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  1. Please guys. Mace could defeat anyone in a lightsaber duel (the only exception might be the exile) and the exile (sith lord) can defeat any force user (with the possible exception ofl luke).
  2. I doubt he could defeat Palpatine so easy though. They are both true sith lords that have learned vast amounts of knowledge.
  3. The exile could learn any technique in the force introduced to him within seconds and could even destroy thr force. Nuff said.
  4. The darkside is defently the best. The sith lords are far better than the counsilers. Lightside = buffs Darkside = damage attacks Counsilers are weak and I wouldn't use a counsiler to buff up. I would like damage attacks so the counsiler is out. Sith Maruaders are better than weapons masters. They have the AWESOME (my favorite buff) rage that allows them to do some massive damage, gain extra vitality points and saving throws. The will become more powerful with every passing kill. Plus as sith you can use the lightside buffs anyway as I have them all but rarley use them cause I just use the master rage to deal with everything. For the othere class the are about the same. Sith lord/Jedi master = darkside is better Sith Maruader/Weapons master = Sith maruader Asssians/watchmen = draw EDIT. Btw Force crush is the best force power there is if you are a heavy force user. You can do it over and over without taking ANY damage and it is EASILY the most powerful attack in the game and I have hit over 450 with it before. Force enlightment won't protect from that and plus master rage is just as good as force enlightment. I have fully pimped out lvl 50 maruader and weapons master and the maruaders rage is just as good and I actually do MORE damage as my sith character.
  5. Strength 16 Dexterity 16 Constitution 16 I do nothing with the rest. I have created some of the greatest physicall warriors ever so I know what I am talking about. The force points (well enough anyway) will come in time as well as items.
  6. Dang I just hit 290 with my lightsaber. I am going to make the ultimate sith lord soon so I will tell you how much I can hit. Btw. When I say no cheats I mean no cheats to make your strength super strong or anything. You can use a giveitem cheat to get stat boosting items though because those items are in the game anyway.
  7. Whats the highest you have hit with a lightsaber and what is the highest you have ever hit with force powers. Force crush was like 450 for me. Like 290 with force storm as well. Lightsaber was like 260 for me.
  8. Yes the will. Go talk to Kreia about it and once say about every 5 levles she will upgrade it for you. At levle 40 or so your crystal (for lightside) will do the following. Strength - 5 Dexterity - 6 Wisdom - 7 Damage bonus - 10 damage vs darkside And an additional 5 lightside damage to anything. So if your against a darkside dude you get a 15 damage bonus towards them The crystal will also posses some kind of stun or knock down feat.
  9. Well, Anakin wiped the floor with Dooku, and then Anakin was defeated by Obi-Wan, so... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's really not fair to say though. Almost all lightsaber forms have their weakness and it just so happened that Anakins power doubled and he mastered new lightsaber forms. Atura for example has never been able to succesfully defeat a sith. Vapaad however can draw off a sith lords power and redirect it back and use it as the wielder of vapaads own power. Vapaad is pretty much the only flawless form out their. Obi-won was using all his force valor and his form 3 defensive lightsaber form. In all turth he SURVIVED long enough to gain an advantage but Anakin was more powerful but his arrogance blinded him and showed his downfall. Obi-wans lightsaber form only strikes when there is an opeing or an advantage point and his form can fully take advantage when he has one. Most powerful force users. Luke Skywaler/The Exile (sith lord) - can't make up my mind but both had their own powers that no other jedi or sith have ever dreamed of wielding. Palpatine - could create lightning storms to take out ships and was very powerful. Kreia - she kncoked back jedi (some of the greatest in the order) continually and drained all their energy in one hit Darth Nelus - can drain the lifeforce of a planet, and was said that he had a power of such a magnitude that he could no longer remain human. Yoda - nuff said we saw why Mace Windu - he had a considerable amount of force power as told in the books Best Lightsaber users (the ones seen and read about) Mace Windu - He took the greatest and most powerful of all the forms that went dead for a thousand years and made it FAR more powerful than it already was. He created vapaad and mastered it. The results were that he could strike so fast that it would be invisible to the human eye. He could draw off the darkside rage with it to boost his physcial attributes. When all his rage and power is unleashed (which he rarley does because it is dangerous and he could fall to the darkside) he can use a foes own powers as his own weapons and plus his sheer power. There's really no way to beat him in a lightsaber duel and you would have to be a REALLY powerful force user to overcome his abilities to redirect your powers. He also carried the famous purple lightsaber crystal (and was said in the book that the jedi beleived only the most skilled and powerful could wield it) which greatly increased his power and lightsaber skills. The purple lightsaber represents mastery of all lightsaber forms and mabey even skills that are off the darkside. He can also find the weakness of any opponant with his lightsaber form. The lightsaber master and creater of vapaad he is. The Exile (weapons master at maximum lvl) - With master force valor, Master force speed, Master battle meditation, and force enlightment he can boost himself up to hit almost as fast as vapaad but without the power to draw off other powers and use them as his own weapon. Plus if you design your own lightsabers you can greatly increase his attributes and stuff as well as his damage. I see him as giving mace a run for his money. Luke - It was said his blade looked as if it were 5 or 10 moving at a time in the last one and he beat Palps in a duel and thousands of bad ass dudes. Revan - Jedi guardian Palpatine - he could use darkside rage with his lighsaber forms and he was incredible Yoda - nuff said
  10. Theres cheats. Use them if you have to. Also go to dantowiene and you will get one fast. Very fast. Save right before parts of the game and reload if you don't get what you want.
  11. You can gain the lightsaber parts by doing alot of quest. Once you reach a higher levle you can also earn lightsabers and find them. They are very easy to find.
  12. Once you are levle 40 or so and are fully alligned to either side of the force you can upgrade your personal crystal to be the most powerful. A fully power lightside crystal can do 15 lightside damage (the most of any) plus all the other MASSIVE attributes it gives you. One lightsaber I have consist of a solari Crystal, My crystal, pontite lens, tolgern (or whatever it's called) jolt III cell (gives 1-8 eletrical damage) and a expert fencing emitter. I can pump up my single bladed lightsaber to do a total of 69 damage when you add it all together and it would be 71 for a double bladed. Crystals to get for sheer damage. For Weapons master and sith muaraders. Hurrikaine - 1-8 damage UNSTOPPABLE Barab Ore ingot - 2-16 fire damage ( but 2-12 fire damage when put in my lightsaber) Pontite - 1-10 cold damage and plus 2 charisma. Upari - 1-8 energy damage and plus 3 attack Solari - 3 energy damage, 1-8 physical damage vs darkside, and plus 3 to attack Your personal crystal - Depends on how strong you are on either side of the force and how strong your sheer power and levle is. Once you are 100 percent light or dark though and past levle 40 it is without a doubt the strongest crystal in every area. For Jedi masters and Sith lords. Kailbur Kasha Yours for reasons stated above and others The best lightsaber to my weapons master in my 69 damage one followed with another 63 damage lightsaber I created. I really find the hurrikaine crystal to be useful. What are your favorite crystals and lightsaber combinations.
  13. In this thread we will have everyone put their characters against each other. I myself am still (and gonig to be for a long time) earning experience at the korriban cave glitch where I will lvl him up to 45 and finish the game at 50. I could give you some of the stats for my characters in the Xbox version but I lent it to a friend because I baught to PC version for the cheats and a few new items. Rules: The charecters can not be more than a 5 levle difference in each duel. First up to five votes wins. Just post your votes. Post your characters stats here.
  14. Mace has the best lightsaber skills. The exile (sith lord) is the most powerful force user.
  15. Actually if you read alot of the books lukes power vastly increased and he acomplished amazing things.
  16. I got it thanks. I saved it under the wrong place. You gotta mention these little details. I don't know where to save it or where to start the game.
  17. What I find to be useful if you don't want to cheat is save right before you go into the cave on dantioene. Do this when your a REALLY high lvl and save right before you enter the cave. Go in and if you don't find what you are looking for reload and try again untill you get what you want.
  18. Alright I downloaded the patch on this sight. http://www.team-gizka.org/downloads.html I can't seem to get it to work. How much further back must I start at? Where should I save the file? I just saved the file in kotr2 folder. I went to my computer, programs, lucas arts and kotor2 and saved it. Should I save it to the ini. It's not working so I am doing something wrong.
  19. I downloaded it. Now what must I do? I started from where the ship crashed. Must I load a game BEFORE that even? This patch I downloaded is not working or I am not doing something right. EDIT: Go back and read some of my last post on that link. Also where do I save it to and HOW much further must I start back. Should I not even be on the snow lvl part?
  20. Read here. http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=41421 Can anyone please help me?
  21. Best LIGHTSABER fight NOT force user. He could beat Yoda if he unleashed all his abilities and dark rage. Kar vaster was hit CONTINUALLY MANY TIMES in the but regenerates nearly instantly which is why he survived. Plus that was in Mace earlier years. Mace Windu does not have force crush. That is the exile. The exile is the only known one to have it. Mace could be all these guys in a lightsaber match.
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