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  1. Hey guys! Nice day, isnt it? :)


    I can't find the guy who starts the IRON Flail quest. Deryan is his name. He is supposed to be in the east side of the village but I do not see him, I walked around many times .....where is he?? Thanks. Is the quest fun? I just read a little info about it while I looked for quests I did not do. I got just two of those before opening the DB.

  2. If you want a caster who also hits people's heads the classical way you might get a wizard who has spells making him a two-handed DPS - i.e. summons a staff and also can use leaching spells + deflection boost to stay alive in melee combat. Truth is wizards backstabbing enemies do not exist in this game but this is as close as you can get, Another truth - a wizard who fights in melee engagement is not so useful, it is best to stay behind and cast nice spells keeping the comfort of not getting melee attacked. Another option is the cipher, they got a weapon to clasically hit enemies + also they got overpowerred curses or dmg spells with some effects. Ciphers are fun. But you ll need surely a paladin in the front line and a priest to support and protect you from curses like terrified for example.

  3. Oh, daaaaaaaaaaaamn it. It seems to be IMPOSSIBLE to go to White March after killing Thaos as we get just to see the final text and the credits after it. So, I had to load a save where my character is not yet jumpin into the pit. First time I see an expansion that starts before finishing the main story. So disappointing... Now I have to play the expansion and then go just into the pit again and fight Thaos again LOL.
    Next time I hope there is a door somewhere after a final fight so we can go straight to the next content which is expansion content.

  4.  Hey guys! I got troubles when I fight concehault. Problem is he has too many mobs in front of him and too high magic dmg. He kills my back line of 3 casters so easily [Aloth+ Gr Mother + Durance] and ... I do not know what to do. I did buff myself. I did use AOE magic, nothing.......... I usually kill 2/3 of all the monsters but then all my heroes die. Or I go all dmg at him but I get swarmed

  5. I am level 13 and still cant kill it......I didnt use paralyzing scrolls cause I wanted a challenge. But this thing uses an attack which one hits half of my team plus there are damn andragans in there, damn it, I dont know how to kill it. I mean without abusing. This dragon is too OP for me even though it is easy for many of you. The sky dragon was much easier. Maybe I ll make a deal with her, I dont know yet. On my first walkthrough I didnt even bother going to her, but now I am there and after the Adra Dragon I left just the "KILL Thaos finally and end it all " quest

  6. Hey guys, So, I am at the end of the game [just about to jump on Thaos] I got a monk, part tank, part DPS, using the long reach. I am using He carries many scars armor. But it is recommended to use Sanguine Plate to get frenzy. Well I kind of do not like the def attributes of Sanguine Plate. Ofc I got it and can change it at any time. What other armor do you recommend for monks?

  7. I am really surprised to see that most players chose Hylea. I think it is very reasonable to say that it is not a good idea to restore probably damaged souls to already damaged children. And surely it is a risk cause you do not know what will happen exactly, no one has tried such "treatment" before. Not to mention that Hylea is kind of weird although she is nice and positive most of the time. I chose Galawain's ending. Now on my second walkthrough I ll choose another option, maybe Rymrgand.

    TRUTH IS I AM MEGA CURIOUS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS IF I SUPPORT WOEDICA ! I have not played the expansion yet. I ll have to be patient and see.

  8.  I like Rymrgand best. He is so coooooooooooold ! And he wants to ****in kill you. Great writing here, cause the game creators made it all even more confusing when one god has a function that another one also covers. I.e. Rymrgand sends death but Berath also is a god of death. Magran is the goddess of war but Galawain is also kind of war-loving and he likes conflict. Skaen covers secrets plans of revenge and hating but Woedica also is very very vengeful... So Gods in this game are a little complicated. Just as they have to be.

  9. I think you must be really crazy to play solo barbarian or solo ranger /PotD/, or if you do play those it is very annoying ... Of course pro people like a challenge. I admire those who rock with a solo main char but anyway why would you do it <<<<<????????? It is fun listening to spontaneous dialogues from companions and to complete their personal quest. These things are missing in solo playing.

  10. OK, so I am in the endless paths level 14 for the first time. I read most of the lore and had all the dialogues with the fampyr king / warlord or boss or how do you call him... I understood that their King got mad after losing his son and that some adra beetles eat their precious adra, also that they wanted to be master scientists in the soul control area of research......

    BUT I DIDNT GET the whole picture. Can someone tell me in short what the hell exactly happenned and why? And what was that about an angry mob..... Oooh, damn it. I am too tired after work, I should play RPGs when I m well rested. This is why I didnt get it, or maybe I just didnt get it for no reason at all. Thanks.

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