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  1. Have you disabled "Miscellaneous" in the graphics options? I find that when I enable it, I get the dynamic lighting that seems to be crucial especially for the dark areas like dungeons. I don't know the specifics, but it seems like that maps in Deadfire are able to be lighted by dynamic sources (torches, etc) which is very pretty, but the maps don't seem to have much of an inherent "lighting". Again, this seems to be the case for darker areas like dungeons in particular.
  2. So I managed to get into the area using IRoll20s, and am now playing with steam achievements. Let me briefly run it down, it may work for others too: I switched to the beta branch (don't know if this is needed, it's just what I did in hopes for a quicker fix) I loaded into the game at the point where I failed before, in the Engwithan Digsite main arena and enabled cheat codes in the console as per the IRoll20s (yes, I know this disables achievements from this point on) I went to Port Maje's tavern (Kraken's Eye or something like that) There, I did the AreaTransition command described earlier in the thread: areatransition AR_0912_Engwithan_Digsite_Sublevel West1 ZN_09_Port_Maje I successfully got into the map, but without achievements On a whim, I reloaded to my earlier save that I loaded in step 2, where I hadn't enabled IRoll20s yet I entered the sub-arena and this time it worked! It's as if my PC had to do it successfully once, to get into the right groove, haha I was concerned that steam achievements were still disabled, so I played through this map and returned to the Port Maje tavern There I hired an adventurer to test if the achievement fired, and it did! Now I'm just playing as I would normally. I lost three days to this bug and in the meantime played Avernum: Escape from the Pit, which I can recommend btw!
  3. I have the same issue. I have to say that I did actually get into that area once. I did add custom portrait files into the portraits folder and set my character portrait, and it seems that since then I've been getting this error, though that's just speculation. One thing aside: when turning off "miscellaneous" in graphics options, a lot of the lighting in dungeon areas (though that's just where I've been experiencing it so far, in the sub-arena and luminous adra pool) goes missing, which results in the entire area almost pitch black. My party looks like these shadowy figures walking around. I guess there's some gameplay crucial lighting that's toggled with the option. I would like to keep it turned off though, because I get a lot more FPS with it turned off. My save file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Kijx9WVKMzMp9MU6Ymj3_iYTU_ZZuIO4 My output log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1iNsWr3wnMhyYihGuDzMloLnYgTXuzBqS DxDiag: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1grfSKxdrcZZX93ckjraWYRS8BxCaJtmN I REALLY hope that you can address and fix this issue in the upcoming patch! I did add custom portrait files into the portaits folder and sI did add custom portrait files into the portaits folder and s
  4. I wouldn't say "demand" ('cause I never demand from games) but I'd love to see they do the same. I was mentioning how I'd like a fully VO sequel back when I finished Pillars 1. For me VO brings life to a game and, honestly, I haven't played a game released after 2000 with bad voice acting. Not even mediocre. I was referring to the unreasonably entitled type of gamer. I like VO for the same reasons you state and full VO for Deadfire would be amazing, though I don't expect it. Maybe I'm just a cynical, jaded guy, but what with the times we currently live in, there's no limit to the idiocy I can imagine gamers steeping to.
  5. When I heard of the announcement that they did full VO even though they didn't have the budget, I thought "oh ****, they're raising the bar for Deadfire where it's unrealistic to expect Obsidian to do the same". Especially the tongue-in-cheek line how they just needed some more coffee and good old fashioned PASHUN for the cause. I know it's not like that, they must surely have thrown in money that wasn't planned for, but inevitably there will be people who demand the same from Obsidian and then if full VO doesn't come to pass for Deadfire (while not even knowing the word count of both games), they'd conclude that Larian are the more passionate studio. As for VO features, maybe put in a "little" feature that allows players to record their own readings while playing the game, like a little red record button next to the text box (which can be hidden of course). Then have the game upload the audio file with corresponding paragraph ID to Obsidian's server. Obsidian then can publish full, vetted VO packs to download over the workshop? It'd be a big technical feature, not to mention the job of curating people's audio files (maybe allow for the community to help out? Is there a way to weed out audiofiles based on technical specs algorithmically, ensuring a fidelity baseline?), but I find myself enjoying YT lets players who read every bit of dialog and narration in old CRPGs. It could be a cost-effective way to serve people with VO, though it should be additional and not in place of actual professional VO.
  6. thanks for the color thing. fixed it. I don't see how the stronghold itself was some kind of crucial narrative justification for sending out my party characters on adventures. I guess maybe I got requests because I was lord of Caed Nua? In Deadfire I can imagine that you'll build up your reputation and that messengers would be able to reach you on your ship (messenger birds maybe?). Anyway, I find the stronghold adventure bit to be a really good device that allows the game to have a greater scope than just the immediate stuff the Watcher does. I like the idea of imagining Eder taking care of some business, being productive, while I'm off in some dungeon crawl. It makes it feel a bit more alive, if you get my meaning. My suggestion was to have these vignettes be non-interactive, so not that much different to how it is in Pillars 1. It's just about making art and writing specific text for specific companions/sidekicks that may do the adventure. It would mean a good bit more writing than in Pillars 1's adventures, but it can be an effective way to define and express a character's personality and make them feel more three dimensional. It would reinforce the idea that all these characters have their own lives, can be the heroes of their own stories and their existence isn't tied to the Watcher, which is kind of a feeling I get when playing Pillars, Baldur's Gate, etc. I figure too that making maps for non-interactive vignettes would be too great a production cost for too little return. Hence the suggestion to do it over storybook sequences. As I understand, towards the end of production, the artists and writers especially have a lower work load than programmers and QA for example. So maybe that time can be used building such side content that I imagine can be done relatively quickly with the storybook development tools? It's all speculation though of course, and if it meant anything costlier than that, it's probably best to focus on the core stuff.
  7. One of the most unexpectedly delightful parts of Pillars of Eternity were the stronghold adventures I'd send my roster characters on. I enjoyed reading the short quest texts and how the quest was resolved in the end. It's a great, economical way of expanding the scope of the world that makes you feel like your roster characters aren't uselessly hanging out. So on to my suggestion. I've been replaying Final Fantasy 9 recently and the Active Time Event feature in that game is a really cool thing they do that allows the game to include little vignettes that show side characters doing stuff when they're away from the main group. It boosts the character development and story telling power of the game. Now, if Obsidian were to do something like that for stronghold adventures, it'd be super neat I think. Imagine for example sending Aloth on a mission to find a scholar of adra or something. Obsidian could create a small map, with Aloth automatically moving, talking to NPCs, and have a visual aspect to the story telling. Since it'd be a cutscene without player interaction, this can serve as a way for Obsidian to showcase more about who Aloth is, giving the side characters space to express their personality to the player. Maybe even better, these vignettes can be done in the story book style so it'd be less expensive to make a large number of them. The art department would basically have to create a lot of their wonderful paintings, writers write more scenarios, etc. I reckon that's a great way for quickly and effective expand on the narrative content of the game. What do you think? (edited removing weird font color. Thanks for the heads-up)
  8. Yay my pledge was collected just now. So it took around 20h. I was the 25570 backer if that's any indication
  9. So I've been wondering how long it takes for Fig to withdraw the pledged amount from my card. It's been 12h since the end of the campaign and I haven't got any email notification yet. Makes me wonder if my balance was insufficient but even then I'd expect an email. Have you been charged yet?
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