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  1. Great topic here.

    Ok, to start with a simple logic: in all RPG people can find something missing in the story or something not so smart OR even something not logical at all. For example, many haters of the mass effect ending said that it is retarded [cause it was like - ok,we create huge and smart robots to kill flesh civilizations so that they cannot create huge robots capable of killing the flesh creators... LOL] Do not walk around , thinking of weak points in the script of any RPG BECAUSE YOU WILL FIND SUCH. I mean, it is a game, and if it is kind of well -written, do not try to just find illogical stuff, this spoils the gaming experience. Of course, many people do not want to play stupid games, I get that. We are spoiled and look for meaning in any RPG, we expect A LOT, like it is a book by Dickens or Servantes. This is in fact nice - if we do not expect nice stories less developers would try hard to create great stories.

    OK, so about the gods in here being some lunatics or selfish or evil. YES, Skaen is retarded and Magran is a whore, true - but this is something regulars which makes GODS more understandable and close to human kind. Remember that in the Greek myths for example Zeus cheats on his wife and behaves like a not so responsible guy even though he is THE FATHER OF ALL and the RULER OF heaven, using mighty lightning and so on. And for example Apollo laughs at Eros, tell him "You are a stupid little weak boy and I am a better archer... " Such a bully.

    Obviously, gods here are dually behaving. The Monk has a skill duality of mortal presence but surely the gods have a skill Duality of our godly behavior - i.e. they can do good things and also be evil ... Anyway it is interesting to theoretize WHY THE HELL DID THE ENGWITHANS CREATE SUCH GODS?? Why didnt they make them better?
    And about the gods who do not exist - it is a nice plot question and it works cause the gods surely exist but are no real gods , hence they do not exist, a kind of deeper philosophy and worth discussing .......

    About Galawain - I do not think he is mainly evil or stupidly killing victims for no reason. Read more about him and check out his meaning in a broad sense , he is not so bad.

    You also talked about Gods being omnipotent, well it is not true in the world of PoE, as we see Woedica was screwed up by the others, so we see it. The gods are NOT OVERPOWERRED as people expect, they are like superheroes - they got a power, but they got weaknesses and can be defeated. We can discuss this even more, it is a really great topic.

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  2. Celtic - not so much, Slavonic - yes, but of course there are common mythological / folklore elements that are similar all over Europe. Sapkowski was original because his character was not superman and had a lot of problems men have or seem to be interested in simple stuff /such as sex/ not saving the world. Geralt is indeed original. And the books were also weird cause tyou surely expect more action /i.e. a witcher swinging swords or casting igni all the time/ but it had much more humour and dialogue than pure action. Plus it had something charming people cannot easily explain !

    But topic is about TOP 3 rpgs SO LET us stop arguing about it.

  3. If you are not mega-pro super micro maniac do it the noob way - level 6 full party. People do it on lv 4 as I ve seen, but it is tough. Surely, I have to admit I had great problems with this quest and killing the Mad emotionless Lord is a tough task. But get a lot of positive buffs from a priest or 2 priests /plus the heal/ and you will own him.

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  4. The Devs can't possibly account for every single option a player can dream of.


    So , for me it is simple: be kind of evil and stupid hero and get ++1 might and ++ HP or be nice to people, solve their problem by destroying the machine and the zombie scientist... Like I said before - nobody normal would help a zombie bloodthirsty scientist to get whatever NEW GREAT POWER he offers. D

  5. Surely NO romance and NO fun quests with the main character like for example getting drunk with friends and doing stupid things [like Geralt did with his friends in TW 2 and then he woke up with a tattoo on his neck that he didnt wish to have...] = negative side of PoE. But still it s a great RPG and no one can deny that,as for compating things to Baldur;s Gate - well it is not logical, BG remains a part of the past. Let us stick to the present.

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  6. I am very supportive in this topic! 

    Grieving mother rockz ! She is well written and unique and also the combo obstetrics + soul magic + mystical old believes is kind of original and unexpected. She is a mage and not a mage, a doctor and not a doctor, a helping hand and a dangerous influence, surely this is amazing.

    But do not underestimate other great characters in RPGs. Great characters I know surely include the following [as far as the script is concerned]:

    1. Thane Crios in Mass Effect.
    2. Liara in Mass Effect, esp. if she replaces the Shadow broker.

    3. The main character in FABLE - ok, he is not a NPC.
    4. Varric from the Dragon Age series

    5. Shale the Golem [Dragon age ]

    6. Leto in the Witcher 2,3

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