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  1. Here's my Weng txt file: 0 MonoBehaviour Base 0 PPtr<GameObject> m_GameObject 0 int m_FileID = 0 0 int ,m_PathID = 19 1 UInt8 m_Enabled = 1 0 PPtr<MonoScript> m_Script 0 int m_FileID = 0 0 int m_PathID = 14 1 string m_Name = " " 0 PPtr<$Texture2D> Icon 0 int m_FileID = 0 0 int m_PathID = 8 0 DatabaseString DisplayName 0 int StringTable = 6 0 int StringID = 640 0 DatabaseString Description 0 int StringTable = 6 0 int StringID = 641 1 string Tag = " " 0 int Level = 1 0 int VocalizationNumber = 3 0 int DefendedBy = 5 0 PhraseData m_phraseData 0 Array Array (2 items) 0 int size = 2 [0] 0 Generic Mono data 1 UInt8 IsHostile = 0 0 int Apply = 0 0 int AffectsStat = 16 0 int DmgType = 8 0 float Value = 1.200000 0 float ExtraValue = 0.000000 0 int IntervalRate = 0 0 PPtr<$GameObject> OnStartVisualEffect 0 int m_FileID = 0 0 int m_PathID = 17 0 PPtr<$GameObject> OnAppliedVisualEffect 0 int m_FileID = 0 0 int m_PathID = 20 0 PPtr<$GameObject> OnStopVisualEffect 0 int m_FileID = 0 0 int m_PathID = 0 0 int VisualEffectAttach = 6 0 PPtr<$Texture2D> Icon 0 int m_FileID = 0 0 int m_PathID = 0 0 PPtr<$Affliction> AfflictionPrefab 0 int m_FileID = 0 0 int m_PathID = 0 [1] 0 Generic Mono data 1 UInt8 IsHostile = 0 0 int Apply = 0 0 int AffectsStat = 8 /// 8 is Reflex, I double checked it by examining Snake's Reflexes 0 int DmgType = 8 /// 8 is + I take it 0 float Value = 20.000000 /// It was 10 pretty obviously, this is what I changed 0 float ExtraValue = 0.000000 0 int IntervalRate = 0 /// I'll skip the visual / trap etc part for now(it's exactly the same one as in MS above) . . . 0 vector Afflictions 0 Array Array (0 items) 0 int size = 0 0 PPtr<$GameObject> OnChanterVisualEffect 0 int m_FileID = 0 0 int m_PathID = 0 0 int ChanterVisualEffectAttach = 14 ...why does this not work?
  2. My real question is...I don't understand the Array part. Do I need to edit the Array size no matter what I change or only if I add functionality? What if I remove a functionality? What if I just change the value of dmg(for the lack of better term)? Also, what zero lol(there's LOTS of them)? Care to do it via screenshots or elaborate further? If I just edit a value do I still need to change 0 to 1? Thanks!
  3. You need to follow the recipe very carefully. I haven't done this myself in a long while, but as long as you do it exactly the way I've outlined it should work fine. Remember to have the correct index on your added effect, and to increase the array's size to 2. Sorry, sometimes I fail at tiny details. Hence my problems with maths(I understand it a-ok, but when solving problems...the mistakes like these happen). I most likely forgot about the array size thingy.
  4. The tooltip will not change I believe, you'll need to edit the text files for that. But the ability itself should be changed. Do your stats on the C screen change accordingly when you're using the chant? No, they did not. That is why I started this topic. I mean, I am not speaking of adding functionalities, just editing stats here or there. I could try it again, ofc.
  5. I agree actually on...the Entity(what's its name anyways) in SW story. It infuriated me to great lengths that fatass just leaves such things so casually unprotected. The whole act 3 in SW had a slight error in tone that ruined the SW story the further you went: Instead of showcasing YOUR power and resourcefulness(like say Inquisitor), the same old Warrior trite continues: You are saved by someone(as opposed to you saving yourself), the way towards Fatass is opened(by someone - instead of you opening it) etc etc. And the first chapter was actually spectacular(ignore the second chapter-it is more often than not the connective tissue of stories so I don't necessarily even rate it). Sith Warrior: The Servant's story :D And I meant that JK was very traditional in Star Wars way, not the mechanical way(although, it's perhaps the most traditional class mechanically too). It's basically Luke 3,0(2,0 is Rey heh). Every other story has got something not Star Wars influencing it: Consular: Star Trek is almost palatable here Trooper: Mass Effect and Rambo Inquisitor: Occult things / Indiana Jones Agent: James Bond / Jason Bourne Warrior: Game of Thro(n)es(perhaps?) Ok, Bounty Hunter and Scoundrel are also almost 100% Star Wars too. If only the core gameplay wasn't so bland in the present moment. And it's not because it is an MMO. I can play LoTR:O, DCUO, EQ 2, AoC etc just fine(ok, AoC has REAL problem with backtracking). They mucked up something in core gameplay with 4,0-and BADLY at that. Hope they'll fix it with KoTET(v 5,0?). Edit: It just occurred to me that BW mucked up the Sith Code by doing the SW act 3 as they did. If they did it as I suggested, it'd follow it pretty closely: ...through passion I gain strength(rage vs Fatass) Through str, I gain power(berserk mode active) Through power, I gain victory(crush the weak fools opposing you) Through victory, my chains are BROKEN(at last you don't have to follow anyone's orders-fatass is history) The Force shall free me(indeed it did). Also, you are not supposed to really scheme that much if your role model is Vader(and it admittedly is to SW class). Let alone let others help and interfere to that degree they did(fatass, Hands, Vowrawn etc etc). Inquisitor is the story of a true Sith.
  6. Be as it may, it seems Tyranny is doing away with this. Custom spell creation(if I understood properly), cooldowns, manouvres(combo skills)...actually fun and exciting stuff. Whether this is the future of Obsidian design, nobody can really tell.
  7. I disagree. JK is just...traditional. To the fault. But then you've IA that is anything but traditional...so it evens up? For anyone wanting a KoTOR 3...they have it. I was just mentioning the reality of a situation. Also about the SW...it is a good class...if you want to be a slave and a servant through and through(most likely both). SW often remarks how he is of ancient Sith lineage, but for some reason it all rings empty. On the other side you've the likes of Inquisitor who are indeed slaves and are painfully aware of that and will do anything to remedy the reality of a situation. Once the Inq begins throwing around stuff like "...too bad they aren't me!"(or the ultimate silliness "shut up and let me think!")...you know the **** hit the fan. Thusly I could never get into SW mindset: either a murderer or a slave...wtf? But then again the SW was inspired by Vader, so...it is a proper way to do it. Vader himself was a slave all until Luke set him free in RoTJ(or perhaps even as early as Empire).
  8. -suffix.-fire.-sleeping / marriage / traditional lore... Kana Roa something? edit: It's Maori. Knew it the moment I got Whakamoe. Actually a fascinating culture that one, shame there are no games based around them-except Pillars' acronym brother-Path of Exile. Deadfire Archipelago? Josh twitted about that. Well...Sleeping Fire could be translated as "Deadfire" sure. I am just not certain where you find "Archipelago" in "Nga Ahi Whakamoe". But I wouldn't link Deadfire to Maori...that'd be Rauatai imo. It is the homeland of Aumaua after all.
  9. So was Belonna. Look her up. What is Eothas supposed to be? Eoran Lathander? Helios? or Egyptian Ra? I see many connection of Eoran pantheon with gods from Dark Eye setting (german D&D). Look: Praios - god of light, sun and justice, king of gods = Eothas + Woedica Rondra - goddes of fight, honor and courage = Magran Efferd - god of water, seas and rain = Ondra Travia - goddes of marital love and family = Hylea Boron - god of death, silence and oblivion = Berath + Rymrgrand + Ondra Hesinde - goddes of knowledge, magic and art = Hylea + Galawain (knowlegde aspect) Firun - god of winter and hunt = Rymrgrand + Galawain Tsa - goddes of children, birth and rebirth = Hylea + Eothas Phex - god of smartness, cleverness and trade = Skaen (he is deceptive) + Abydon (trade) Peraine - goddes of healing and agriculture = Gaun (Eothas' aspect) Ingerimm - god of fire and smithing = Magran + Abydon Rahja - goddes of sexual love and beauty = Ondra (she is a patron of love) Yeah, I've gotta try those The Dark Eye PC games. I've got Daedalic games, I only need to get Drakensang and...??? something more? It certainly reeks of promise and potential.
  10. So was Belonna. Look her up. What is Eothas supposed to be? Eoran Lathander?
  11. KoTOR 3 already exists: Play SWTOR as a Jedi Knight and ignore Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion(it focuses more on the military etc things that might not be of interest to a JK). If you play SWTOR as a JK from 1 to the end of upcoming expansion(Knights of the Eternal Throne iirc)...it is literally KoTOR 3. So, there is that. You also have Republic Commando lite in there if that's more of your fancy. A fascinating game to be certain. But if it was a part of official canon, you can bet that "Knights of Zakuul" twin episode expansion wouldn't be a thing.
  12. Serious fantasy is awesome. Things with great consenquences etc...so nice! LoTR, WHFB etc etc... You are wrong. Josh, please keep PoE 2 as serious as possible. This includes abilities too.
  13. -suffix.-fire.-sleeping / marriage / traditional lore... Kana Roa something? edit: It's Maori. Knew it the moment I got Whakamoe. Actually a fascinating culture that one, shame there are no games based around them-except Pillars' acronym brother-Path of Exile.
  14. Maybe because they are the core audience? ) On the topic. Where your personal dissatisfaction with vancian casting comes from? You can't play other calsses because casters can do same things better or what? This is the single player game so you are basically palying it with yourself. Why do you so desperately need balance among classes when the only balance that matters is the player vs enviroment one? I don't know. I've been wondering about that for quite a while now. Ever since MMOs started to overbalance their PvE content to be exact. I mean, some challenge is ok, but whom are you hurting exactly if you obliterate that npc? ...ask the devs? I am clueless on this one. I would never spend so much time balancing a PvE game. One thing is to make sure everyone's useful. It's whole another thing when the nerfs / buffs begin because something is ~10% better etc. I don't understand.
  15. Then feel free to name games from 95 onward which marry the narration with gameplay as seamlessly as DA:O does. Imo, only BG II and ME 2 surpass it. Torment no because it is more of a philosophical thesis than a game. Some of Witchers, maybe, but we are talking about individual games not franchises(I agree that DA franchise went to trash after DA:O).
  16. Dragon Age: Origins is one of the best RPGs ever made. If you can't see it, there are articles about that online. I read an article that just focused on Redcliffe and how it...intertwined most of aspects from the game. Then there's the complete choice(or almost complete /meh) of "do these things the way you want to do them". With some little modding, an outstanding combat system. Good writing, but more on the BW pathetic side than on Obsidian morose / realistic side. Really, I can't see anything short of BG II(even if that) or Torment surpassing it. And Torment in itself is more of a philosopher tale + some gameplay, so no wonder it is a pinnacle of RPG. But DA:O simply has to be in top 5, if not top 3 RPGs of all time. At least imo, but I've played enough and seen enough to make this statement.
  17. tsk tsk. Small details, right? What you mentioned are Vailian Republics, an offshoot of a far greater power known as Old Vailia. Think of it as VR = Byzantium and OV = Rome. It's even mentioned in its(OV's) description within the game.
  18. The problem with this is that they trivialise content when they have their spells ready and bring almost nothing when they don't. Just imagine 10 levels of a Sling while steamrolling over boss battles. That sounds...wrong(especially when you can, after all, lob Fireballs and what not around-so why hold back). My favourite would be per damage done. You start with basic amount and can rapidly ramp it up via Arc.Blast(this thing providing 2x the damage it causes). Priest could get the resource for both healing and damaging with Radiance and Druid's could increase moderately over time while in Spiritshift. I am not a fan of cooldowns...everything would be so...balanced, boring and same-y. The worst thing is that every difficult battle must be designed around the idea of having them in your party. So...bye-bye freedom.
  19. Yes, this was exactly my train of thoughts when I did not see anything even resembling Chanter or Cipher in Tyranny. It could be very fun provided they actually make it that way. Vancians trivialise content. They are tradition and past. Monk, Chanter etc are future and they should REALLY embrace it. Especially now when they don't owe anyone anything(which is quite the opposite to Pillars Kickstarter backer situation).
  20. Let's do it one by one: 1. This just proves the point Loren was making. That either Vancian systems or Camping supplies are too much. In other words, they don't mix nicely and just feel like they're suppressing each other. It also reinforces the notion that most cRPG variants of rest systems are severely lacking compared to the real PnP. 2. But you can still use abilities and not feel hindered on those classes. It doesn't feel restrained, but rather limited. But then again, most fights below PoTD and other difficult fights don't exactly require level 5+ casts. This is where Monk / Cipher etc shine compared to Vancians. Not to mention that due to lack of attribute modifier (say 17 / +3 Int), you lose on spellcasts of lower level and BIG TIME. In previous DnD games, you could've had like 8 casts of level 3- spells. In Pillars, you are always limited to 4-5 + 1 / enc. That combined with camping supplies just feels...odd. 3. I agree but in Pillars it just reinforces backtracking mechanics and those are ALMOST NEVER GOOD mechanics. Even ExtraCredits did an episode on it recently. This point just reinforces point 1. 4. Indeed it is, but if either of choices lead to player dissatisfaction and hence them leaving / abandoning games, then yes, it means it is a wrong choice. Either one can be wrong, but currently it feels like leaving them in would be an ultra conservative, if not wrong outright choice. 5. Because it doesn't work, doesn't make sense and pushes people AWAY from the game, hence making a dent in their profit? Idk, that sounds like a helluva motive. 6. You mentioned multiclassing and balance in the same point. Don't be so silly. Yes, it'd be good, but I'd rather have freedom of NWN + balance of Pillars - Multiclassing(I never even as much as thought of multiclassing...why, just why?). But that's just me. 7. Agreed, but they're very Vancian lite as they are. For example, there are no proper Wizard / Cleric / Druid in Pillars. What we have is a (fancy) Sorceror and regular Favoured Soul and < Sorc / FS like Druid class >. If you're against removing those systems, perhaps reverting the rest system to good ole BG / NWN system? 8. I was never against per rest. Per rests should be powerful and should be reserved for battle changer abilities, not for bread and butter abilities(what casts are to casters). 9. Quite a few people like to get hurt. Quite a few people favour nazism. ...so? What kind of argument is this? I don't understand, sorry.
  21. After playing through Pillars, my opinion on standard Vancian casters sorta changed: the basic impression remained the same, but the usefulness of them did shine through. I am still not impressed by a Priest(just take a Paladin...? Seems more useful), but the other two are just fantastic. So where is the problem? Chanters / Ciphers / Monks etc. Per encounter resource builders as opposed to standard Vancian casters. This is the part of impression that remained the same. Let me elaborate: I feel that Vancian casting systems(Druid etc) should exist only in Vancian settings. What are those settings? Those are settings that allow you to rest whenever, wherever as long as there are no enemies nearby(think BG, NWN etc). This is important because of one thing I'll mention here. In semi Vancian settings(say Pillars), you have TWO LAYERS to spellcasting: STRATEGIC(long term resource management) and TACTICAL(what to use, when to use etc...short term in battle decisions) layers. Strategic layer exists because you can't just rest whenever / wherever(camping supplies). This part of equation is completely VOID / "LACKING" in a standard Vancian setting. Thus you have only one layer to it that is often very fun: TACTICAL. Thusly, you can freely buff your party, debuff enemies, fling fireballs etc as you wish.You CAN'T do that in Pillars(unless Cipher, Chanter etc). And this is one of those things that, rightfully if you ask me(though I do understand why it is in there: kickstarter backers requested it), infuriated a lot of players: even with AI, you can't use "per Rest" abilities as you would in, say, BG II or NWN. Then I saw the Gamescom Tyranny video and I noticed there are no Chanters / Ciphers etc. Only spellcasters(Entropy / Frost etc). This made me think: will Obsidian make the right choice and abandon Vancian casting for good? I mean, it's not like Obsidian has ANY links with DnD anymore, thusly they can FREELY ADAPT the rules(think of Homebrewed Warhammer Fantasy 9ed rules or the difference yet eerie similarity between WHFB and Warmachine). And why would they use Vancian rules in a system that actively suppresses it? edit: I agree that adding in a strategic layer is ok as opposed to simply spamming(basically) willy nilly, but this way does not work imo. What do you think? Should Vancian spellcasting remain a part of future Obsidian RPGs or should they adapt Cipher etc mechanics and go full tactical mode? Is Vancian spellcasting antiquated?
  22. No, I haven't played WM. I'll admit that much. But when a base game beats another game + its expansion in one aspect...it beat it. But I am not the only one who complained about this. A lot of people say how underwhelming Pillars are. I am fortunate that I a) was not given a refund I requested by Steam(thank GabeN for that!) and b) had enough perseverance to pull through for it was worth it. But the /meh factor put a lot of people off the Pillars table and now they doubt Tyranny because of it too(and a lot of those people, presumably, like the IE games, so...). I don't doubt it because I know that Obsidian never really accentuated their gameplay side for it sucked most of the time. Thus they accentuated their really powerful side, the writing and immersion. And they are really, really better off because of it. You've got to be aware of limitations of things.
  23. I don't care whether someone's a Mary Sue as long as it has an explanation within that world's lore. But when it gets crazy like "Infinite Worlds" etc in DC...that's where I draw the line. I dubbed this notorious achievement "Luke Skywalker vs badass EVUL Black Hole". Different people, different tastes. I definitely want more epicness. Not too much, mind you, or it crosses in "huge armies clashing all the time"(actually this isn't so because most of stories within Fantasy are centralised around 2-4 focal points, but...meh. This is a general layman view on it for sure) aka Warhammer. And...discovering what it means to be someone? **** THAT! I just want to save worlds, tyvm!
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