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  1. Just a followup thought. As you release packs, if the latest playable pack can give full rewards that would be enough to balance. As you release new adventures, the previous top tier loses value. As for the gold reward for larger parties. I find when I do item hunts with a six person party I rarely finish the mission even on normal. Versus a legendary solo poison pill is almost always a win (unless there is a bug or hideous, hideous low probability odds combined with specific wildcards).
  2. When I am doing legendary solo runs and have the ring of protection I have found a game breaking bug. If I run into the villain, defeat him, and he rolls a 1 causing damage due to a wildcard power the game freezes up. The 1 is rolled triggering the damage, he shuffles and runs away, then it returns to my character and when I select the rind of protection and it freezes. At that point I need to forfeit the game and retry. iPad if that matters.
  3. When in the gallery, expand the card to full view. On the upper right there should be a salvage button. Stuff sells for 2 gold.
  4. I understand that replaying a mission already completed on normal or hard will not provide any gold (beyond the bonus for defeating monsters and closing locations), however any legendary difficulty will still provide 200 gold. If possible to programs it as such I would like to make a suggestion. Repeating a mission at any difficulty level where the scenario level is the same as the top level of cards in deck (or missions already completed) will provide gold. Replaying a mission at any difficulty level where the scenario level is two below the top level of cards (or missions already completed) will provide no gold. I don't see why I should be able to run legendary Poison Pill with Mersi in 8-10 minutes for ~225 gold (and stock up on allies/deathbanes/mastercrafted toolkits to pass to everyone else), whereas when I run a skinsaw normal to try and (so far fail to) find my newly unlocked treasure chest amulet for my monk I get ~35 gold in half an hour. This will get worse in the future. After role cards and level 3 boons are unlocked repeating legendary level B missions will be even more trivial.
  5. It's gone from your character's deck and put back in the vault. It can be shuffled into later missions. It would be too powerful otherwise. Just do a couple runs and weed out all the potions you don't want.
  6. Perhaps. Although it is a hella grind. I think I have played 30+ quest runs and have nothing in my deck I care about compared to Story mode. I feel I am literally playing the same match over and over again except for a different villain.
  7. In story you only get the gold reward the first time you complete it for normal and hard. You have to grind legendary difficulty to get gold.
  8. Hopefully it's addressed in the next patch, the cards being used aren't right. My party is level 19, been playing over and over again. I've see plenty of promos, B and C boons, but nothing above that. On the other hand I have fought deck 2 henchmen and deck 1 villains/hench. When I go into the vault from within Quest mode I see only five boons from deck 1 (Frost Sling +1, Kohl of UD, Pot of Invisibility, Chameleon, Menagerie) two from deck 2 (Paralyze, Blackcloth Armor) and haven't encountered a single one of them. Nor have I encountered any non-chest cards from 1. Not much point playing quest rather than grinding Poison Pill legendary solo with Mersi (so it's faster and get the 200 gold a pop). The quest decks are a little under-powered compared to the opponents. A little variety might be nice.
  9. This is the exact bug I just got. Haven't found a workaround yet. The workaround is selecting the next character before you hit the blue triangle. At least that did it for me. As to the cards getting stuck on a cancel. As a workaround I hit menu, go to vault (in the vault the card stays in the middle of the screen). Then when I exit the vault it's back in my hand.
  10. 1) Is there anywhere to see what the cards we haven't unlocked actually do? I'm thinking Orik's Shield/Skinshaw Mask but also the regular Treasure Chest cards as well. The legendaries might take a few tries for a noob like me to unlock, so I want to make sure my efforts are worth it. Is there a wiki with cards. 2) I've read that we can salvage excess treasure chest cards. How do we do that in iOS? -Thanks!
  11. Restarted several times, mine says it increases, but never actually does as I have to close the app.
  12. Mine did it both in Story and Quest mode. I deleted the story party, and decided to try a different mix. However I don't know how to delete my Quest party. Any suggestions? BTW, both of my "freezes" happened when I had mixed parties. That is I had some character that were a higher level than others so mixed rewards at the end. If that helps with the bug hunting.
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