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  1. Hey guys!
    I have spent about 49 hours playing this game. Today I loaded several times as usual. It was OK.

    Now 5 min ago I realized I am ****ed. I try to load my save game but after it does I see an empty Great Hall in Caed Nua, no characters and nothing else is there. And also it says I hit pause which I didnt. Even if I unpause or try something - nothing happens. There are no characters, not my main even, there is just the empty room of theGreat hall. The other files - autosaves, are also broken. I restarted the game and the PC - nothing.

    What to do?

  2. Damn , I need 550 exp to reach level 11 :) I ll need to kill something to reach the level............. Ok I got the idea. Seems to me priests are always a must in this game. But it is not normal that they got so many spells, I do not know which spell to cast now and which to cast later, it is too confusing sometimes. And I use him mostly to boost def and to heal usually.......... Do you use his heal? Do you use his attack spells?

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  3. Hi guys. I got a level 10 barbarian, going in all situations possible with Aloth+Grieving mother + Durance with or without a paladin. I got stuck in the damn Elmshore region. I got great problems there and no combination of spells helps... I got stuck at defeating a small army of evil spiders, trolls and mysterious female mages who stand behind and cast dominate /i.e. use my own main char against me/ !! They are located near a green stone structure in the left middle map of the map. They just own LOL.
    I use the paladin's skill to debuff but then the mages charm another hero... Not to mention they are living well in there even after I cast fireballs on them. The trolls usually go kill Aloth who dies quickly even with buffs and healing from Durance.

    I also had great problems with defeating the little army of giants /they had 2 druids in that group/ but I managed ****ing them using a lot of stupid kiting and 2 paladins with heavy armor. I barely managed those but

    WHAT TO DO??

    Thanks a lot.

    P.s. I am playing on HARD difficulty. And yes, I got yellow weapons on most of my characters.

  4. ***Create a button than removes all items from the shash within a group [weapons or armors for example] and places them in the main character's inventory. Thios would be so comfortable.

    ***Create a bit more variety in itemization, i.e. a blue sabre providing + X max. endurance or +1 dex might be found. Improve the unique items a little bit. They should not be super OP though.

  5.  I think there is a difference but you should not so much care about it. Kolcs is kind of bandit-like and has no great ideas about governing the realm, while he has the surely positive trait of not being insane and phanatical. He at least does not kill his own family. Nor does he hang people from trees like the ruling Lord. Problem is you face a great deal of uncertainty when chosing Kolcs. You surely do not know what will happen if he gains power, as power changes people or brings out the worst in them. I had a different problem-I could not defeat Lord Rodrick as he is surrounded by a pretty stable group of guards, spellcasters are there and ... my party was weak, 4 members, all were lv 4. So I killed Kolcs to finish the quest, not because I support Redrick. But if you think a lot about it  ----- it might be a better choice in the long run.

    1. You defend order against vandals and militia men who are no real army. Of course we know "order" means in this case an absolutely insane lord.
    2. You gain good ties with the old aristocracy, which is usually useful. Surely that lord can help you later or at least say a few nice words about you to another lord/duke.

    3. Redrick might suppress and hang local people and might be doing useless thing to stop the Hollowborn but what do you care<??? Bad lords are everywhere, he is not the only one. This is true only if you have not chosen to be an "angel" like character who defends people against all evil.

  6. Today I just started to use the Grieving mother as a melee cipher but more focused on disabling, I got a barbarian main character and a paladin in the front line. Durance and Aloth stay back and cast spells. I rotate the last hero - sometimes it is the rauatai chanter , sometimes it is the Hunter [to unlock doors] or sometimes it is Eder... Seems to me it is OK to have a melee cipher and it niceto have a shield. Sometimes I switch to a blunderbus, then go sword+shield again. By far the cipher seems to be the most interesting class, overpowered even. No wonder people dont want to create a simple warrior as a main character. Ciphers seems to adored :)

  7. Depends what you mean by most powerful. Most useful one does not surely mean best dmg vs 1 target.
    The most useful class [in my view] is the priest/ the paladin. They got much more uses and do not have to rely on hitting an enemy to be great. For me the most useless class is Hunter [=ranger]. I mean I don't claim they totally suck - I just do not need them in my team of 6. I never did in other RPGs, too.

  8. Hello ...
    I say to myself - WHAT THE F...<???????????
    I just lost a main hero - the orlan druid who talked a lot and is oneeyed. He just stepped on a trap and insta-died. LOL. So, is this normal <??
    Does it happen to you , too? It happened after I defeated a boss, a dragon to be exact,
    Where can I read some info about his quests<? I like him, lol - so I want to see what happens to him.

    The problem: I did not want to restart. Restart is NOT fair !!! I like such surprises anyway...even though they are not positive.

    Who the hell designs such traps? Some coder maybe wanted noobs to feel sad... :D
    What do you think?

  9.  P.s. do not hate me for this but in dragon age the attributes were exactly how I imagined them and they just didnt stand in the centre of the character while here I have to think: OMFG is it better to get a helm with constit. or with might <?? And later: omfg should I get 18 int or 14 for that dual wielding dwarf of mine, the guides say that blablabla. ...


    Anyway topic closed, I am OK with my barbarian after retraining him based on the info you all shared here. So TY !

  10. "You're nothing compared to the brawns of my wizard !"


    "I was so shy and unresolved that I decided to become a predicator. Yes, a ranged one."


    "I am so stupid that I love poisons."


    "My superior intellect is the reason why I like carnage so much."


    Still a more interesting attribute system that most games.

    My educated and smart fighter is really happy with it !

    They can rename barbarians in that case. Call them university brawlers or warrior-professors and give them more INT based abilities. For example glasses strike [use your glasses as a weapon and use your biceps to shove them in your opponent's throat to suffocate him - deals raw damage]

  11. Hi all. I like barbarians in all RPGs and this time after a long train of thought I have decided that in this game my first walkthrough will be with barbarian. A dwarf barbarian even, which is kind of funny, since they are always supposed to be tall and wide-shouldered melee killing machines.

    I want to ask questions about the basic stats first.

    1. At the start of the game I was able to pick and I invested all in might and constitution. I am a dual wielder. Maybe I am wrong to not pick dex?

    2. I am level 7 but I never got the chance to invest more points when levelling up - I would have went for dex. Why there are no points to distribute in new levels?? Am I missing something<?
    3. How to correctly use items when I have to avoid the "S***, bonuses do not stack" problem??

    Another thing:
    4. Is it ok to use heavy armor on the dual wielding frenzy barb?


    Next question--- 5. what is the max level for any character in this game?

    Next problem for me is that I dont see the purpose behind character traits, mostly used in dialogues>>>>
    I go for stoic and clevel but what will it grant me? I got +3 stoic , so what...?



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