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  1. 5 hours ago, Wormerine said:

    Never played it so can't say. Dark Soul was dope though. But, unless Demon's Souls is more of an RPG, in roleplaying sense, then I don't think it's an apt example. Doom is supposed to be great, and it has demons, but it's not a story drive RPG. I don't question demons as an appealing theme for visual design, but their narrative flexibility to become something interesting. 


    Ah maybe. I mean to check the Inquisition out, but I am not interested enough (D:O is supposed to be still the best, and I didn't even like that one) to download Origin for it. I has been off my PC after the midsappointments that were DA2 and ME3. 

    Diablo II was a great game although you might say it does not count as it is hack and slash RPG. 
    Dragon Age is the example, yeah !
    Also , I cannot believe you did not like ME 3...

  2.  Hello all ! I might be noob in this game and I had problems completing it on VETERAN- in some tougher battles I died and loaded a save. But I am just thinking after my first playthr. I play the game not to look at numbers or create new strategies, I play it , because I CARE ABOUT good STORIES in all possible forms. Films, books, PC games. And also because I love the classic RPG flavour I tasted back then , when I played PoE I /several years ago / . :)

    I wish to share some ideas about the writing and the stories of many of the characters that accompany the WATCHER. I feel I expected a bit more in some parts of the story. Of course, I RESPECT the job this game studio did , creating such a great RPG.

    Group A

    The ones I loved story-wise :

    EDER - that guy is just nice and interesting, as usual, they kept the basics as far as his personality is concerned and now they added something new in PoE II. I know him, but I always like to see or hear his lines in any dialogue, plus I always pick him as a shield warrior tanking. The way the actor voiced Eder and the way they wrote his lines is amazing. Not to mention , that the story of his son /not proven by DNA tests but a son he is ! 😄 /  was really touching 


    MAIA - well, that char was a huge surprise for me , but it is logical /Kana is not the only huge AUMAUA with guns in his family, logical , is it not? /  I loved her lines and her style of "I am a female soldier , supposed to live with no emotions BUT I got a brain and a heart anyway " The bird is a part of this character nobody can ignore. I like Ishiza , that goes without saying...


    REKKE - Well, this guy seemed a bit boring at the start, probably because no one understood what he was saying. But later, after the language barrier drops , this char is proving that writing is a priority in PoE II. I hope you agree. 


    XOTI - she is not my favourite but the voice acting is really cool and she is to some extent interesting, just as the developers wanted, I believe. Plus, she is sexy. Her story is nice. And the fighting line "GLORY BE TO GAUN" is something one remembers. Plus one from me for XOTI. But still, she does not sound as cool as Eder does. 


    Group B 
    I "complain " about those guys, something is missing in their story, in my view at least


    ALOTH - he was just underdeveloped, he was just not fun at all , this time. In PoE I for some reason I liked him more as a character. Something is missing... Nothing original in his story


    SERAFEN - maybe some of you love him BUT HE IS SO BORING and predictable. A bit of a cliche character. They wanted to put a pirate in there and they did it , but his story sucks. Daddy issues <<<???? Presented in a way , that is not "refined"... I do not buy it. In fact, the idea that a Cipher and a former slave is a pirate using two guns might be a good idea, but it was not executed well story-wise. WHAT DO YOU THINK??

    Vatnir - Has too few lines, apart from his main quest, looks too shallow,... Hm, as a whole he is a priest, who in fact does not really want to be a priest and he is kind of ...well... coward. At least I feel that way. Not to mention , he never really did anything cool in his quests or in any other. I know I am right :)

    The drunken monk - MIRKE or something : just a damn alcoholic, no fun, nothing original.


  3. The wisps are nice BUT TO BE HONEST I AM feeling sad about the summoner magic, as I find it weak and often useless.  Chanter summons crap units that do no dmg in most cases. Or at least this is my exper., ... The interrupt /Dazzling light ,was it ??/ is sometimes good but anyway , I had a chanter -fighter as a main who used the skeletons and the wisps sometimes and they never did much of a difference . LOL 

  4. On 6/18/2019 at 12:39 AM, The Liquor said:

    Isn't that a massive flaw, if not an outright inconsistency, in Eothas' plan? He wanted to break the Wheel to force kith to cooperate, and he wanted to expose the artificial nature of the gods to the whole world. But the status quo after PoE 2 seems to be that kithkind (is that a thing? 😁) will only take notice of the Wheel being broken when massive numbers of Hollowborn start to appear, so when it's already almost too late, and no one seems to know about the nature of the gods either, at least the ending slides do not mention it. The only people who seem to know what's going on are the Watcher and friends. But the Watcher and co. already knew about the gods since PoE1, and their knowledge does not seem to have spread. So either Eothas' great effort did achieve exactly nothing, or there's vital information missing in the ending slides.

    I mean, the fact that Eothas is able to inspire animancers and scholars all across the world is proof that he was able to influence the minds of kith on a global scale. Why didn't he plant the knowledge about what happened on Ukaizo in the minds of kith worldwide? Even if his power was not enough to influence everyone, he could've at least "enlightened" the rulers and important figures of Eora. That would've made his plan work immediately.

     On the ONE HAND , what you wrote IS TRUE, but on the other hand - it is not , the world of PoE II is kind of strange and complex. And this is why WE LOVE IT ! 


    The idea of deep changes and enlightenment is very nice and this is what Eothas wants BUT it cannot happen in several days. I agree that in such an age where these guys just do not have computers or even telephones - things are going forward slowly ! And not to mention - the Watcher might say what he saw BUT MANY might not believe him or might not take his words seriously. People / kith are kind of limited in their thinking, not talking about smart ones like Aloth or Eder - and they are also a product of society. This society cannot change so quickly and even if the script writer wanted to - well, it would seem idiotic to say in a slide at the end something like "The whole world was shocked when they understood the truth " ... This is not the style of PoE II in my opinion. And also - Eothas did not use telepathic magic to talk to all the people worldwide , as he wishes a more natural development of the kith, even if he brutally intervened. In other words - what Eothas did is the beginning of the end of an era.

  5.  I would like AEDYR as a location and fighting demons from another world as a main plot - trust me , demons are always a good choice for a story in a PC game as long as it is not the type of story where a knight in shining armor fights evil just because it is evil. The story has to be something more complex and not "black and white " ! But surely the theme about the Gods and their way of dealing with the mortals and the world is just finished and should be repeated again. All was said and done in a nice way in PoE II as far as Gods are concerned. Time for something else!

  6. I believe that sinking ships is a waste of time, it is muchmore fun to board and to fight team v team with guns and spells + Eder charging with a sabre :) I like it more. Ship battles are so boring- they created a  "paper game "  to save some designer work and that is not to my liking. They could have a done a RTS + RPG style ship v ship battles but it would be complicated to create

  7.  I am glad that the topic is full of ideas from different people, that it is an active one.


    I also found out I cannot play without a domination spell / cipher/, when I am swarmed by many enemies I often die even if I use AOE, and when I fight 2-skull enemies, i.e. higher levels I also use dominate to win. It is a great skill, to turn the enemy against his mate  😄


    P.s. TY for the answers

  8. Greetings , all ! 

    I have been playing PofE II for some time and going deeper into the game, so now I wish to share some thoughts. They might not be correct, but it is my first time with this game and I have not even reached the 75% mark of the main story yet.  So, no hate, pls.


    1. it seems like it is impossible for me to play with no paladin in the party... PALADINS are super cool, easy to manage and hard to kill ! What is not to love ?  Not to have a paladin in the party is like torture for me ... LOL  😄
    2. CIPHERS are impossible to miss, I still remember reading a post years ago about a guy in PoE I who had 1 paladin and only ciphers apart from him in his party... 😄😄😄 I see today why that was cool back then. I have the feeling the ciphers role in any team and any situation is extremely important. MUCH MORE important than the wizard, esp. in tougher situations. I do not claim the wizard is weak, but he seems less useful to me and most of all I feel uncontent with his spell limit per fight... 

    3. It is impossible not to have crafting resources and potions on higher difficulty, I have the idea that potions and scrolls are a bit more important than they were in the first game! 
    4. I still feel that the ranged elves with a pet and fast attack speed are useless as much as I loved Legolas in LOTR and Windrunner from DOTA and any such characters... I cannot find a place for a bow lover in my party esp. in TURNBASED mode. In Pof E I for some reason I wished to play this class and I enjoyed Sagani but she always sucked in battles compared to the others, I saw her stats in the end of the walkthrough back then and it was there to note that she contributed less /apart from being interesting as ffar as the story... /

    5. It is almost impossible to play without a guy with a high enough level of "mechanics".


    What do you think? :)


  9.     Hi all ! 
    I have played the P of E I three times but I never had the P of E II. I bought Deadfire yesterday and today I started my first ever walkthrough... It is turn-based. VETERAN difficulty. 


    My main character is a Chanter/  Fighter 😄 with guns /*Aumaua with Arcebuses / , BUT Im having a lot of problems  😂in the first levels as I maybe am missing something, although I know something about the mechanisms and details of combat from the first game. PLS tell me :

    1. WTF is going on - most of my characters are grazing most of the time [ the main, Eder and a cipher I hired - adventurer that is... The priest with the weird unique weapon is hitting better lol /

    2. Is it not so starnge that all weapons are allowed to hit only once per turn ???

    I mean the very slow arcebuse is used once, the average speed weapons like sabre - also once, the bow - once , ... what the HELL happens with attack speed in this case?? It seems everything has the same speed within one turn. 

    3.  I can never defeat a group of enemies -wild animals , during one of the first main quests , as they do too much DMG, I use charm and other tricks and still - nothing , lol. My party is level 3, only the adventurer is 2... Eder tanks but still nothing good comes of all my attempts and THIS IS NOT A BOSS fight :( ... Am I really that bad? 

    The quest is not many levels higher than me !

    4. The drugs do not have a tooltip , stating that a disease effect will come after the bonus effect ends, so I did use some drugs on Eder / only once / and now he is sick 😄  How might I manage this problem?


    Yeah I'm just trying to ascertain just how much of what a Chanter does is 'performance' in the form that a Bard would do.  I can't imagine Kana performing on stage like a traditional Bard would do, and there seems to be more of an emphasis on cultural stuff and traditions though that could just be Kana.  I'm just trying to picture the kind of people who would develop Chanter class, whether they are all musicallly gifted or if its just the ability to tell stories that matter.  I have always found it amusing that a Chanter can chant while reading scrolls though. :D


    Yeah, to be a great bard, I imagine you'd have to be charismatic and have lots of musical talent. On the other hand, I imagine that you could become a Chanter just through study and practice, regardless of your crowd-pleasing ability. It's probably just because Kana is the chanter we know best, but I see them as singing history nerds.




    This is it. Also, chanters are kind of archaic while wizards are kind of new-age chanters in my view.

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