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  1. I have been trying for months to login to my account on iOS and I click the little (link to Social Gaming Network) button at the top and I put in my information for Admodee.net and it will say successfully logged in but I cannot access anything in the app at all. All my cards are gone. I cannot access the store or anything. All I can access is Start, Collection, or Options. What is going on?
  2. I am playing the game on the IPad Pro and I can't seem to access my PFID#. When I click setting in the app it says User Not Logged In Yet, despite the fact that it says logged in to GameCenter. Is there some other way to get my PFID# so I can redeem my promo cards from GenCon?
  3. I have been playing quest mode now since it was fixed and all of my characters are now level 15. The problem is that I am fighting level 2 content but I cannot find a single card that is not a B or C card. Also I have played the adventure mode with 13 parties and I am still missing a ton of level 1 and level 2 cards including some things like Fortified Armor, Shadow Chain, Flaming Shortbow, Lucerne Hammer, and many others (and that's just the level 1 stuff). Does anyone know if these issues have been discussed before or can provide information on what I am missing?
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