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  1. Essentially what this means is all my discards and buried cards glitch and turned to banished cards. I've lost multiple + 2 weapons, major cures, necklaces of fireballs, and several rechargeable allies. Apparently I've had to replace them with generic items from my collection. Talk about disappointment. Please look into this. I feel like I've wasted so much time grinding for all thay gear only to watch them disappear without warning. It's very frustrating. Edit: I played it again for an hour. Everything seems to be normal except I no longer get a prompt for optional discards or making cards available to other characters in the party. Looks like the bug is here to stay. Has anyone else dealt with the same issue?
  2. I have encountered a major bug. Playing PDF on Android through Play Store. During the third scenario with the angel in the tower, after completing the scenario I reached the deck maintenance screen. However all the cards that I discarded or buried are missing. The cards are quite from the scenario or still in my inventory but not my previous ones. Currently my party is stuck on the screen and unable to move forward. I've completed several scenarios ahead with another party and have taken the time to advance them. At this point there's no progressing them at all. Please help!
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