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  1. This clearly is wrong – though BG still lags behind the PoE games in terms of diversity and amount of such checks.
  2. The most important thing is information present on a wiki article. Styling the info – that can always be done later by experienced contributors. You only have to press the "Edit" button to add some text to a page.
  3. You people are aware that a wiki gets updated by contributions of players around the world who do this voluntarily and in their spare time? And not something that is automatically done by paid professionals as soon as new content is released? By the way: Karaboru and Frostseeker on the wiki …
  4. Noob question: how does an "installation" from an external source will affect the layout/design of this board? And will it affect anything else? Would there be a way to revert it? (Sorry, not only one noob question … )
  5. She has a convo, though in the "npcs" folder, and now a large and small portrait in the "companion" folder. The Backer Beta Update 2 Patch Notes announce the ship crew.
  6. Hi, guys! Showing up the first time, I think, on this topic (and haven't posted much, elsewhere) – forgive me! I'd like to have your input on two things concerning the wiki, where (unfortunately) Tagaziel's and my opinion differ. (Sorry, @Tagz ) The first and rather new thing is the usage of spoiler tags. I don't talk about quest pages – that there spoilers will be found is sure. But what about backgrounds of people and places that might reveal facts, only learnt late in the game or at least after some progress in the plot? Sure, you all have played the game several times now and can't be surprised anymore, but I think also of new players (and the successor might spawn many of them) and this in general. I think, it's a good practice to hide revealing facts, so that any readers can decide by themselves if they want to have that piece of information right now – or not. And the other thing is capitalization. We had a short debate about it on the wiki, which turned out to be a two versus one poll. I lost. The current practice is to spell all sort of things, except names and such, with lower cases, as in regular orthography. The game, however, uses upper-case initials for all words of an e.g. item. If you would have to create an article about the new, say Hunting Bow from the game, would you call it this, as it appears in your inventory, or would you call it hunting bow, as the proper spelling would be? I'm asking this here, because the community discussion on the wiki doesn't really attract many participants. But I think, you readers of this topic are community members, too, so – tada! Some input and opinions would be really, really helpful! You can find me on the wiki as compleCCity. Feel free to visit!
  7. The Deadfire Pack is named data_expansion4 and px4 in the game files, while the White March is …1 and …2, respectively. What about data_expansion3 and px3? Did I miss something?
  8. I asked, because the three older ones are on Obsidian's YT channel as well, and because I like to embed them. Embedding Twitch produces higher page load times than YT, in my experience.
  9. Well, I think, when your pledge already has been collected (you should have received an e-mail about this), there's no way anymore to alter it. You might, however, ask the Fig support. See post above.
  10. Portrait before dialog: okay. Portrait before dialog, mirroring emotions: unneccessary. I think they've well done with these things in PoE1, implementing it as text in the dialog. Zoom: no. I think that needs a lot of technical innovations. The game area is actually unaccessible during dialog – making that zoom- and movable would need to unpause the game in these scenes. Then there are some scenes (PoE1) where the conversing characters are really far from another, how will you zoom there? No, I really think there are better options to spend the money on … (like walk toggle )
  11. Well, Neverwinter Nights (I) had the feature to mark traps, so that party members wouldn't run into them. Well, Neverwinter Nights II (by Obsidian!) technically still had this feature, but it wasn't implemented in the game/UI mechanics anymore. So, you might guess how the developers possibly think about this topic … I do like the idea off a different handling during combat. Could be implemented with a change of the trap's difficulty grade in this specific situation. Same mechanics as in – really? – Neverwinter Nights II! Out of combat: automatic 20 – during combat: dice. In general: supported!
  12. Besides the hanging tree the (cinematic) automatic switch to walk speed was it, what made the arrival in Gilded Vale that impressive for me. Period.
  13. Pledge collected. Confirmation mail received. But – today is Saturday, so I won't see any financial transfer for the next 2 days…
  14. @ Xaratas: I remember that some German modder for Morrowind or Oblivion, with a large translation bugs fix mod, made it into the offical translation team for the game's sequel, so either Oblivion or Skyrim. So, there may be chances …
  15. Or Fallout: New Vegas? Fallout 3? Fallout 4? Morrowind? Oblivion? Skyrim?
  16. A personal note about pets: I started stashing them – instead of having one running around me – in PoE I, when I noticed that they're a hindrance in combat: in narrow spaces the AI doesn't find a way to move around the pet for melee-attacking an opponent. If they play a bigger role in Deadfire, then this should be solved first.
  17. Not that it would explain or fix the bug, but what happens when only one paladin activates the aura?
  18. Regardless of the resolutions the game recognizes – if the screenshot is the resolution used by the monitor, at least its aspect ratio, then the monitor's resolution should be changed to something larger. If the monitor only supports 16:10 (most likely), then the possible values are 1280×800, 1440×900 and 1680×1050 from the above list. If the monitor's max resolution is 1024×640, then these values must be put into the prefs-file: But first, try to alter the monitor's resolution through your windows control panel.
  19. Same here. Then you might want to add this to Medium Shield (Heater) from Xaurips not showing up as well.
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