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  1. Is there any info or a guide on which AI preset uses which spells / abilities and how / when etc(say, a difference between CC and Damage Aloth)? Also, what is a general difference between Defensive and such? edit: I'd still love a Deadfire AI editor for Pillars / Tyranny...
  2. Go to options, auto pause subsection. On the bottom right, just below the combat time slider is a box titled "auto slow". If it's checked, you'll begin every combat in the slow mode. This also applies to "Easy" difficulty(don't know about Story Mode). Just uncheck that option. Have fun!
  3. Yes. IE mod just gives me certain liberties that Obsidian isn't willing to give. Fair enough.
  4. I told you they'd change it. I mean, it's too bad that IEmod now went a step further and made Pillars even more fun. If this were like this the whole time, I could've enjoyed my Chanter without any external tools. Ah well...as long as I'm satisfied eh?
  5. If you're in one of the above three countries, or don't mind ordering from abroad. No, I don't mind ordering it at all. Is an Obsidian game after all . If the worst comes to pass, it'll be a nice decoration. edit: how do I import?
  6. You've them with 1-50 only with much better story behind it. KoTxx is literally play twice(or maybe thrice) and...uninstall? That model works when you've a story that spans approx 300 dialogue cutscenes and if an average length is 3,5 minutes(in reality, it's closer to 2:40, but whatever)...that is...1050 minutes in total or...17,5 hours(just to sit through those cutscenes). And if you choose to play that three times...there's ample material for it in the game. Then you've 7 other class stories where each could be replayed at least once. Compare that to ripoff known as KoTxx. Knights together will last as a single class story with about the same replayability. But what if you've 8 characters(or even more as a lot of people does)? Well...tough luck! After all, people wanted a new "class" and a new story in the lieu of WoW's Death Knight. They mostly got it with Knights. Be careful what you wish for. I know, I know, they actually wished for SIS Agent / Imperial Trooper, not...this. Alas, there is a reason why the noun "Tortanic" exists. Bioware got greedy and wanted a slice of WoW's pie and got..."ha-ha" in the face. Suits them fine imo.
  7. Is there a physical edition? I mean, I like to physically own the games that are important to me. Yeah, a silly artifact of the past .
  8. Sorry, I sub for purely selfish reasons and don't intend to even start KoTxx. After WAR, TPM and such...I can smell the stench of a fail from a mile away. And I don't need to burden myself with that. I mostly just fraps 1-50 and play various Heroics etc. I wish I could help you, but...
  9. You can buy an Eyepatch off a Republic Adaptive Gear Vendor(20-30 comms). RD-07 Viper iirc. So...good thing on throwing money around :D . Also, I feel like they don't know where they are going with this. Like they're ad lib-ing as it were. I don't know what the Zakuul story has got to do with the SW.
  10. Honestly, Bioware got the thumbs down from me. Because when you observe how they treat their games / IPs...appaling. Just look at SWTOR. I wouldn't wish that dev to my greatest enemy tbh. All the other are ok-ish. The best being Blizzard. Say what you want, but those guys REALLY KNOW how to make a FUN game. Now, if this was a perfect universe, the marrying of Obsidian's writing and Blizzard's gameplay...that would be perfect, no?
  11. Imo, it's normal. Because as you aptly noticed, when that guy mentions a BEAR in a cave...well that's singular for you. If you ask me, they designed Normal first and then added enemies. Story mode came later than launch iirc. Idk for PotD. I also like to play games "as devs envisioned them". Proper difficulty choosing is actually a game changer here. Because the entire game's balance and design hinges on that choice.
  12. More Steampunk would be good. I mean besides Arcanum, Van Helsing and Victor Vran...I can't think of another RPG set in that period. Yet it has so much potential.
  13. I'm all for options. Like IE mod. They never hurt, you know?
  14. Well, I just realised how desperate I am to be corrupted. Is it ok for pure people to want this? Is this why Paladins / Superman etc are so allergic to evil(something something subconscious)? In other news, good job with this survey. Obsidian Pathfinder ISO game would be ****. Also, I discovered that gray spectrum of things-very nice. But I kinda suspect Obsidian falls into Jet Black spectrum(I can't for the life of me remember any silly / light game of theirs - South Park doesn't count it's satire).
  15. It's fine. You can take a look at the million let's play D:OS 2 videos currently on youtube Man, Divinity series blows compared to Pillars. I tried to play D:OS:EE and then the sheer stupidity of game design and WRITING caught up with me. That investigation quest in Cyseal is a torture...if you want to do a Fantasy CSI, look at how the Witcher did it in its Act II(Vizima Confidential...a beautiful quest most likely named after L.A. Confidential). But you'll need a STRONG WRITING TALENT to pull it off, not the usual piss Larian flogs under writing.
  16. Well, where would a Dragon be? In a castle? Or do you want a Dragon to be epic? Ok, let's making him an end boss. Oh wait, that narrative is stupid. How can you achieve Batman < - > Joker or Superman < - > Lex chemistry with a Dragon(practically an animal)? Oh wait! Dragons already are epic(just not end all be all like Alduin). Do you want them to be less epic? It just takes practice. While I agree that difficulty shouldn't come from nowhere, all of these fights have clear solutions. Difficult, but fair, right? Also, completely optional(the only really difficult and obligatory encounter in the game is PoE's ending fight...mostly because the antagonist is a dirty cheat-he has infinite spells).
  17. What do you do to get 3000(well, almost) hours? I mean, I can't imagine getting even 200. But then again, I'm not the one to replay the games often(if at all). Small differences don't really matter to me, especially when I can find the info somewhere online.
  18. Yes, this happened to Guild Wars 1 to me. After 2500(or something) hours played...I couldn't even stand the EoTN log-in screen lol. It's called psychic saturation I believe. You've had enough of something and that's perfectly natural.
  19. Yes it is. I can only imagine what you need to do in order to make a new class: Unity works by linking smaller assets to bigger assets and ultimately everything in one big library / asset. So in order to create a new class, you'd need to: -> Create a new asset -> Create new sub-assets for its abilities, effects, gfx, sfx etc. -> Link it properly to everything This is only a blueprint for that(I most likely forgot some things). Doing it...oh goodie me! I tried changing a simple value and it hasn't worked, I can't even imagine how this endeavor must be difficult.
  20. I hope that this issue will not be present in Tyranny or in PoE2: When you create your character, you are given an option of hair styles, faces and hair / skin colours, yes? If you choose the red skin colour for your Aumaua, which picture should a player take? The brown one(it goes hand in hand with a brown skin)? The blue one(it's better for Coastal Aumaua and for blue skinned ones anyhow)? THERE IS NO SUITABLE PICTURE FOR YOUR CHARACTER! Not to mention that Island Aumaua get like 1 picture(the brown, serious one). What if I choose Nature or Death Godlike head type that is not represented by a picture...? etc etc. In this case, I'd rather choose smaller number of options which are better covered by pictures or just a larger amount of pictures. Did anyone else notice this(I mean it's impossible not to notice it, but still...some might not care)? edit: picture packs which often contain pictures from other games don't help here(because Orlan / Aumaua / Godlike races don't exist in those settings).
  21. Politicians honest? Excuse me...? You get squished in that vocation if you have any semblance of morale. I mean, just look what happened to Ned Stark in GoT...that happens to honest politicians(ok, their career). Deceitful / Rational is more like it, sprinkled with some Diplo(though, not always). Honest / Cruel would be disfavoured I think.
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