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  1. Hi guys. I never used the skill which summon weapons as I thought it is kind of useless if you get so many yellow weapons around, also I play with monk who uses fists traditionally. But I am very curious how summonning weapons makes sense and how to use it optimally. Now I got an option /during my 2. playthrough/ to buy gloves from the dwarven smith in the Crucible Knights' keep. He offers glove that can summon firebrand. Is it strong?

    WHAT MECHANISMS APPLY when I am using such a weapon? The wizzard has a staff in his skill set that can be summonned in battle... Is it useless or not? Do you have a lot experience with such weapons?

  2. Please, dear RPG fans, support me on this one!

    I wish to get interesting quests, based on the character background. Why do players chose to be a mercenary/ slave / aristocrat, etc. ? It is not enough to get a +2 survival bonus or something, right...

    It would be very logical /and not so hard to make/ to include background related quests. I have already seen someone who talked about this around the forum.

    The ways I see there should be +1 quest, related to this feature in every act. Those quest ofc cannot be and should not be as important and as rich in content compared to the main quests BUT they have to be in there. For example if you are a mercenary it might lead to something like: "You meet an old friend of yours - a crossbowman for hire who is drinking beer outside an inn and then he offers you to.............................. " You got the idea. It would be nice to get an item as a reward in such quests.
    Also, there have to be more options regarding the country you are from + a minor quest depending on that country.


    enrich itemization, we want more helms, more boots and more gloves - I could not get enough of them. :)

  3. What does the term cc-offtanks mean ? Wizards ofc have to be able to defend themselves vs melee high-damage enemies BUT I think that the arcane veil is too OP and that what Boeror said it true [but NOT balanced at all] A tanking wizard is really a contradiction in the classic RPG theory. Not that I mind basically NOT dying with Aloth...

  4. Hi guys. I got some doubts about using 2 or 3 companions from the same class effectively in my team. So I got some noob question for you. Here it goes:

    1. I felt that no one talks about two priests in a team and that I want to try it. Does it make sense to you? Ideas are simple: One priest will curse the enemies and shoot them with a bow and Durance will cast useful buffs and heals. OR Durance casts one + stats buff on me and the other priest casts a different one, then they both heal the team.

    2. Is it useless to get 2x warriors [fighters] to tank together? One should be a shield warrior and the other - a two handed DPS master with heavy armor. Is it OK?

    3. What is your opinion on a gunpowder team, i.e. like this: 2 chanters with pistols + 1 ranger with arcebuses / or 3 chanters and in front of the monk, paladin, Eder <???I have never tried it and I think it might suck.

    4. people mentioned somewhere around the forum a 6 druid build, now this can be OP but I feel it is kind of boring and "unnatural", although in a world where babies are born with no soul it may be acceptable to fAck variety in favour of OP druid spells. ???

  5. Omfg, I sucked at the final fight.  5 times I tried and I failed. I am on HARD.

    I got lv 12 party with nice items on all characters. I do split the heroes so they dont get AOE-ed easily. I tried different positioning - nothing.
    Worst part is I did best at the first attempt when I didnt even know what I am doing. I killed 2 statues losing 2 heroes, I do not know how.  But then Thaos was alone and he destroyed me. It is too hard on hard. LOL.

    Later in the other attempts it was much worse. Even though I am using positioning and healing and ofc Eder is trying to keep a statue busy - I still die.
    I got a barbarian main character - he dies first doing not so much dmg. Then I got a two-handed spear paladin - Pallegina with offensive skills........ I got just 1 pure tank. Fffffffffffffff
    I use also Durance as usual and Grieving Mother. The wizard is my glass cannon max dps guy but he cant do the damage so quickly and they are kind of resistant.


  6. Hey guys.
    just wonderrrrring:
    Why do we not meet a barbarian companion??
    We got a paladin, a priest, a warrior [cool guy named Eder] ...but no barbarian!
    My main character is a barbarian so I dont need one more but if I have chosen a paladin or rogue or something I would have a party with no barbarians and this sucks. I do not like hiring adventurers because it spoils the character experience for me. I like people with stories and opinions in my team. Like Durance for example... So, yeah, if I dont artificially make a barbarian in my next playthrough as a paladin I d miss the dual-wielding fury...

  7. Hi all.
    As I was walking around exploring I went inside a warrior / chieftain building in Twins elms [the left side of it ]... I talked to a NPC seeming to be the chieftain of the Three-Tusk Staelgar tribe or the Twice-split arrows, I do not remember. He wished to involve me in a dirty disgusting business: to abduct a girl [his step daughter or something ] and bring her to a druid to sacrifise her so that she does not continue to rule after the chieftain dies. He wanted this because he is a member of his own tribe and she is not but she still has a chance to rule it. He said his own children are worthless and unfit to rule after his death. So, I decided he is either evil or absolutely insane and I killed him and an army of his guards who were near the room. A tough fight that one. Problem is I got a very negative reputation. Also, guards in other maps in the Glanfathan main town attack me automatically  from now on.
    Was it a bad choice?

  8. Might and int are the most important, I have opened another topic here, asking about the same thing. I am a barbarian fan , dating back from my Diablo II times.

    But there is something else: even if you get the best stats and wapons on a barb this is not a sure win in all battles, I would even say that it is not crucial. The main idea of the game is to combo and to have a balanced team, to get others to buff and save your barb who is jumping in. I reached this conclusion based on help in the forum

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