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  1. In terms of what would be a fatally flawed end product, I completely agree with Guard Dog. I would give a nod to Neverwinter Nights. If anything, I think it's worse than he does. Forget the other failings of the game, the story was really terrible. Probably the worst effort of any Bioware game I've played. In fact, it's so weak that I had to go look up the plot because I'd forgotten it. From the whole clich├ęd tutorial and subsequently four pronged fetch it quest to the over wrought ending, it was dismal. The idea of Lady Aribeth going evil isn't a bad one, and having her fall from grace come as the result of her lover being unjustly hanged by a vengeful mob could work if it weren't so shallowly executed. A few of the individual areas were nicely done and I remember at least one wooded level being downright eerie. Still as a complete package it was pretty awful. I wouldn't even fix it. I might keep a small sliver of the backstory and maybe a few of the level design ideas, and then just come up with an entirely new game from scratch. As for the other games mentioned, I haven't played enough of Tides to know if it's bad. The part I've played so far was fun complete with flaws. BG2 might have had problems during development but the game itself was a lot of fun.
  2. I haven't played World of Warcraft in years, but I do miss my druid healer. I'd gone through most of firelands at the time. I do miss raiding. I just don't miss the time it takes to be ready to raid. My holy paladin was a lot of fun. Great healing while wearing plate. What's not to love? I just finished the library scenario as the mercs in Mordheim. Sooo different paying the mercenaries compared to the sisters of sigmar. If you can get the positioning right, those archers really tear up bad guys. There are times where the enemy doesn't even get to my front line with even a quarter of his health. I imagine my leader giving his men the ol' St. Crispin day speech before battle.
  3. I've never seen Gone With the Wind, but I should see it sometime. Probably with my wife. I love the Lawrence of Arabia film. Hearkening back to another thread in this forum, I think it depicts the glory any shame of the British empire. Peter O'Toole deserved the Oscar for that. Anyhow, great film.
  4. I was a bit burned by Tyranny. I started gung ho but ended ho hum. However, I should give it another chance. Only started once and played to the end of the prologue or beginning or whatever. Also, I loved Pillars, but I found that I petered out on that after the end of the White March 1, which is odd now that I think of it because I really enjoyed the White March. Anyhow, the question is, start a new game of Tyranny, finish my Pillars run with the White March 2, or buy this one and play it. Decisions decisions decisions.
  5. I think most things impact the margins. The point is to scare your side into voting and convince the other side its guy is either not worthy of the effort or simply can't win no matter what. Antifa has already had an impact (or at least something) has had an impact on the fundraising for the ealier part of this year, but as the last presidential election demonstrated, having hundreds of millions more than the other party doesn't ensure victory.
  6. My point is that bussing and of itself isn't bad. If a group wants to bus people to a protest site, that's not bad unless the group in question does something bad. I'm more concerned about public perception and how it impacts the election. That's something with more concrete measures than folks dredging up webpages that other folks discount out of hand. I probably won't be here next November, but wherever I am, I'll make sure to own my predictions. Closer to the election, around January or February, I'll make predictions on my social media, which makes it impossible to get out of them. Spin maybe, but you can't entirely get away from them.
  7. The mad dash to establish parity will help the Democrats, but not by a huge degree. The idea that the Republicans or other mainstream conservative groups are bussing in nazis won't get traction with the bulk of the American people because most won't believe it. True or not, there is a large percentage of the population that believes that left leaning groups bus in protestors to some events. It should be easy to find evidence of bussing and if it is compelling, then it serves to bolster an argument. Both Democrats and Republicans use carpooling and bussing to get voters to the polls. There is evidence that some protestors are paid by liberal groups at some events. Left leaning and liberal and conservative and the like might be imprecise, but it's what we've got. Since the Democrats did not state strong opinions against antifa early on and in fact since quite a number of Democrats talk in terms of 'resistance,' it isn't suprising that a number of Americans associate them with antifa. Now that some prominent Democrats are speaking out against antifa, it will certainly help them nationally and in statewide elections. This isn't really about arguing that antifa is good or bad. It's about figuring out what will come of the movement and how it will impact politics. I'll disclaim that I'm an American, a Republican, and would fit very easily into the 'white' category. So now people know my particular slant, I won't lie and I won't try to be misleading in my analysis. It wouldn't matter if I did. My statements tend to be forward looking and there isn't enough traffic in this board for me to use underhanded arguments to promote any real agenda. I'm going to say what I think will happen from all this and either it will or won't. If it does, then I have some grounds for what I suggest. If it doesn't, then I won't. As time progresses, I'll either be proved right or wrong more often and people can assess my arguments.
  8. That's the problem. If you term antifa as loosely people who are anti-fascist, I'm antifa. I don't think it's cool that mask wearing thugs have redefined the meaning, but there you go. I'm with you on that, Ben. As for you, smjjames, I agree that the Dems are starting to work hard to distance themselves. They were slow to do it, but I see them starting to craft narratives beyond Trump hate and antifa.
  9. As a practical matter, antifa is not going to help the Democrats in the next election. Sure, it's probably a badge of honor in this particular forum, but the Democrats will have to take the day with the albatross of antifa on their backs because people have come to associate them with the Democrats, which is probably unfair for the Democrats. Of course, this is the way of things since for so long it's been a winning tactic for the left to associate people like Nazis and white supremacy movements with the Republicans. This isn't about winning an internet argument. I have nothing but contempt for Nazis. I can't imagine a single person who served in the military who has anything but disgust for people who put swastikas on the National Ensign or carries it while quoting Hitler or some other fascist thug as if he's a hero. This isn't a defense of white supremacy. However, antifa isn't about attacking Nazis. Antifa is about attacking free speech and the way this will play out over time in American politics won't help the Democrats. They need to put as much space as they can between these 'light side' crusaders and their party. I don't like to make predictions, but I am willing to put my money where my mouth is, and I've had some small successes predicting these things in the past. I'll say this, if the Democrats embrace antifa with open arms, we're going to have a rare mid-term in which the party in power actually picks up seats.
  10. I've decided that I like Mordheim better if I don't switch out a couple of heroes for the special unit. Even moreso with the mercs than the sisters, although I would contend with both. The big ogre dude is great and durable, but as long as you're careful, the extra two heroes are much more flexible and all moving resources around much better.
  11. I might look into Twin Peak, assuming it's available on one of the streaming services I already have. Been watching Rectify. Compelling, well done, and brilliantly conceived. Great show that's depressing as all hell. Gotta take it in small doses.
  12. I might have to try this. You mean D:OS2?
  13. In my experience, redneckdevil, almost everybody is bullied at some point or another and almost everybody bullies someone else. Humans are a fickle lot like that. I myself have a glorious and inglorious history, like a lot of people, and I can't take credit for the times I've stood up for myself and others if I don't accept the shame for the times I was too scared to stand up and didn't help anyone. Even worse, the times when I had the opportunity to take my part in the chain by maybe leaning hard on someone just because I had the opportunity and wanted to see them bend. Sure, those times were rare, but I've done it and I would be a liar if I didn't own it. I never had any kids, which I've always thought was a real shame. I wanted them. However, if I did have any, I'd like to think that I'd take the time to help and care about them the way you're doing. Kids are resilient and you're giving yours a good model just by taking a hand in her life. Good luck, man!
  14. I just got back into my Mordheim warband. I'm playing mercenaries, but I see at least one new faction. Some sort of ghastly undead assortment. Put the hammer down the redeaded freaks a couple times now. I'd like to be able to play an elvish warband. I love the sisters of Sigmar. I've had a lot of fun with the sniper set merc faction. I haven't warmed as much to the witch hunting bunch and I have no use for chaos or vermin... other than target practice. I've never played Necromunda, either on board or on computer, but I'd be interested in it. The Mordheim game is absolutely brilliant.
  15. I spent the evening at the LA county fair. My niece valiantly accepted her finish, which wasn't what she wanted. Still, she had a great time and was laughing and joking quickly afterwards. She's much more resilient than me. I'd be kicking myself. After the cupcake competition, they convinced me to shell out $9.75 for a deep fried bacon wrapped pickle. 10 bucks! What the hell, man?! Anyway, tasted interesting. Hot. Then we went to the Alice in Wonderland themed area and poked around. The niece was in love with the pygmy hedgehogs. The wife fell in love with the white bunnies. I figured it would be best to abstain, otherwise I would have fallen in love with the brew stands. Plenty of them. I decided to wait until I got home and enjoy a little bit of vino. Well, it's probably a step up from vino. Half step? After a glass of that, it's time to visit the sandman.
  16. Dark Omen Thanks for the heads up! It's an oldie, but I'll take a gander at GoG to see if they've got it. Damn, it's real time. Sigh Aw well, can't win 'em all.
  17. https://studentloans.net/insane-repayment-survey/ kind of a funny survey of what students would do for all their student loans to be forgiven. I would take it with a grain of salt, but some of the people answering were undoubtedly serious. I've also read a headline about roughly half of the student population willing to give up their right to vote in order for student loan forgiveness. Maybe the question isn't what people are willing to give up. It's what they're willing to do. If you're not willing to lift a finger to defend your own freedom, you're probably more than willing to give them up. If freedom isn't a large umbrella over the whole of society, then it doesn't exist at all. I went to a (laughably pathetic) Trump rally near my house in California. I vacillate between hatred, fear, and confusion regarding President Trump, but I *did* vote for him (that explanation would take too long to relate here). Anyway, I didn't go because I felt strongly about his candidacy. I went because I have the freedom of expression and I'm damned if someone will cow me into silence. If someone wants to take a poke, or a shot, at me, so be it. Even better, I posted the pics on social media. However, while I never went to an anti-Trump rally, I have dear friends who viscerally hate the president and I offered to go with them to any such rally as moral support. Safe offer. A lot of hatred, but no one willing to make the trek. Out of all my friends, only one has been willing to canvas or work to help a campaign or volunteer in any way. While I love the kid, since he has plans of getting into politics you can't really say it's devoid entirely of self-interest. He's building a resume and contacts. How much folks are willing to give up and how much they're willing to act are two sides of the same coin. The answer: way too much and hardly anything at all.
  18. I'm probably not thinking necessarily as quickly as I should, but I can't image a real Warhammer game that isn't turn based. Sadly, I think the jerks at Obsidian have turned their backs on turn based, which is really sad. The whole idea of Warhammer is tactical turn based combat.
  19. I wish I'd said this. If I had, it would have been three paragraphs or so.
  20. Naw. LISP is for purgatory. Hell uses punch cards. ...And you have to program your own 72 virgins using those punch cards. Lest someone accuse me of being a misogynist, I say the deceased, and the virgins, should came in any flavor of gender, orientation, income bracket dimension of origin, and genetic build. This is a terrible discussion and we're probably all going to hell for having it, but it is hilarious. More of a religion question than political one, though.
  21. I just returned to chess for a game. The thing that gets me is, if I manage to eek out a win, it's a real mess. Last time I won resoundingly. I had a queen, a rook, a knight, and a bishop at the end. A lot of the computer wins are quicker and cleaner. I know why. The computer plans to win by achieving the win-state, which is the king in check with no viable options. I know I concentrate on taking out pieces too much, which is also why I don't win as much as a I should. I'm getting far better, but I have a sort of bias towards taking pieces that I need to put behind me to improve. I'm actually tempted to read up on chess strategies. heh
  22. http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/recycled/2010/03/honey_im_dead.html I can't vouch for the source, but it was an interesting article. ...And, being Catholic, I can assure you that if there are 72 virgins in heaven, I'm going to have a hell of a time doing all their laundry and cooking.
  23. "Statistics are somewhat controversial in that independent studies often produce estimates that are greatly at odds with official statistics provided by the country's government. On the basis of data gathered in 1999, the government estimated an overall rate of 13.9 per 100,000 people,[4] much lower than in the total rate in other East Asian countries: Japan (18.5) and South Korea (28.9)." Even if we go by independent studies, we can't trust the government to provide adequate access for research. Governments everywhere try to do their best to influence these sorts of things, but China in particular likes to massage data. I'm not saying that the independent studies are bad, merely that it's not cut and dried. Then again, I'm not sure if we're arguing the fine points or merely violently agreeing with one another.
  24. I don't know if it's a sign that I'm improving or not, but I've managed to break the chess game again. I've also managed to get a draw by having nothing left but two kings. heh. If I force myself to take my time, have a good record of winning on 9, but it makes the game last a long time. So, to give chess a break, I'm playing a game called Mordheim: City of the Damned. I've got this mercenary band that relies heavily on archers. If I can get my positioning right, I brutalize the enemy. If my people get separated, it can be tough. I'm getting ready to start the second or third mission on the mercenary campaign path. It'd been a while since I'd played, but it seems to be more or less going smoothly.
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