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  1. Well, do you like Elves with 2H Axes? Dwarven Mind Mages? Half-Orcish Bards? Human Runemasters? Gnome Kensai? ...what? I see nothing wrong with that .
  2. They should've went with: Humans(Thrytan fit Pillars the best imo) Aumaua(awesome race I must admit-Island variant since Coastals are shunned and rare in Dyrwood) Glamfellen(no need for Wood cliche) Boreal Dwarves(Mtn Dwarves are just cliche) Orlan(whatever variant-creative race) Godlike(any variant-nice idea but I've a problem that not every head has its matching portrait - most noticeable in the Nature variant) Would that do? There is a lot of familiarity yet a lot of difference within races here and in typical Fantasy setting. Pale Elves, Inuit / Eskimo dwarves, towering Maori dudes...what's that if not creative?
  3. While I will agree with Scaetrfolc(Wood Elves) being fairly bland and unimaginative, you can't really say the same for Glamfellen(Pale Elves). The closest would be Falmer in TES, but they're extinct afaik. Unless you believe in that silly notion that Riekling = Falmer. As is fairly obvious, often it's not that the Elves, the Dwarfs etc are boring, but it's HOW they are done is boring. If all you do is copy / paste Eldar or Asur(Warhammer Fantasy High Elves), the result is going to be a bland, unimaginative copy. Who would've said that, eh?
  4. Well... Wael too can be... difficult at times as well. Remember the quest with the scroll? He deliberately encourages chaos among his followers "for teh lulz" essentially. Granted, not as harmful as Woedica's eternal grudges and "my way or the highway" kind of petulant attitude, but I wouldn't call him benevolent either. Interestingly, perhaps Eothas was the only one with altruistic intentions but his actions ended up causing more harm than good. Iovara says at Sun in Shadow that "An ideal on it's own is a grotesque and vicious thing." and her argument has some merit when looking at the Eoran pantheon. Something tells me that the Lead Writer isn't too fond of Religion. Idk why. Just an impression from the game.
  5. Just because a character would strive towards a diplomatic resolution doesn't mean he can make it happen though (see: the real world). So while it would have been a nice addition to be able to try a more peaceful solution, in my view it wouldn't have been very fitting to the situation to be able to actually reach one. But you aren't even given a choice or chance to do it. You'd be surprised at the marvels skilled diplomats can pull off. This is a role I often like to play(see: Jedi Consular in SWTOR :D ). What do you think of Shieldbearers? To be completely honest, Diplo + Honest is kind of an odd mixture. I think that Diplo + Rational is the best SB. note: it seems I like the Rational option for whatever reason.
  6. Yeah I agree. Bleak Walkers should've been something like Batman: Aggressive + Rational, not Aggressive + Cruel...that's just pure, boring Blackguard territory. Maybe Aggressive + Stoic? I think that Aggro + Ratio is better. Imagine the cool factor of a BW with Aggro Ratio...off the charts, eh? But Eothas, Kind Wayfarer and such on the one end and Skaen(Loki really), Bleak Walkers and Woedica on the other end...is what makes a game world varied. To me, a Shieldbearer is much, much more acceptable than a Wayfarer. The difference? A Shieldbearer's task is to preserve peace, not necessarily help someone. Wayfarer's task, otoh, is to help someone even at the cost of peace. That's why I felt let down when I played my Shieldbearer: I couldn't resolve Gilded Vale diplomatically(which is a nonsense-every SB even novitiate would strive towards that and most likely make it happen). A Wayfarer would just help the rebel because...HELP THE PEOPLE! DOWN WITH TYRANNY!(/blergh)...meanwhile a SB would try its darndest to keep that fragile peace alive, even if it means helping the Lord.
  7. This is an addendum to my previous poll. It's basically to add context to that poll. Please state what you picked earlier and elaborate why you picked what you picked here. These are the reasons for (dis)liking a class: Lore / Background / RP: If you like a class based on this, it means you like what it stands for, not necessarily its mechanics or its spot within a group. If you dislike it on this basis, it could mean either a mechanic is off(RP-wise) or the whole flavour of class is off. Gameplay / Mechanics: If you like a class based on this, it could mean that you like how it plays, you like its numbers and efficacy etc without necessarily fancying its RP or Tactical elements. If you dislike it on these elements, it could mean that the numbers are off(in either direction) or that the whole class is too convoluted. More effort than its worth, yeah. Party Makeup / Tactics: If you like a class based on this, it means you can always find a spot for that class and, often than not, fit yet another without really gimping your party makeup. The tactical options of a class also fall here. If you don't like it, more often than not a class can't fit tactically within a group(say, your favourite companion is that class and that class is a ballast when in doubles or more) or it "just auto attacks"(limited tactical worth). Early / Late game class: To like an early game class is an often seen phenomenon. Just as it is to dislike a late game class. For obvious reasons. Other: Various other reasons Thank you for your participation!
  8. Yes, their next games should either make it obvious you can do it safely or eliminate the possibility to do it completely. I am more for option a, but the option b has its perks as well. Ultra strong class recognition and what not.
  9. Don't get too excited. It often leads down a dark path. To disappointment and worse. Otherwise, welcome and have fun.
  10. *shiver* No. Just... No. The less Obsidian learns from Dragon Age: Origins the better. I disagree. Obsidian nailed the analytical, mechanical aspects. Now it's time to warm it up a bit. To bring a spark of life to it. Except the big things in each act ending and naturally THE END, I haven't felt that much emotion here. Especially not when compared to one of their earlier games: Ammon Jerro scene when he's murdering that lord(when you just arrive in Neverwinter). Or the scene when the daemons attack and everything gets spooky including weird blue flame. The scene on Dantooine when Kreia reveals her true identity. Maybe TSLRCM restored bits of it, but it looked like it came from a "Fistful of Dollars"-that memorable. Or even better: the entire Peragus Mining Station. It was so...odd and extra spooky / creepy(so it's not just scenes I'm talking about). Entire TSL is creepy imo. Like they somehow managed to inject Warhammer, maybe even Alien vibe into Star Wars. GREAT JOB there! Not to compare it to other studio's works. DA:O failed at mechanics(bugs, weak skills, op skills etc), PoE failed at the emotive side. If they learn from it, they(Obs) are going to have a new classic on their hands. Let's hope that happens.
  11. Ok, but in a lot of games, you lose out a great deal of efficacy. This is one of nice things about Pillars, most playstyles are at the very least VIABLE sub PoTD(maybe even there, who knows?). If you don't know what the f I'm talking about, here's a bit of extra sexiness from Josh himself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvyrEhAMUPo (be careful tho, this is VERY NERDY)
  12. I give this troll a 6/10. Go back to Dragon Age "bro". I'd also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that Pillars and Obsidian ought to learn a thing or two from Dragon Age: Origins because it is one of the better RPGs out there. And I feel like they could learn a great deal. Not copy, but learn and adapt. Inquisition sucks though. It's more or less a single player MMO. For shame. Dragon Age was such a nice franchise until they started experimenting(this reminds me of Warhammer Fantasy).
  13. Some people like me don't like the notion of shapeshifting, yet like the idea of Nature magic. Maybe the OP's one of us? To give an example: I like Sacred 2's Dryad(speaking about magic, forget the archery), this kind of magic resonates nicely with me. Even the often ignored and overlooked magic of Voodoo is interesting, but the Nature magic takes the proverbial cake. She has NO shapeshifting. I like WoW's Druid, but don't like Moonkin etc. The idea behind Balance playstyle is very alluring, but no thanks to the idea of Shapeshifting. I don't like any class that forces you to shapeshift. ...but why? Because when I create a character, I want to have that character, be him, whatever. I don't want to suddenly control a lion or an Owlbear. Because those forms ARE NOT my character. Is there a way to remedy this? Yes: Allow us to customise shapeshifts. Then it'd be my character, just in another form. But I haven't seen this done to date, so I've to politely decline Shapeshifting ideas and classes. Just for the note, Druid is at the lowest my 4th most beloved class(it really has nice and versatile set of spells, good job), but I'd sacrifice the ability to spiritshift for...an opportunity to cast one or two more spells / level. Until then... ...until then, this could very well apply to OP, idk.
  14. Yeah, the game is anywhere between 75 and 85% to me. Could it be better? Yes. But this version is very good too. Which doesn't mean I'll settle for less. If a potential exists, it should be reached, simple as that. And it exists in PoE.
  15. Imo, they should've made a game about Durance, St.Waidwen, the Dozen etc as their first game. This...??? about Thaos is just too out there for most people. The story of St.Waidwen is nuanced enough yet interesting enough for a first game in the series. I agree somewhat about the combat and classes(you can have ranged Fighter and that thing is ridiculously good at removing priority targets-at level 10, it could've up to +100 accuracy which practically guarantees a crit-combine that with a Priest and a Paladin for another +20 Acc and a set of firearms...). It could've definitely been better. Current way is too...excel like for my taste. Which is not to say it is boring...it just lacks emotions. ...in fact the whole game is largely by the numbers. Emotions are either absent or misplaced in this game(sadly). This is definitely one of areas Obsidian has to improve in future. And it's not like their games didn't have emotions(Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights 2, KoTOR 2...), it's just...I feel like almost the entire story of Pillars is, to borrow from superhero movies, an origin story. You know?
  16. Berath is a secretly a member of United Federation of Planets under a Prime Directive. Hence being unable to interfere. Rymrgand is actually quite an interesting god. Glad they didn't make Nurgle or Cyric or something like that out of him. You forgot Hylea. She actually wanted to help. But I always saw her part at the end as a proxy for Eothas. Just answer this and you'll understand why Eothas: "Would Lathander do what Hylea eventually did?"(if you followed through with your pact)
  17. Ok, my thoughts on Classes: Barbarian: This is a nice if somewhat redundant class. While I appreciate them moving from the typical Hulk smash gameplay style, I just don't see the need to include this class within the group. All it does bring is some fears and some AoE damage. Both can be achieved at a much better rate via Priest, via Wizard etc. Don't get me wrong, I like this class a whole lot-especially its potential tanking style which would be completely active and fun. But I just don't see where to put it. I don't. Chanter: Eh, this is a class I desperately wanted to like. It is the very first class I picked up because the very notion of being walking Buff / Debuff cloud in a party game appeals to me very, very much. Then I learned the CC abilities of a Chanter. ...so what went wrong? I became aware of...limitations of Chanter which are quite severe-at least imo. The latest batch of limitations became aware to me after trying the class with Invocations turned ON at the beginning of combat(newest IE mod). Even without the old system where spells turned into per encounter abilities, the limitations are visible and severe. You can't really buff / debuff properly. Accuracy penalties? Deflection bonuses? They exist, but you can not achieve them at the same time and must wait for SO LONG. Heals? Some very, very light heals with a nice Invocation, granted. In short, this is not a proper way to buff / debuff. I remember in BG where you could play a Jester...and debuff so severely just with that song of his. Skald, normal Bard buffing potential? Neverwinter Nights Bards? The state of Chanter is downright depressing. It does have some nice abilities, but that's all it has imo(Dragon, lvl 3 Invo summons, Phantom summon, Paralyze Invo). The most recent limitation I became aware of is how SHORT those Invocations are. If you look at an average "fan ability"(like Ghost Blades), you'll notice it hovers around 5,0m / 90 degrees. Average "fan invocation" is 3,0m / 90 degrees. Meaning that the limitation is even more visible when you consider Ring of Overseeing, Int + area bonus etc. This also means you'll be stuck whacking and debuffing frontliners. Just...just why. I hope this class does not return in this form. They could've just taken Vanguard's Bard song composing and made Invocations cooldown based. They could've done so many things. Such a depressing class really. My least favourite due to how it let me down and how depressing it is. No, I don't find cookie cutters fun. Cipher: This class is very fun and very viable. Very dynamic too, which is always nice. Even if you let GM alone to spam the lvl 1 / 2 CC abilities, it'll still have been worth it by the end of combat. While it could be perhaps more...customisable when it comes to stats(currently, no matter what build you're playing, it's highly recommended to max Might, Dex and Int). Otherwise, there isn't a thing I can complain about them. I can say how fun they are, how Soul Shock is fun(it kinda reminds me of Ion Shell of Ish'Kafel) etc etc. A very nicely put together class. Druid: A personal favourite of many a player, I am sure. Not only can you stack Wildstrike burns(you can easily get +60% dmg because Wildstrike: Burn is on an item), you can cast while Spiritshifted(debatable choice, but ok), those forms are very formidable and to finish it off, Druid brings great damage and healing to a team via spells. I don't understand who can dislike this tbh(perhaps because it's so over the top?). Hiravias' behavior is a perfect analogy to the state of the entire class. I am not sure whether I can include in a team, otoh. That's the perfect irony within. Because both of those classes are just awesome. Fighter: It is...ok. I think I'd much prefer it in dps mode than in tank mode, but eh. One definite flaw is that it's too auto attack focused, but it was always like that. Just like another class I'll mention later. It is a perfectly functionable class that can and most likely will be the backbone of many a build(especially in tank mode). But all it brings is huge Engagement limit and some defensive boons. There is another frontline class that, imo, brings much, much more to a group. Still, I can't really argue against Fighter even tho it is kinda boring really. Monk: Or how to produce leet dps. But I am not certain how valid that is ever since the Novice's Suffering became a thing. Idk about you, but that talent seems VERY POWERFUL indeed. Which makes Monk as a class kinda moot. The design is nice, if somewhat of a conundrum. Potentially very, very powerful. Still, I find traditional Monks of IE games more of my thing(Kensai in BG or Monk in NWN-Improved Robes of Dark Sun ftw!). I also can't really find a place for it and because it is a short ranged melee combatant(as opposed to Barbarian who COULD use Reach weaponry), even less so. I see what they were trying to do, why bother when you can just snipe the important enemies? Paladin: A very useful and versatile class. I recommend using them in pairs, they fill melee roles perfectly. Then there are Ranged Gun builds based around absurdly powerful Flames of Devotion etc. I always try to find a place for at the very least Pallegina if not another defensive Paladin. Come to think of that, I see no reason to take defensive Fighter if you could take defensive Paladin instead...he provides so much, much more utility at the marginal cost of defense. Mostly at an opportunity cost of -2 Engagement limit, but what's it worth when you're providing those crazy feats of endurance AND support while you are at it. My very first playthrough was on a Shieldbearer and while I didn't realise FoD Deflection applied to everyone in an Area, it was still fun. If I took that too, it'd have been kinda OP especially when Palle does the melee damage and offensive support while my Shieldbearer does tanking and defensive support. So very, very nice. Priest: While it is a competent and fun class, I just don't find myself being pulled towards it like I usually am towards Clerics. In fact my only playthrough of BG II was on a Priest of Lathander, so there is that. I also enjoyed Clerics in NWNs very much. But here? Because of the hp system and some other things...they feel so...by the book and like a walking +deflection / +accuracy. While not bad and while those anti petrifies / charms etc come in useful at times...I just find them boring. More damage, more healing, more something. I don't know what it is, but they almost lack soul. I am not even sure whether those mores would do the trick(most likely they would not). But it sure is effective, if boring. A complete tool, heh. I wonder how'd Durance comment that(that he's a tool)? Ranger: This class almost acts as a "carry" within Pillars(somewhat alongside Rogue). The damage they can produce is apparent from level 3 / 4 onwards. With a wolf and those Sneak attacks on a pet etc...it'll be hitting for at the very least 20 damage and up to 50s. All while you are helping from range, the DoT ticking, later Stunning shots and Twin arrows...very, very powerful. I just don't like to micro the pet as much as it's necessary and in tight or narrow corridors, the pet can either get oneshot or stuck behind your frontline(thus making it completely useless). A nice class. Rogue: The king of damage that sports a surprising amount of support. What's not to like about this class that can also break the solo run? Well, the duration of a Sneak Attack for a starter. I don't know why it is capped by a duration and why it is so short. 2s in melee means you need to exchange your Rogue for an enemy, which even if usable at times, is a terrorist tactic and as such extreme. Ranged Rogues have often trouble hitting within those 2s when it counts-Guns. If the first Sneak Attack was uncapped from duration or the duration got lengthened to 5s, it'd be so much better. This way? I can't really recommend this class and I can't find a place on battlefield for it due to before mentioned issues. I like its active style tho, so very, very much. Especially with the guns blazing style, the damage is ridiculous. If only the Sneak Attack opener lasted longer. Ah well. Wizard: My favourite. It can do everything and is fun to boot. Can get obscene accuracies on its spells too(20 core + 10 from PER + 15 from Eldritch Aim + 10 common spell modifier...55 Spell Accuracy on level ONE. Let's see the peak value for a Disc.Barrage Fighter: 30 + 10 + 20...ok it's more, but only 5 more). So very, very fun and so effective too. If I could whine about one thing it'd be to restore the old per enc system for spells(but I don't really care for that because of IE mod, right? ). Even without IE mod, this class is SO FUN, SO EFFECTIVE, so ULTIMATE. And you could reasonably use 2 or more of them. It also fits one of my favorite races perfectly(Glamfellen). I mean, I was always a fan of a Sorcerer or of a Warlock, but this...this is ungodly. #1 and a seal of approval! Really...good job Obsidian. Hope you outdo yourselves in Tyranny with Sorcerers. Keep up the good work! My list of classes: 1. Wizard 2. (Chanter) IRL: Paladin 3. Rogue 4. Druid 5. Cipher 6. Barbarian 7. Fighter 8. Monk 9. Priest 10. Ranger 11. Unfortunately, Chanter
  18. So, Chanter's accuracy is the same as Wizard's accuracy? I mean, weapons don't influence it.
  19. What about Chanter Invocation accuracy? Based on Accuracy with a weapon or more general Accuracy like a Wizard, Druid etc(I'm asking because Chanters don't get +10 so it is kinda suspicious to me). Damn, they really need to up their game in UI and mech.explanation aspects in their further games.
  20. Don't know about you guys, but I deleted my vote, tried to vote again in BOTH questions aaaaand: Yes(happened to me too). Strange, that shouldn't happen. Dev, mod anyone?
  21. And it is an interesting thing about Skaen (at least for me) - the natural instinct for most people is to sympathise with people who got exploited, e.g. slaves. So you should like a god who is their champion of sorts, right? But then you realize that Skaen is also the god of hatred, resentment and betrayal. This is the kind of ambiguity I appreciate. The quest involving skaenites in Dyrfort accentuates it very well. In essense, the priest there wants to fight against priviliges that nobles are entitled to in a feudal society. But what did he do? He sacrificed hundreds of human beings in an extremely bloody ritual in order to mind-rape an already unjustly harmed woman. The cause is a noble one and I would gladly watch a man like Harond die, but the means the priest resorted to are just so over the top crazy... But this is Skaen in a nutshell - theoretically noble goals, practically insane methods.Even if skaen's motives are essentially good, even when just specifying they seem to be quite radical. Does a rapist necessarily deserve nothing but death, without a trial? If we strive to be a fair society, we must treat everyone the same way, may he be a rapist or a fighter for freedom. This should especially apply in the Dyrwood, a somewhat more democratic country (although its politics are flawed-but then again, "democracy is the worst system but the others" (Churchill) ).But while this viewpoint might be objectively right (in my opinion... Discussions welcome), I'm the eyes of the surpressed the surpressor deserves death without a trial. And the interesting part about skaen is, skaen himself seems to think that way... He also seems to be somewhat more polarising than the other gods... Do you remember the journal from one of skaen's followers? I don't think any other God could bring his followers to that point. Skaen is basically Loki, especially Marvel version. He is not to be trusted and the only thing you can expect from him is violence and treachery. Causes don't matter. It's good to ignorant vs some things.
  22. Right, there is the completely fixed poll. Everyone that voted for Rogue and Cipher in the third, feel free to do so again. Thank you for your cooperation.
  23. Sorry for ruckus. NM has AWFUL UI design lol. See, on the "Register" page, there are three buttons: Small "Create an account" BIG "Continue" Average red coloured "Cancel" You'd think that numbers 1 and 2 do the same thing? Logical right? WRONG! Continue button takes you BACK to from where you came(the page with sub offers). I mean...why does that button even exist? Man the ****ty UI can ruin your parade. But really.
  24. Oh, Paladins! Your stats are ok for a defensive support. Abilities: Take Zealous Aim until you get Pallegina. Then respec and let her have it. Two Paladins are surprisingly effective. Take Eye of the Storm, if for nothing, then for 5 Shock DR. It's worth it. Hastening is...eh. I'd skip it personally. Everything else seems ok. Equipment: Outworn Buckler Belt of Blunting Some Rapier or other(I recommend this for free +5 Acc, but you can take a Longsword or something else, sure) Heldrik's Coat Forgemaster's Gloves whatever you wish from hereon in That'll grant you nice utility mixed with very high tankiness and ~15 DR vs EVERYTHING. You'll also have huge Saves due to FnC...overall you can't go wrong with this. Of course, if you were to take Glamfallen(Pale Elf) as that Paladin, you could theoretically have that DR in GILDED VALE(20 Fire / Frost / Crush DR{facetank those Phantoms while they hit you for 2-3dmg}, 15 Slash / Pierce / Corrode / Shock DR) ! Just lolz all around(you also free you glove slot for something else). Eder has got nothing on you
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