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  1. DozingDragon said most of it, but I'll add a few comments. This fight is very hard as a team. It's probably easier to solo it with a Herald or someone with insane defenses than do this as a team. I recommend resting with Captain's Banquet and equipping dexterity / might resistance gear on your team. Alternatively you could rest with Shark's Soup and equip intellect / resolve resistance gear. Arcane Dampening simply suspends the sigil. You won't be able to damage it and it will activate again later when another sigil is likely operating. I recommend dampening Tayn's sigil until you have the other DPS sigils taken care of as it causes the most havoc. To do this you will have to find a way to get resource back for your wizard (e.g. Brilliant inspiration, Bloodmage). The Chain Lightning sigil does insane damage. I recommend ditching low shock armor gear such as heavy and medium plate and picking up anything that gives you shock armor. Arcane Reflection potions are a must here, as are AOE heals and preferably Circle of Protection or some other boon to shock armor. Other than Tayn's and the Chain Lightning sigils, the rest won't bother you much. Don't depend on too many buffs as they will be purged. Be sure your team has no slash and pierce weapons equipped. Everything should be crush or raw or maybe elemental. I don't look forward to doing this fight ever again. It doesn't take as long as the other boss fights but it's really annoying.
  2. I am going to necro this thread as it's a good question. Does anyone know if abilities like 'Clarity of Agony' decrease self-inflicted temporary negative effects (e.g. drug crashes or berserker confusion) or does 'hostile' mean it must stem from an enemy? My guess is that it doesn't and these negative effects are part of the cost of these abilities and cannot be separated or undone, but maybe someone knows with certainty.
  3. I agree Xoti is on another level of annoying but even well made characters get old after numerous playthroughs. This is the reason why I play through pre-made companions once or twice tops then make my own party from scratch onward.
  4. I had enormous fun with the helwalker sage for the easy and nearly permanent 35 Might. If you plan to go pike anyway then it will certainly work. If you want better single target then you can maybe switch to a metaphysics buffed chromoprismatic quarterstaff. Helwalker also allows for extremely powerful AOE evocations. Wounds are managed and quickly accumulate with Dance of Death and staying behind your comrades until the masses drop dead or you see an opening to take out the ranged with ease. I see a lot of potential fun with martial wizard builds. There are lots of good options.
  5. This class is extremely fun and powerful! With a little love and patience you become a complete master of AOE and single target DPS! In my POTD playthrough utilizing standard party members this guy dished out over 60% of total party damage and finishing kills and had 2000+ crits. Later on in the game your AOE spells become so fun to cast as they just melt everything! So long as aggro isn't on you, the battlefield is yours for the taking. You can run around with crazy speeds and just butcher the ranged opponents. Or you can stand behind your comrades and dish out the pain. The stats on this guy are just absurd. Be sure to setup a very nice AI on him! Take the time to learn how to do this or the performance will be sub-optimal. You need to cast the buffs in the correct order and without any downtime and only the AI can do this efficiently as most buffs have zero recover time. Again, he won't be crazy good in the early-mid game and almost seems like a liability in some battles, but once you hit mid-late you should be golden. The only time I ran into trouble mid-late game is when an entire ship of pirates draws aggro on him because for some stupid reason he's out front instead of behind. Also, definitely go with dance of death and stay back until you have your wounds maxed out.
  6. I had a base resolve of 3 and managed to get it Item Bonuses Eviee Pet = +2 Badrwyn's Cover Cloak = +1 (non-watcher must wear it) Ring of the Solitary Wanderer = +1 Shorewalker Sandals / Boots of the Stone= +1 Token of Faith Amulet = +2 Rippel Sponge Drug = 3+ (alchemy improves it) Rest Bonus (choose one) Normal Rest w/ Hagfish or Seafood Stew = +1 Meditate at Kābara Reku Shrine (next to Poko Kohara Ruins) = +2 There may be an inn that buffs resolve somewhere, not sure Other Bonuses * Berath's Blessing = +2 * Rabyuna Prostitute = +2 * Last resort is to reroll your character and max out alchemy in order to get more from the Rippel Sponge. Another idea if you come up short is to buff resolve as high as it will go before combat then give yourself a resolve inspiration during combat near the end. Then after combat quickly pick up the mace before the inspiration wears off.
  7. Failing to see why anyone would take this enchantment as it removes more time from negative effects that the enemy has. I know this item is a joke, but it's still one of the best quarterstaffs at the moment, and it seems that most of the time the 'spring cleaning' effect will do more harm than good, and further enchanting the 'out with the bad' eludes me.
  8. I'm glad others are seeing how useless it is. I seriously didn't even check it until now. I wasted 1.5 playthroughs thinking it did something lol.
  9. So I hit a huge mob of enemies with confusion...everyone is 'confused' but it doesn't seem to do a damn thing. They keep on attacking the previously 'locked on' target for the entire duration. They even cast buffs on themselves and active abilities against me then go back to attacking. I also tested it before a fight began. I confused nearly the entire group of enemies...they just mad a bee line to my wizard and slaughtered him. They casted buffs, spells, everything. After the wizard was butchered they never attacked one of their own, even though all the rest of my party were in stealth far away. I really fail to see the value of this spell anymore when compared to the original PoE. I don't think it's working as intended at all, and if it is, I fail to see what it's doing. The 'fear' spell at level 5 actually does something...confusion, nope, worthless.
  10. Is anyone else having this problem? When I hover over an ally or enemy the buff / debuff list I usually don't see everything because the font / images are too large. I have to go to the character screen to truly understand the status, and I can't do that for enemies, so a lot of the times I don't even know what buffs and debuffs I have active. Do I just need to get a 1080p (aka QHD / 2k) monitor or something? Any idea how to fix this?
  11. Many spells seem to default to this prioritization, whether they are buffs or debuffs. I'm not sure if this means the AI will prioritize hitting as many targets as possible or simply prioritize targets that literally have the most afflictions. I assume it's the latter but it's hard to tell. I usually just try to do 'as many allies' or 'as many enemies' as possible, but that isn't good for spells that target both allies and enemies, like some priest spells for example. Anyone have clarity on this or educated guesses?
  12. Does this just decrease the recovery time for auto-attacks? Weapon based abilities? Does it affect spellcasting recovery time?
  13. Does this just decrease the recovery time for auto-attacks? Weapon based abilities? Does it affect spellcasting recovery time?
  14. I think the early game is much more difficult than it was. I am finding it challenging and not to the point of steamroll. I have yet to die but I came close a few times. My guess is that I'll begin to steamroll once I hit 12 or something, but it's better than it was, they're making progress. I think that the game will be better if they fine tune all encounters, and like you mentioned, add variety of defenses and enemy types to the encounters so a one-size fits all method never works really well. I think more monsters with immunity will also be helpful. An improved AI would be nice but it's easier said than done. Also, we really can't expect devs to balance PotD based on the ultra elite power gamers have played 10 playthroughs of PotD and plan to do the same for Deadfire. Mods should try to fill in the gaps to a degree. If it's too easy then play with a smaller party or put your own limitations on the game, such as never using empower, or putting resting limits on yourself.
  15. I'm trying to setup an AI modal that toggles on its own with the only condition being time. For example, I have a spear's 'exposing strikes' modal, which lasts for a good 10-15 seconds if you hit, so I figure I can take the modal off for a few hits then toggle it back on again. This is a lot of micro and would prefer the AI to handle it. Any ideas on how to accomplish this?
  16. Since 1.1 I am getting crashes to desktop much more often than before. Anyone else getting this?
  17. more appeasement for bad story design...You know, you can criticize a game for one thing and still love the game, they aren't mutually exclusive. The developers and designers need criticism so they can get better. If they can't take criticism then they're in the wrong business. Appeasing them and making excuses for them won't do anything to fix the problem and may actually make it worse. Gaming companies need to understand that customers are not to be taken for granted. I have seen so many once great gaming franchises turn into crap because they don't listen to their audience; they instead listen to only those who never criticize them and even blame their customers instead of themselves. This story thing is actually quite minor compared to the massive amount of bugs that they released the game with. A lot of people are frustrated and let down. I'm not one of them (other than the story) but I can empathize.
  18. I always choose the crate now. Better crew members are easy to come by.
  19. Good story, bad writing basically, at least regarding the lore of Eora. The writing besides that is impeccable, but they really miss the ball regarding the high level lore / phenomenon of Eora.
  20. I think this is a good thread: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98322-ending-spoilers-the-ending-of-deadfire-and-what-it-means-for-the-lore/
  21. I don't even think it was an intentional retcon; I think it was simply a 'retcon' that came up due to limited quality assurance, editing, and customer feedback, which is no surprise in the entertainment industry. The fact that so many threads about this topic exist and that a great many people are confused is evidence of that. If Obsidian intended for us to come to the explanation and conclusion you're selling, then this confusion wouldn't exist and there would be no debate. Many movies, games, and fictional stories have contradictions and missing information which forces users to 'plug in the holes' themselves. You and many PoE customers are doing exactly that, plugging the holes in the story. I respect your explanation and certainly find it plausible that the gods have been deceiving us all this time, but until the game confirms this with upcoming DLCs or PoE III, this is just one of many conjectures.
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