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  1. Before I read your posts I found a solution myself. I found an exit to the stronghold - but it was heavily guarded by a mob with 2x shamans. I barely defeated those LOL. Patry is still weak. Fighting through lv 4,3 is not possible, I get surrounded and insta-killed. Thanks anyway. Sorry for the stupid question LOL.

    But Pillars of E seems to be a great RPG, where you are not put inside a box with boundaries - you go whereever you like and you are responsible if you are stupid enough to jump inside a monster level much stronger than your level. I like that. I am not used to that. :)

    Case closed

  2.  Hey guys. I am kind of noob at the game and it is way different compared to most RPG I played. I got a level 4 party, lead by a barbarian main char. **** is I went down a blood filled well in the Od Nua levels and I am stuck. I barely escaped lv 5 avoiding the dragon. Then I die a lot in lv 4. I cant even run away............ I keep no other older save. I cant go back. What to do? I surely do not wish to restart the game from lv 1. No portals here like in Diablo2/3 LOL Ahhhh. But great RPG this one!

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