------- A little bit of background. Since Deadfire isn't released yet, I checked my best character with whom I'll continue to explore the magnifecent world of Eora. I want to show you how well Crucible Knight armor looks with all-known Hammer and simple cape, which looks a bit ragged due to a texture problem (which makes it a feature). The protagonist name is Adrian. Moon godlike. He's a kind wayfarer and Abydon disciple. He wears: Crucible Knight Officer Armor, Patchwork Boots and Cloak of Protection, as well as Healing Hand gloves. Accessories are: Dyrwoodan charm belt and CRPG membership ring. Owns: legendary Abydon's Hammer. Everything is pretty simple but stylish. I hope you would like this concept
  4. The game may be designed in a way, that after completing the main story you still could be staying in archipelago to do some unfinished business (some high-level side-quests for example), and here comes the expansions with additional stories. But in this case some epic-endings, such as the watcher becomes a sort of demi-god, are hard to implement.
  5. So, cause I haven't participate in beta, I'll probably devote all my 8th May to creating characters. Although I know how my character would be looking (pretty the same as in PoE, maybe a little bit older/younger/epic/?), I would be enjoying new graphics, looking every modele and reading all that cool lore about classes and races ^_^
  6. Hey guys! Thank you for collecting all those codes in pinned post, I've missed a lot of them, although regularly reading this thread and Mr. Sawyer's tweets.
  7. Wait a minute... Are you kidding? Is that real? Now we have a walking-option that I was dreaming about? Today I saw this option in Mr. Sowyer's twitter and was stunned and surprised that this toggle appeared in beta. Thank you, Obsidian! And personally to Roby Atadero for that great implementation. You made my day!
  8. Personally I want my Concelhaut's skull pet to grew up in a real Concelhaut. Well, just kidding. Just bring back my Concelhaut's skull. Maybe a NG+ feature.
  9. Adding a hot-key for walking looks perfect! But I doubt that developers ever read this topic.
  10. Yeah.. Josh just said that we shouldn't expect this feature in the nearest future = (
  11. All the companions are seems to be incredibly great, but I'm in love with Maia. Always had Kana along with me, so I hope my good relationships with him would influence on attitude of his sister towards me. Xoti also looks very impressive, but I have some sort of anxiety about Takehu .. As being a moon godlike I feel that we can come into a kind of rivalry with him. Well, I'm excited = )
  12. Maybe I'm writing this too late, but I also very concerned about this option since PoE and Tyranny. It's a bit strange to see, that all your characters are ought to run in some way. And the most disappointing thing is that they are able to walk perfectly in cutscenes for example as well as all NPCs. But I'm afraid, that Obsidian would never add this walking option.. So the only thing we could do is *run* into new journeys.
  13. Hi everyone! Unfortunately I wasn't able to send you much money, but I'm really hope that those few dollars would help in some way.. Black Isle Bastards is really cool idea and is my honor to watch and participate in creation of such content. Personal thanks to Fluffle for sure! = )
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