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  1. Thanks for the tips regarding abilities and talents. So I see the attack speed malus from Cautious Attacks is rather controversial. I heard that 120 Deflection is a value I should aim at on Hard difficulty. I guess I will first pick the deflection talents that don't have any negative effects and see how far I can get to that value only with those. Depending on how squishy I am I will take either take more defensive talents or supportive ones from those I am not sure of. Regarding skills I got to 5 Athletics easy because I had 2 points there as class bonus. The healing bonus of Second
  2. Hello, I am currently on my first playthrough and have a few questions I could not find any answers to. I decided to play a paladin as main character and also play with the companions you meet throughout the game to enjoy the stories. So I don't want to min-max but still be effective. I have chosen hard difficulty for now. I watched a few paladin videos and liked this one very much: Pillars of Eternity: White March 2 - Tanky Paladin Build It is basically a Fire Godlike paladin that focuses on tanking and providing buffs and heals for his allies. The first problem I have is that I
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