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  1. It has now been over a day and the latest patch 86 is still not downloadable on GoG. The only thing it does is repeat "Server problem." over and over. I can't even play the game right now because without working level scaling there's no point in continuing.
  2. To me it looks like a vision cone that's stretched open all the way to 360 degrees. Due to the way it's rendered it looks a bit confusing because the left and right sides of the cone cross to opposite sides, and it's not correctly filling in the whole area with red.
  3. Pfff, why not just tell us right away that no, we will indeed not be able to back the campaign with paypal. This constant delaying and "this time it's really really coming, for real! Oh wait something came up but it's really tomorrow!" is not accomplishing anything except disappointing people who would have backed. Oh well, at least we will still be able to get some of the rewards after the campaign via backer portal? Maybe?
  4. How is this such a low priority? Do they not want to reach those stretch goals?
  5. Sad this is by far the most talked about issue but it gets ignored in the FAQ and an explanation is nowhere to be seen on the campaign page. Not a single word on this core feature of the genre that got cut out. It's pretty clear they did this purely to save time but it's too awkward to admit that so they are just hoping people won't notice this massive flaw before backing the game. Thankfully I didn't fall for it because paypal backing isn't supported.
  6. You mean every spell is aoe damage with slightly varying shapes and a cooldown forcing you to go through your rotation like a checklist? But it's great because you need to click through a menu to put the spell on your hotbar instead of just choosing it from your spellbook, right? How about no.
  7. Why is a balance decision used as stretch goal? Makes no sense. It's like having a stretch goal to increase the damage of a certain spell.
  8. You mean mistakes like... not managing all abilities... and still winning? How is that any different from intentionally not managing them?
  9. People actually complained (and still complains) that POE combat is unmanageable because there is too many abilities to use among the party and too many entities involved in combat. For those people there are the easier difficulties though. It gave everyone what they wanted. But now suddenly there is some imaginary problem with 6 and they are moving toward forcing the zero party management playstyle on everyone. What exactly was the issue with playing on normal/easy if you didn't enjoy the party management? Why take away the option to have challenging gameplay for the people that did enjoy i
  10. I just can't get over this. I'm so disappointed. I've been looking forward to this announcement ever since I started playing the first game and now this.. All my excitement just turned into sadness. Due to my chronic illness I don't get outside the house much and these games are one of the few things I can still enjoy. It is very important to me. I don't want a simplified version of PoE. I would just play Tyranny or Diablo 3 if I wanted that kind of combat. I just can not understand why they would change such a fundamental part of the game that has worked so well since Baldur's Gate almost 20
  11. Seems such an odd choice to offer all these new character development options with multiclassing and then at the same time give us a tiny party size so we never get the chance to experiment with different characters anyway.
  12. That may be true but when every spot in your party is absolutely essential to its functioning that really restricts your options a lot. It's like they said, you get a tank, a magic user, a healer and a damage dealer and the only possible variety is the last slot which will be offtank, second caster or second other damage. There is very little room for hybrid roles this way.
  13. The smaller party size is not a good sign Why are they dumbing down the game when the first one worked so well? I just don't get why they need to simplify everything? I loved the first game but I hated Tyranny's combat. Making PoE more like Tyranny is very disappointing to me.
  14. Hello, i wanted to pledge for this game on Fig but to my disappointment the only payment option offered is credit card, which I don't have. I saw the payment processor being used is stripe.com which offers iDeal (Dutch payment system) according to its site but this option is not presented to me when pledging. Are you planning to make it available?
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