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  1. If someone is stupid or does not like RPGs he might hate RPGs or have bad experience with them even if he is 39, age is not so important. Ofc 4 year olds will not enjoy PoE. I am 30 myself. Truth is most people believe gaming is for kids up to 17-18. My wife also asks why I play games at this age and does not like it.
    I showed my amazing wife what The Witcher is and then she understood why I love RPGs. ))

  2. I get your point, OP.


    So you enter this abandoned for centuries and almost legendary dwarven fortress, Durgans Battery, lo and behold the wonders inside, some interesting dwarven deity must have been worshipped there by them mountain folk... NOPE, just good old Abydon.


    So you set sail to the Deadfire Archipelago, a vast area of small volcaninc island with many different cultures that are so exotic, and... NOPE, just good old Ondra.


    So you venture to the Living Lands, famous for their... NOPE, just good old Galawain.


    So you go to... NOPE, just good old Magran.

    What you say might be true but why is it negative in you eyes ?? The same Gods in different regions unifies the world and makes in more lore- friendly. You cant expect to have 39 gods who just have names no one cares about in other places.  The Gods are in fact a coordination tool in the world of the game, if you look at the script you will see it. I really had the feeling that they are stitching some of the story together, so it does not fall apart. Same thing was in Mass Effect where everywhere you encounter indoctrination and reaper presence - indirect or direct.

  3. I have played different RPGs and I will tell you this.
    There are 4 common ways to manage health in RPGs:
    1. rely mostly on potion abuse and ability spam to heal characters - I played dragon age like this.
    2. use high life steal to stay alive if you are a melee character OR alternatively do not get hit at all like bow amazons did in Diablo 2 or life steal barbs.......

    3. the mass effect system where you regen fully [the shield I mean] if you do not get hit at all for several seconds.
    4. looking at HP points but in fact relying on armor more + high resistances cause it matters how much dmg you reduce.

    Now in PoE we got a system than is a bit different. It uses Endurance as a second type of health which is like the common health but not exactly, so this is a better system for me.
    It is kind of original to have such a system as it says: OK, we want players to be smart and to follow a playstyle where they can allow a certain amount of max damage, i.e. not losing more than 90% of your endurance in a battle. Such thinking means you have to take precautions and use combinations of spells from different classes. It forces you to be smarter, otherwise you rest all the time which sucks. I do not see a logical reason to change a system which works so well. PoE uses the 4. option - you mostly care about deflection and the other types of def, having in mind you can waste some endurance points BUT NOT ALL OF THEM IN A SINGLE FIGHT. I think it is a great system.
    I always had the feeling that healing spells are kind of weak in this game and this is OK. I also think that using mostrly life steal is also not cool, like an agility crit based hero in dota could heal most a lot of HP in a single crit or a series of fast hits.

    Injuries are injuries, they make the game more realistic and I like them as they are presented right now.

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  4. I wish OBSIDIAN could start a small side quest contest. Players from PoE 1 would write down a brief story which is in one's view able to become a nice side quest. You /=the player/ create the plot, the nature of the task and the reward, it has to be short, then the quests that people in the forum like most are sent to a developer [for example 10 or 15 of all] Then the developer or several of them choose which one is most interesting and the reward is obvious - put that quest in some act in PoE 2. :) Too hard to realize , I know. :) But people would love that.

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  5. OK, I want to look at this topic from another side. Forget the maths for a second, although I thank the people who posted the numbers. The Long pain /subjectively/ ruined the fun for me with my monk:  I just do not like a ranged monk as a concept, although mathematically what you wrote applies. There is no RPG fun for me in there when the monk starts hitting the air and sending projectiles like a bow to hit a distant enemy, I like being face-to-face with the enemy. It is fun! The problem of many games, including DIABLO was that people looked for mathematics all the time and many builds were considered weak or were just laughed at because of their inefficiency. In fact many RPGs force you to not use some skills or combos because of the dmg numbers or the ration dmg - survival. Truth is I do not wish to be a maximum dps monk at all or in other words I wish to have fun regardless of the numbers. So I play all the time with fists, rarely using the Long pain but I would personally stick to what you wrote above if I care about pure effectivity. Also, it would be not so smart in the first place to make any weapon being more powerful on a monk main char than using fists - because the designers wanted to create a martial artist class. Why would they give him the bonus with fists if people could use weapons and get much more dmg than fists<?? So, that is why fists have to be kind of strong. Their problem is that they just do not work vs crush immunity.

  6. Even though I am not an RPG maniac and I did not play POTD cause I like the hard difficulty - oh, yeah Im nooob, I would not recommend neither story time nor easy to anyone. It is just too easy and ruins the fun. Hard difficulty and normal are the "normal" choices for this game. Of course people who play solo POTD find it fun - otherwise they would not play it, I respect that. But I do not think it makes sense to play this game on the easiest possible difficulty.

  7. I would enjoy it more if Eder becomes a gunpowder fighter. He just realized that guns are much better than old-fashioned swords or maces. So he just goes around and shoots people in the head. Using heavy armor of course to counter puny xaurip attacks - i.e. they try to pierce him with a pathetic spear but graze and then he shoots them [in the head as I said], ... So, do you like the idea?

  8.  There is no such thing as best class if you know how to use all classes it seems. I myself like druids but never had a free space for a druid in my team apart from the Hiravias companion quest. Truth is many people are doing the math around here and might prove that a class with a certain build might be stronger than others. But the game on hard is very playable using all classes with no exception. Damage spells are not useless in my view, I used Aloth and his DPS abilities all the time and it was fine. If you dig around the forum you would even see people who have a build for a solo walkthrough with a barbarian - pretty exotic is it not<? I enjoyed some of the new skills introduced in the expansion, I guess you will like those, too and not only for druids.

  9.  Ok, so I have been thinking about it for a long time. I see that the wizards have a lot of cool spells but each individual wizard has a build using few of those, I mean why do I get 998 buttons with spells when ALOTH is using 5-6 and the rest are just there like "museum pieces" Actually I think there are two main builds with wizards:

    - crowd control

    - pure damage

    So the first type does not use most of the damaging spells and the second one does not use so much dazzling lights / unconsciousness / paralyze /etc.
    Do you think I am right or not ? BTW I got the same feeling for ciphers, I need exactly FIVE spells from all we got available.
    Is it not possible to have less icons in the UI so that it can be simpler to play ? Do you rely on automatic hero control where you can click to auto cast DMG abilites or crowd control?? I never tried it cause I thought it might waste spells in easy encounters, so I microcontrol all chars all the time.
    Any thoughts??

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