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  1. For weirds bugs as card lost, the best way is to send an email to: support@obsidian.net They could put a look on what's happened.
  2. Alas for the moment, still nothing new. For my part i love it and i continue to do some adventures in regular manner, with different character roles, but i would also like to see some new adventures coming. Skulls & Shackels could be fun, as for adventures dedicated for all characters (as the one for Valeros) or next episodes of Goblins version. Whatever it is, but new challenges. Honnestly, i think that it was discussed here once and we should not have a lot of hope for new challenges. But, who knows...
  3. I did not paid attention about Spooky dices, as i already have some, but i seen a fair amount of chests poped in my treasure after that week. So i confirm they probably replaced Spooky dice.
  4. I usually see glowing green cards on the "Resupply cards" screen after an adventure. In this case, this is because they were newly acquired during the adventure. It helps to quickly identifying cards out of your primary deck. On the other screens, honnestly i didn't paid attention on that before. I suppose that's for the same reason : new cards.
  5. I will also add that's normal at the beggining. It will be better when your characters will receive some advancement, meanwhile the thing that will help you will be your deck. At the begginig, I often played adventures not for winning them, but to grab some cool stuff that i could add in my deck(s). And i never hesitated to sacrifice some blessings to grab the most interesting ones. At some point (and sometimes with a bit of luck), you could be able to win some adventures, you will have advancement, and things will become easier. Some adventures remains though anyway, but that also why it's interesting.
  6. Oh yes... true. I did not remind that point. I confirm that Ethics Gradient said. I found my buy in my Steam history. Just wait a little bit, Christmas is coming. I bought it last year on December 25th at 7€. Just for information. ;-)
  7. This is a long known bug. You can set the name at character's creation, but avoid to change it when you started to use it.
  8. Galavantes, try to put a look on this post. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/92893-how-to-merging-desktop-and-mobile-accounts/
  9. Yes, the amount was the same when i clicked on the Main Menu button. I did another check with the daily challenge today. Started at : 26 366 1st closing +5 : 26 371 2nd closing +5 : 26 381 (not good) 3rd closing +5 : 26 386 4th closing +5 : 26 381 (not good, missing 5 here. 4 locations closed means earning 20 total, it should be 26 386) And after the 5th location done (3 team members) the +5 popup did not ring for this last stage. The +100 reward for daily challenge poped-up on victory screen. I sold cards for +28 Finally, at home screen, i can see the final amount : 26 514 It sounds good regarding the last amount : 26 381 +100 +28 +5 (last stage) but... It is not consistent with what it should be. 26 366 +25 (5 locations closed) +100 (reward) +28 (cards) = 26 519 Only 5 gold missing, but there is a bug somewhere. In this case, it's only the value of a location, but sometimes i am pretty sure that it could impact the daily challenges. Specifically the ones that could occur during the game, like "Acquiring 15 allies" or "Bury 15 cards", etc. I will pay some attention on those ones when they will occur in the week.
  10. Yes, this part is a bit weird. I hope that the dev will address this in the future (and for potential same kind of adventures). For my part, i also faced an issue by moving those cards between 2 Valeros instances. They became invisible in the Stash, but counted as visible (and limiting cards available). Once again, the Obsidian Support was helpfull.
  11. I did another test today, with "Local Heroes only with Lem". It's weird than that. Before starting mission, gold : 26 651 First location closed +5 : 26 661 (what ?! +10 ?) 2nd location closed +5 : 26 666 3dr location closed +5 : 26 671 For this mission, the reward is made after selling the extra cards collected. So... skip button to pass the post mission chat and i see the Victory screen, and surprise : 26 666 ! After selling extra card +3 : 26 669 Finally reward for Local Heroes +150 : 26 819 At this step, it seems to be a visual bug after the first location. I will do another test tommorow with another kind of daily challenge.
  12. Since few time, i suspected something weird with the daily challenge reward. So, i had put a look on that today. When i finish a daily challenge, i well see the popup on the right of the screen that credit gold (with the right value). But on next screen after finishing the adventure, or when i go back in welcome screen, the gold is no more on my pocket. Does it happen to other people too?
  13. I also faced this issue some time ago (including Farmer Daughter missing). Reward of 5000 gold is expected in Legendary difficulty. I rose a case to the support team and they solved that manually. I agree that's could be better to be fixed anyway, but meanwhile, just drop and email to Obsidian support with your account details (as usual).
  14. Does emailing to support is the best way to handle this? As the support button send to this forum page, i haven't seen any email for this game.
  15. Hi, I have completed the Valeros storyline this week-end in all difficulty mode (including Legendary mode), but i never received the Valeros's Loot cards (the yellow ones). I played on masOS (10.13) (Steam) PFID-18FC243F81D9BF29 I paid attention to always have the welcome screen (my main account is link to my iPad version). Party members : Valeros, Amiri, Seelah (existing caracters that already fullfiled Rise of the Runelord campaign) Activated runes : Rune of wealth II, Rune of savaging II (in legendary mode), Rune of shielding II (in legendary mode) In Normal mode i well received the gold (x2 by the rune), in Heroic mode i received the Treasure chests, in Legendary mode, i received some gold, but never any Loot cards (the yellow ones for Valeros), nor the party reward (that should be 10000 with the rune still active). The adventure is currently marked as completed (under macOS version as on iPad version), but honnestly, i mainly did it for the loot cards and after such tough fights (i hate kobolds now), not having the loot is a little bit disapointing. Thanks for your attention guys and please unlock the loot cards. Valeros can't live without the Farmer's daughter in his deck after rescued her from kobolds.
  16. Personnaly, i gave this to Sanjan. At a point in time, when you took all usefull feats, it remains spells and weapons. As Sanjan have no Divine, nor Arcane skills, i found the the Summon monster usefull as it is not banished after usage. Sanjan fight with blessings, but when you are lacking blessings, Summon monster can be a success anyway or acting like an evade skill. But this is the only one character that play with it. For all spell casters, there is much better spells to put in your hand.
  17. Damned. Not enough slots for the 3 new characters so... Old characters are definitely not useless. I using them for replay RotR in Heroic or Legendary mode. I also use them a lot to fullfill challenges, specially in Legendary mode, as this is not something that i would like to do with rookie ones. And, as both carriers paths where developped, i can choose my style with different options. Minor differences, but fun ones as you can replay with different strategies. Regarding alternate skins, i did not pay attention, but skills and power developments are the same as the original skin? So... please, dev team. Could you increase a little bit more?
  18. Sorry if that was already discussed, but the search engine is a bit annoying when we would like to try several researchs. Currently, characters limitation is set to 24. At this time, with previous 11 characters from "Rise of the Runelords", i already consummed 22 slots (2 carrier paths by characters), so... is this limit will be removed soon? I will be interested to buy their alternate ways (Scholar Ezren, Forest Harsk, etc.), but if i only have 2 slots available, bah... i couldn't play with them except by deleting long-hours-endevour with the past ones. And i am not sure to accept thrashing all these efforts for that. Is the limitation is set by Adventures? Just to know what will happen if i buying the Goblins adventure. May i have a new free 24 characters slots for goblins or will i face the same limitation as for RotR? And last, what about the Valeros adventure? Same limitation of RotR? For this one, i saw that there is only one new character incoming, so anyway, i will find a slot for her. But, as new adventures are incoming, it could be nice to increase or removing the chararcter limitation.
  19. What device type are you on? iPad What version of the OS are you running? iOS 10.1.1 What is your PFID#? 18FC243F81D9BF29 Story scenario played with : Merisel, Valeros, Lem, Seoni, Kyra I was in Abujrant Halls of Envy room with Valeros, Merisel and Kyra. Valeros defeated Jordimandus and the location was closed. After that, the game proposed me to move Merisel and Kyra. Not Valeros. And at this time, Valeros is stuck. I have no options. No map to see, no button to clic on. The blue arrow do nothing and i have the message "Confirm this action" over my deck but nowhere to clic on. I tryed to kill the app several times and restart the game, but i always come back in the same place in the same stuck. I don't want to forfeit it. This scenario is quite difficult, frustrating and buggy too, and this is the first time that i was in situation to pass it. All locations closed except the easiest one and still 8 turn remaining. It should be a peace of cake with 5 characters. But not... another bug that stop every thing. Any chance to unblock it by a workaround or something to do?
  20. I also happend to me. I found a workaround. After selecting a powerfeat for a character, scroll-up at the top of it's power feats before selecting another character. It worked for me, i hope it will help you too.
  21. This is not new and I confirm Urtar37's issue. Quest mode is useless and broken since patch in August. When we loose we have nothing, when we forfeit have nothing (both were expected), but when we win, we we have no reward either. The small "continue" button under each caracters that suppose to apply individual rewards is directly jump the whole team in the deck management window. We have no power, no skills, no cards. Nothing except a level increase. No possibility to increase power to ease winning quests. We just have some leveled caracter that always act as level 1 caracters. And i suppose that rewarded steps will be lost forever as they as marked as completed. Dear dev team. I know that you are working hard on several issues and releases of chapter 4 of the campaign, but please... please! Provide us a minor patch to address this quest issue. At least, we will have something to play while the major patch will come.
  22. Oh... Thank you Longshot11. I red too fast "on the top card of your deck", instead of "or the top card of your deck". So, yes, i confirm that it's running as intended in fact. Sorry for the false positive.
  23. Just a question. How could we know if a bug report (including this one) have been taken into account ?
  24. Device : iPad, IOS 9.3 PFID-18FC243F81D9BF29 Tested in Story mode since the last August patch. The Frothing Rage power available in Berserker role for Amiri does not work as expected, or as described. With this power, i should be able to bury on my deck instead the bury pile. Even if the deck pile is highllighting when i active the Barbarian rage, i cannot draw my card in the deck pile and i need to bury in the bury pile as withtout the power. No need to say that this power is useless in this way. I tested in several location and always with the same result.
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