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  1. If that's all you want, pay your $25. Play only in Normal Mode. Ignore Heroic and Legendary modes, ignore Quest, and ignore treasure chests. If you play the game in nothing but Normal mode, you should be able to play exactly what I played in the physical version. Some of us have OCD tendencies. As such we want to collect one of everything and have every option available to us. We also want to see Obsidian succeed as they move from the soft launch on iPads/Androids to phones, PCs, and multiplayer and possibly consoles someday. All of us want to see Season 1 do well and make it to see Season 2 and beyond (else we wouldn't be on the forum). The chests show us an inkling of that, especially as many of the new cards with this patch seem to have new traits (firearm, finesse, etc). That said I am perfectly ok with the chest implementation as is. I'd prefer to see more generosity for the season pass holders, and less for the FTP. The real question is are the FTP players willing to shell out a smaller amount to get some gold (like $5 or $10)? I doubt it with the current cost model. Make everything more expensive and give pass holders a bonus everyday they log in. Ideally you want those that payed to check in daily and stick around long enough to pay for Season 2. I don't think the current gambling pack setup accomplishes that the best. As it stands the daily gold "subscription" is a joke. You can grind that payout daily from a five minute Mersi-Pill run, or get the entire daily subscription payout in an hour, lol. And just an additional note about physical versus digital. I can walk over to the shelf in the other room and pull out my copy of Talisman 2nd edition from 20+ years ago and play it with my boys. When they leave the house for college I can send it off with them in another 11 years. Try doing that with ANYTHING digital. I also occasionally do math trades, one boardgame for another 1-for-1. Digital =/= Physical!
  2. I do like the chests as well. Am happy to have paid the price, and would do so again. I would just like the game to encourage less grinding for pay players. However $25 for an app, is absolutely not the same as $100 for a physical product. With a physical product I can mod the heck out of it. Am guaranteed to always have my copy. I can resell it, gift it, rip up all copies of the Siren, I can pull out a Sharpie and write on all the Blessing of the Gods to turn them into something else, burn it in an effigy for all it matters. Also much more of the MSRP cost in that $100 goes to the manufacture and distribution chain than 30%. Apples and steak. Also apps are competing with other apps, Boardgames are competing with other Boardgames (I will ALWAY play Imperial Assault rather than this face-to-face). The gold structure as it is setup current encourages play that I don't find as fun, and I could see it causing burn-out if not controlled. I am sure there are MBA's out there with data that show that the FTP tacked on is good for the game, but the costs to gamble for legendary cards is out of whack with gold purchase prices. I would prefer the game to be less grind friendly and more pay friendly. On the plus side, the poor implementation of chests has gotten me to shake my OCD tendencies and I have culled almost all Deck B/1 cards. That does result in a better experience for me. What is not in dispute here is the quality of output by the devs. I love the game. What I would prefer is a revamped gold system and more open information about how the chest system works and what is and isn't included. I don't see why it should tilt so heavily in favor of free players who can literally grind my $25 in gold trivially.
  3. Before I culled I counted all 296 cards up till that point. 3 Legendary, 31 Epic, 74 Rare, and 188 Uncommon cards. That was my actual count. I have gotten two epic drops in a single pack that I can remember (both were on the left hand side of screen). That is a literal ~63.5% drop rate of uncommons. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/87034-sharing-info-about-chest-drops/ It's possible that I did something wrong, but doing a hard count I suspect other's impressions are more rough than my actual count.
  4. I think legendary rates are 1%. That gives you an average of 1-3 per 48 pack of cards. My guess is: ~1% legendary ~10.5% Epic ~25% Rare ~63.5% Uncommon Can't really track anymore as I started a MAJOR culling of Deck B-2 cards.
  5. Very interesting topic, and I've thought about it a bit. Up front I payed the $25 and would do it again. Would likely pay another $25 when the next adventure path is rolled out even with no changes to the current structure. First off, the $25 to $160 argument is complete nonsense. They are different markets and different platforms. $25 is well above the going rate for apps with all the limitation they bring (can't fudge/homerule things, lend it to friends, app could be pulled, support could stop and break with OS update, etc). Second, I am of two minds about the gold system. On one hand it provides incentive to play. I might put down the game for an entire month now that I have finished Adventure 3 with all characters including on Legendary. I love the bonus cards and being able to tweak the box (I got rid of almost all "uncommons" from Decks B-2, the fact they reduce the likelyhood of getting Deck 3 items is stupid even if they are interesting). In July I'll probably cull Deck 3 treasure cards to stack the box for Deck 4. On the other hand it provides incentive to grind (ugh!). At a minimum, those of us who have payed should not need to be online to get gold rewards from playing. If you are going to keep the system, let those of us who have payed full price not be tethered to being online. I am okish with the treasure chests being bonus cards but the system is clunky. My proposal for those of us who paid, every day we logon and play one quest we get a daily completion bonus of 500 gold. Also a pack of 25 chests with every adventure deck released. Globally gold rewards should be halved, and costs for Adventure Deck 1 & 2 and a random bonus character (you can only buy it once) halved. This is not a FTP game! Buying adventures with gold should let the free players get a taste, then cut them off or require manic grinding. Also let of salvage cards directly from the chest opening page. Don't make people burn out on your game before you finished Rise of the Runelords! And fix the gold payouts. You should only get gold for first time completion and for the most current adventure deck (difficulty level doesn't matter). No more payouts for killing Podiker! What makes it more frustrating is that not all cards are available. Before the patch I had not one Deck 3 uncommon, even if the pictures were in. Many of the Legendary cards are not available, yet it is hidden information. It would be helpful if a Dev could chime in with a list of what cards are actually possible to pull so I could spend my gold without second guessing myself. As it is, I will not buy any more chests until the next adventure deck is released. No point getting more uncommon cards that I already have when more stuff is going to be released.
  6. Two things about that scenario. First, it is easily winnable even on legendary difficulty, if you tweak your attempt. Sajan can solo that scenario on legendary like a champ, he might just need a couple of attempts and a deck tweak (*cough* Crown of Charisma *cough*). Start him off on the location with auto-success for allies and burn through his blessings to get more explores. So long as the Magga starts at the academy and you get a hand full of blessings it is practically an auto-win. Second, if you are going to keep the scenario in there, at least let us get all the allies as a reward each time we win. It is kinda annoying to spend resources to "get" allies, only to have them taken away. We should keep them on any win, not just the first time through. It is the only real place to farm deck 3 spells at the moment, and it annoying as is.
  7. It might be that Quest mode doesn't respect normal deck construction rules. I've seen funny things in quest (like getting a deck 4 ally at level 29), whereas Story mode adheres to normal rules.
  8. I suspect it depends on party comp. I did my legendary run to unlock the bow with a small strike team of Mersi, Lini, and Seoni. Everything but the Black Magia run was smooth (he chomped on 6 cards four times in a row 24 cards down when my team only went once each!). Especially with the Acrobat skill of Mersi to place items and then send Lini or Seoni after them to pick up a particular item. That ability is AMAZING.
  9. Now that I opened another 48 pack of cards treasure chests and got the predicted 2 legendary cards, I have a strong suspicion that few of the legendary cards are actually in the game. This is compounded by the fact that I have 3 of a particular legendary card (and considering salvaging one copy as I don't want it crowding out other items). I'd like if others could share what their drops are. As it stands I probably won't buy and more chests until the next adventure drops, I can't use 4/5ths of my legendary cards as is. I also thinned my "uncommons", most to 0 to prevent crowding. Pre-patch I saw a blacksmith, fox, and noble EVERY SINGLE GAME. Brooch of Shielding: (Deck 1 item)(Intelligence/Arcane 7) Recharge to prevent one damage. Bury to reduce all damage to 0. Amulet of Inescapable Location: (Deck 4 item) (Intelligence/Arcane/Wisdom/Divine 11) (I have three copies) Scry the top five cards of the current location for monsters. Place them on top in any order. Arcane/Divine 14 check to recharge instead of discarding. Flask of Magic: (Deck 4 item) (Intelligence/Arcane 12)(Display to add 2D6 and Magic to combat checks at your location. Banish unless arcane, then bury. Succeed at Arcane 13 to discard instead. Now I hope the Flask of Magic is a recharge instead. Otherwise I won't clear a space in any of my decks for it. I might use it if I pick it up accidentally. All my attacks already have the magic trait and the 2D6 applies to the deck 3 items I already have and I know those recharge (even if by accident). The Brooch of Shielding is OK, generally worse than Ring of Protection, occasionally better, especially in decks that have trouble with churn or no armor. Amulet of Inescapable Location is great and I can see making space in a few decks for it. Mid-game I typically use scry to find the henchman/villain.
  10. They are mainstays in my deck. Figured I'd thin out the deck and make it spell heavy, but they both recharge on every scenario, including legendary.
  11. It's actually not that fast. There are extra animations to wait for, the annoying count-down timer after you forfeit, and even if it worked you would only get a flat 200 gold. And I suspect you have to do a location and get an ally or two for it to correctly count as a win. Doing a Poison Pill run with Mersi is very similar to payout. And this requires you to beat the level on both normal and hard, and have it open. Yes they should fix it as soon as practical. End of the world it isn't.
  12. Card banishing location trick won't work. Even if you do that it still goes back to the Vault the next time you start a run. The only culling will be a % based on which scenario and will be done only for that instance. There will be no vault tracking at all. I suspect of the four scenarios there will be a 10%/20%/40%/60% or such. As you move into Deck 4/Scenario 4 territory it'll start with 75% of Basic deck cards.
  13. I understand why they are doing it, and completely agree. One of the advantages of the app is the ability to replay missions. I've shepparded non-optimal builds of some of my character with "finished" optimal ones. Once you start down the box trimming path you can't go back and replay Poison Pill for gold as an example. Using the percentage based thinning allows you to go back and replay mission, especially if you only want to try nightmare adventure 2 after completing adventure 3. Another case is replaying a earlier mission with a six person party.
  14. Click on the next character to get a reward before you hit the blue next triangle. The next character should have an aura before you proceed.
  15. Another odd thing, I did a run after hitting level 30 and got an iguana ally. Checking over the vault it is a deck 4 card, but in quest the card shows as deck 2. Perhaps many more cards are like that.
  16. I think it was the fact that I still have yet to get any cards from deck 1. I am literally running with a Deck B/C/P party as I have yet to run across a single deck 1 item that improves my decks. Yet I get Deck 3 villans/henchmen. The scenario power didn't help either, it was the one where everyone gets an ancient skeleton when I find a boa. Perhaps a bad pairing.
  17. Good thing I can forfeit rather than waste my time on that. It was a bit of a shock when I wasn't able to close the location. They are designed for a scenario with no villian, doesn't quite work in the Quest format.
  18. I don't know. I got a 17 item packed General Store. Killed a Shadow with Lini doing 17 damage.
  19. You guys are doing a great job! My major issues are being fixed (salvage to cut out the massive repeats of "uncommons" what are more common than my commons ) and plenty of hunts still for easter eggs. This is the most I have paid for an iPad game and would willingly drop the same amount when you get around to the next set of content. As a side suggestion, since it is single player I'd like a way to speed up the experience gained in quest mode. It's a bit grindy still. Perhaps a XP multiplier toggle? Thanks, and good work!
  20. Well, I don't know what the legendary cards do except the two I have. I wouldn't say they are worth chasing. The Flask of Magic (at deck 4) does exactly what the Flask of Force (at deck 3) does except with the Magic trait instead of Force. The Amulet does what my B deck Scrying does for me (find the Henchman/Villian) except two deeper, and is an item rather than a spell. It's actually worse than Scry because if I fail to find the henchman I put other banes at the end of the deck. However that is fine with me. I already have overpowered decks since I optimized cards with the farming for gold (my Harsk has three Deathbane Crossbows, when Mersi picked one up she gave it to him). I'm not sure I want cards that break the difficulty. At best I'd like cards that break the mold (such as a weapon that Ezren could use with Intelligence or Lem with Charisma even if they had to recharge/discard to use that skill) . Boons that let you use a character in a non-standard role. Not a complaint at all (I think Obsidian is doing a great job so far), I'm just the type of guy who wants to know up front what I am chasing.
  21. Would be interesting to know one way or another. Can someone confirm that the below exist? Especially deck 3 uncommons. For me until they fix salvage it isn't worth it to me to buy more chests. No legendaries up to deck 2 and I have to turn treasure items off as I opened two obstacle chests and got 7 sticks out of 7 weapon drops Disrupting Rapier +1, Icy Hooked Hammer +1, Trident +2, Wounding Spear-Axe +1, Steel Ibis Lamellar, Pole, Duelist, Evangelist, Reveler (***I have no deck 3 Uncommons!***), Flame Cannon, DemonBane Longsword +2, Sniper's Studded Leather, Net of Snaring, Fortified Breastplate, Metal Spikes, Humanbane Gladius +2, Keen Rapier +3
  22. Happened again. Full packs this time. I don't think the 2nd wildcard matters.
  23. I'm a bit miffed by the distribution of Rare, and Uncommons. For having 188, missing a total of 18 of them seems a bit high. 6 of one epic and missing 17 of them is a bit off, but at the odds seems ok-ish. They seem to miss whole categories and then clump HEAVY in deck B/1 allies. Especially as deck 3 opens not having a single deck 3 uncommon is a bit odd. Others can feel free to share their drops and I might modify the calculations, but I suspect 1%/10%/25%/64% is spot on.
  24. I figured I'd post my chest drops (and missing numbers) in order to help calculate rarity drops. I will also list my missing uncommon and rare drops. Gold Border is Legendary Silver border with more filigree is Epic Silver Border is Rare Bronze Border is Uncommon 74 total chests, 296 cards ~1% legendary ~10.5% Epic ~25% Rare ~63.5% Uncommon Legendary Have-3, Flask of Magic (ugh), 2xAmulet of Inescapable Location (ok-ish) Epic Have-31 (6 of one) Missing-17 Rare Have-74 Missing-12 Uncommon Have-188 Missing-Lucerne Hammer, Disrupting Rapier +1, Icy Hooked Hammer +1, Trident +2, Wounding Spear-Axe +1, Steel Ibis Lamellar, Pole, Duelist, Evangelist, Reveler (***I have no deck 3 Uncommons!***), Flame Cannon, DemonBane Longsword +2, Sniper's Studded Leather, Net of Snaring, Fortified Breastplate, Metal Spikes, Humanbane Gladius +2, Keen Rapier +3 (total 18) Most uncommons 14 foxes, followed by 13 noble brats, 12 Spiked Chain +1's
  25. I was doing Poison Pill solo legendary runs with Mersi. The only wildcard I remember was the 1 in 6 fire damage one. I think the other one was a -5 blessing or lose a blessing on boon failed attempt. Not sure about the second wildcard though. Beat the villian in the first location, rolled a 1 for fire damage, he ran, when it tried to apply the fire damage I threw up the ring of protection and then hitting the blue triangle did nothing. It was no big deal, I just forfeit and made another attempt. Since it was the first location I was only out a minute or so.
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