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  1. Oh, okay, I completely misunderstood. Carry on, then. You're doing exactly what you should. And your party seems just fine as is. Man, work and life has really been getting in the way of playing. It's been a while since I've even fired it up. Maybe I'll just start over when I get back into it. Kinda regretting wizard mostly cause that's what I usually go for. I think I want to try something new. A melee class with some spells possibly? Not sure yet
  2. I don't see the issue though. Even the way you go about it is 'in character', as you go to a tavern to 'hire' a mercenary (yeah, you have to pay for them). So create one if you're finding you need to round your party out, then just drop him off at your stronghold when you find another companion that you want to keep in the party. There's no effect on the game, other than the XP effect (slightly less XPs per character with bigger parties), but you don't strike me as someone that worries about that - and you have to deal with that when you add NPCs to your party anyway. Sorry, not trying to
  3. I don't really want to create my own party members just yet... definitely on my next play through though! The last thing I did was recruit him before closing the game. I haven't really messed around with the chanter class so I'm excited to try it out. Any tips? You can retrain in tavern anybody PC or companion, so if you make a mistake at build a hand full of gold will fix you. Chanters song work no matter recovery (armour) so you can strap in the heaviest you have and still sing a song. From same reason you may go for all heavy shield and tanky talents, but it could be more fun t
  4. The last thing I did was recruit him before closing the game. I haven't really messed around with the chanter class so I'm excited to try it out. Any tips?
  5. Ohhhhhhh that makes a huge difference. I bet when I recruited Durance he was automatically leveled up already. Damn. Oh well. I'll definitely turn it off next time I get on to play. Thanks for the tip!
  6. Tip To avoid a bug affecting the expansion-less game: in Options->Difficulty disable auto level companions. Hmm.. my companions have already leveled about two times and it wasn't done automatically so I think it's already disabled. However, I'll check it again when I get on later tonight just in case.
  7. I don't really have a least favorite class, but if I did I suppose the combat/mechanics would be a reason that I don't like the class. (Boring combat) Combat and mechanics are also the reason I enjoy my favorite class so much - the wizard/sorcerer type. It's always rough at first but mid-late game wizard on this style game is so fun for me. The pretty colors and lights also make it fun When it comes to lore, I don't mind pretending to be any class. It's about how you RP as that class... It's about being creative and not sticking to the same thing over and over! Like playing the sam
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome, friends. Yea, chances are I'll finish one playthrough without any help then we'll see how my second playthrough goes. (It's already so hard to play with limited free time. Finishing an epic game like this just one time is already such a great accomplishment for me so I really don't know how realistic a second play through is. Not any time soon, anyway) As for the expansions? I regret not buying them with this recent steam sale I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy pillars so I didn't buy the expansions. Big mistake. I like that you can experience the expansions halfway
  9. Hello friends, Long time CRPG fanboy here (I've played BG, BG2, IWD, and NWN1,2) Holy **** I'm literally at work just browsing the forums and watching PoE videos on youtube. Needless to say, I'm having a ton of fun with the game and can't wait to get home to my wizard. I love the game and I feel like I started playing it at a really good time (new patch and expansions available ) When I was younger I would obsess way more over good builds(min/maxing), exploring EVERYTHING, grabbing the best items/party members, reading guides like a madman, etc. and to be honest it kind of ruined
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