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  1. Can someone just put a link to it somewhere OTHER than Nexus Mods? I CAN'T register there. I try registering and it keeps feedbacking me back to $$$ page. Even if I pick "Lifetime"...**** that site! The worst code ever lol. Can someone please put it on a normal site like moddb or something?
  2. Thanks. They make the subscriptions so front and centre and then they basically just bombard your perceptions with subscription packages while they hide "no thanks" somewhere in the corner. Iirc, it was like that the last time too. While I don't like such an aggressive approach(I am not sure whether I like the aggression at all tbh), I can't really blame them for trying to make some $$$.
  3. Anyone got the newest version? I'd like to see what it changes and experience it first hand, but I don't have a Nexus account(actually I do, but it was pre subscription and I forgot about it anyhow). Thanks.
  4. I liked NWN 1 Bards too. Epic buffs + Slow / Haste...really helpful. Now let's get technical: Winds of Death are 1 dps. Ok. How much dps is the best Pistol(say Forgiveness upgraded to Legendary)? Are there any dps charts anyhow?
  5. Ok, has IE mod changed classes in any way? If yes, maybe it'll interest me more.
  6. What have you voted for in second poll if you voted for Rogue in third? I'll need to have this info. You can pm it if you don't want to do it publicly. Again, big thanks to shae.
  7. I fixed it. And there is really no other way to be precise and graphical. No you haven't. If your favorite class is in the third question, you still have to answer the second. Ergo the result is not valid. Yes, quite. That's why a dev himself stopped by so I could fix this. I am just giving it a bit more time is all. Thanks for notifying me.
  8. Solve what? I still don't see the problem. In my experience Chanters work fine (and no, not just on PotD and/or on level 16). Sure, in short fights they're not going to be doing much Invoking. But then again, if they're over that quickly then apparently there was no need for it. It's not as if a Wizard is going to waste any of his spells on a fight like that either. And conversely, Monks and Ciphers also need some time to build up the resources for their more powerful abilities, they can't use those at the beginning of combat either. Besides, you're acting like Chanters are just about the Invocations, where they're just as much about the chanting. It also doesn't make sense to have BR have its full effect immediately. That's just lowering the overal recitation duration, there'd be no reason to give a separate talent for that. It seems you still haven't answered why one would summon a creature or buff / debuff halfway through the combat. It doesn't make sense. Damage invocations? Ok, they can be used for finishers. And perhaps even summons, but I just can't understand why one'd use buff / debuff Invos halfway through. That and CC ones. The ones that interest me the most tbh.
  9. Yes, but at level 16! I am of line of thought that they should've thought Chanter through. Balance the invocations with the length of an average fight. Because there isn't a single other class that doesn't get to really show its worth in an average fight. Maybe if it took 2...5 phrases to build an invo instead of 3...6? Maybe if BR gave its full effect immediately? There are ways to solve this.
  10. And hence you yourself concluded I'm right. That it's not really an example of a good design. More of an example of bad design. Who designs a class for one difficulty only? I have a hunch that in PoE 2, we'll be seeing a different Chanter(if we'll see it at all). It needs a redesign. Or at least the ability to use 1 invo at the start of combat. Invo + Mark of the Wild at the start could be plenty of support. And they could keep the damage abilities. Really, it wouldn't be that powerful if you could use an invo at the start of the combat. When you notice all the other things that is.
  11. Beast killing chant? There is no beast killing chant. Afaik. Also, I forgot to note that I don't plan to play anything above Hard. I just don't see the point. Some may find Adra Dragon on PoTD fun...to me it's anti fun. But then again, challenge is ok(but then I'd play truly challenging game, not Obsidian game - a game company that is typically known for literature and philosophy, not mechanics), but I don't care about recognition or achievments(at least in games I don't), so it's only natural that I don't "get" the PoTD.
  12. What the hell is BR? Here: ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hrzHX1O7MA ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5s4Usksb9o Pay attention to small details and to what they are saying.
  13. Well, I liked wild amounts of buffing and access to select few support Arcane spells. That is what a Bard needs to do imo. Buffing potential of Chanters is meh and I tend to think their Invo system is backwards. A LOT of Invos would be much, much more useful at the start of combat, not in the [ 33 , 66 ]% interval. Even summons are an example of this, let alone Hel Hyraf, Axe n Storm, Paralyze etc. Hell, I'll list which Invos are designed well according to when they are usually used: Thrice Avenge White Worms(this'd be...awkward to use at the start of combat) Shatter the Shackles Two fingers of daylight Sons of Adun(er...Scions of Adon yes!) White Winds Biting Winds That's it. Every other Invo would be MUCH better if you casted it AT THE BEGGINING. What's the use of Paralyze at the very least 16s in? Their Wizard(s) already nuked the everliving daylights out of your party. What's the use of Hel Hyraf 12s in? Maybe I'm stupid or maybe I'm overthinking it...but I doubt it. So, maybe help me understand. Because I can't understand why I'd take Chanter over...well...anyone. edit: What's so powerful on T1? I mean, Wizard and Druid blow it out of water and Priest is not far behind. Even simple classes like Monk or Barb or Fighter are more useful imo.
  14. I am stating that Tyranny ruined my concept of a Wizard and now I'm confused. My question...ok: How to make Chanter NOT SUCK until t3 Phrases / Invos? Let's start there. I also have guns on my mind with a Chanter(Rauatai Aumaua, ofc). Also, the direct question was supposed to be "play Wizard now or play something else and wait up to ~ 3 / 4 year(I doubt it'll take even that long, let alone longer) for Tyranny to play it there?"
  15. And now you do this...after all I went through... ...just ... thank you I guess edit: now I should wait a day or so to consolidate the results of the third one with the others. I don't believe 3 / 3 will stay for Cipher / Rogue. If it stays, I'll just add it up the tally. So, a direct message to people who voted on the third poll: If you DON'T FEEL like a Cipher is your least fav / Rogue your fav class, you have until the weekend to change it. Otherwise I'll tally it up as it'll stand.
  16. I fixed it. And there is really no other way to be precise and graphical. Plus, I'll take this opportunity to remind everyone that voted Cipher / Rogue in the last poll(and they didn't really want to) to just change their votes to null option. So the data does not get skewed. Unless you wanted to pick that option, ofc.
  17. I've a hell of time trying to choose my class for the 2nd playthrough. It's because of Tyranny. While I'd normally most likely choose Wizard, that system with cooldowns just...just seems better to me than this per rest system. You know? Even though using 2x Wizard is super fun and effective...I feel spoiled by just seeing a glimpse of that system. Chanter is fubar'd and so far from a proper Bard... Monk, Barb and Rogue all seem equally nice. Gun Rogue especially so. Ranger...is somewhat meh. I don't necessarily dislike Rangers(in fact, they are often fun), but this pet thing...idk. Pets seem so weak apart from abusing DoT + Sneak Attack. But they still do require a lot of micro. Also, both Glamfallen and Aumaua seem equally nice. Basically, Glam with traditional weaponry or Aumaua with Guns(Rauatai is the leading nation in guntech after all). Maybe even Pike Aumaua Barb(because...Maori :D ). Choices, choices. fk you Tyranny for spoiling my magic systams lol
  18. I don't know. A funny and bumpy nose is enough to cool me off. Then there's the deal breaker that is general behaviour. ...but apart from these tiny details she sounds like a complete...squeeze material. Worthy of poems sure. Now I'm being a pig like Durance... Also Boer, why is the poll broken all of a sudden? It's not like anyone's forcing anyone to pick those two in extra options. Sure, they are more visible and hence attractive, but attractive is not always good. At least imo. With those two options added, I think that the poll is nigh perfect. edit: aha I know! I'll edit the EC poll. Feel free to change your vote to that null vote if you don't feel like the other two choices. You were completely right Boer, thanks for mentioning it!
  19. True, true. But! It's not my fault it only allows 10 and the trick is in forced choices. Those are interesting. If you can vote for 3 or 4, that only makes things difficult to understand. And I fully understand how hard it is to pick. I'm currently having trouble picking my 2nd playthrough character, but I think I'll revert to my "See all ends" 20 Per Glamfallen Wizard. I had to sac one and I made a calculated guess to sac the (prolly) one of top 3 popular. Or top 5, but certainly not in bot half. Edit: You have your equality. Fair is fair. Enjoy!
  20. edit: due to unforeseen technicalities, I will allow for everyone to vote for Cipher via posts. Thank you for support.
  21. Right, I've been wondering which classes are the least and the most popular. Few explanations are in order I think: I didn't put Cipher in the least popular because let's face it, that's like putting Eder in the least popular comp poll. All it will achieve is gather sub 2,5% votes which could be interesting if they are put elsewhere. I didn't have enough space in the favourite class poll, so I comboed Ranger and Rogue. Please specify which you've chosen and why. I'll cast my vote at a later date so I don't muddle the sample(I most certainly won't talk about it for at least a fortnight). Thank you for your cooperation.
  22. Nah. Cyric is just crazy and destructive. Skaen is more calculating, silently malevolent, which makes him more interesting. Also, as the game seems very Nietzschean, he is the slave morality personified. What is Rymrgand then? My thoughts when compared to DnD are: Berath: Kelemvor(missed opportunity, meh) Eothas: Lathander(can't see anyone else) Rymrgand: ??? (Jergal? Myrkul?) Skaen: Talos Wael: Mystra Hylea: Oghma / Correlion Larethian Magran: Kossuth(this theme especially fits Durance) / Kord from Greyhawk Ondra: Ulmo / Osse lol(don't care sorry) Abydon: Gond Woedica: Hoar Gaun = Eothas, so... Galawain: ??? (I haven't been able to find anything...wild enough for Gal) note: it's funny how Helm is missing :D
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