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Most powerful lightsaber combinations and crystals

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Once you are levle 40 or so and are fully alligned to either side of the force you can upgrade your personal crystal to be the most powerful.



A fully power lightside crystal can do 15 lightside damage (the most of any) plus all the other MASSIVE attributes it gives you.


One lightsaber I have consist of a solari Crystal, My crystal, pontite lens, tolgern (or whatever it's called) jolt III cell (gives 1-8 eletrical damage) and a expert fencing emitter.



I can pump up my single bladed lightsaber to do a total of 69 damage when you add it all together and it would be 71 for a double bladed.



Crystals to get for sheer damage. For Weapons master and sith muaraders.


Hurrikaine - 1-8 damage UNSTOPPABLE


Barab Ore ingot - 2-16 fire damage ( but 2-12 fire damage when put in my lightsaber)


Pontite - 1-10 cold damage and plus 2 charisma.



Upari - 1-8 energy damage and plus 3 attack



Solari - 3 energy damage, 1-8 physical damage vs darkside, and plus 3 to attack



Your personal crystal - Depends on how strong you are on either side of the force and how strong your sheer power and levle is. Once you are 100 percent light or dark though and past levle 40 it is without a doubt the strongest crystal in every area.





For Jedi masters and Sith lords.






Yours for reasons stated above


and others











The best lightsaber to my weapons master in my 69 damage one followed with another 63 damage lightsaber I created.


I really find the hurrikaine crystal to be useful.




What are your favorite crystals and lightsaber combinations.

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Nextor crystals can also keen lightsabers if ankkarres sapphire crystals are not available in a game.

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