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  1. Also cannot progress in 5-4. All villains dead, all areas closed. Just a flashing blue arrow at right of screen that does nothing when clicked. Clicked around all the game menus and turned things on/off. Nothing works. Frustrating. Don't you guys test this stuff before implementing? C'mon.
  2. 4 is my fav. Classic dungeon crawler setup: healer, tank, utility, and damage (i.e. Kyra, Val, Meri, Ezren)
  3. Laughed out loud ^ I can't speak for everyone, but as for myself: if I ever sound b***chy about this game is because I really enjoy it. More warm fuzzies your way. You guys do a good job!
  4. Lol cheers. I'll keep Val the way he is. If I'm not mistaken, I could've sworn I collected a light armor with the discard trait out of deck 4 (from a chest). I'll have to double check when I get a chance. But thanks for the teaser, and letting us know his role will be useful
  5. ^ in fact, I've found that NOT closing any location is a good way to bypass any issues on this map. Manga will still go to an empty location even if it's not technically closed and you can continue gathering allies at other spots
  6. You should be able to just click the chest and it'll pop open with 4 cards to add to your vault, which you can then "find" as you explore the game. If you didn't purchase one with your gold, then maybe it's a graphic bug? Try to save up 500 gold and get a new one, see what happens
  7. No doubt you're doing your best. Just a suggestion to save everyone a headache, both players and staff - it seemed a lot of posts were getting repetitive regarding the daily thing. Feel free to /delete this post if it sounded accusatory at all. Just to reiterate, this is a really fun game. And I do really appreciate you and the other staff hammering out the issues. There are and have been many games where you'd kind of have to deal with bugs for months before getting any help or even acknowledgement (*cough*Vanguard* cough*). You guys do a good job hopping on the problems quickly.
  8. ...that buying daily gold is a bad idea right now? Maybe there should be a freeze on purchases that aren't working til the bugs get worked out and the people who've spent money on things get what they're owed or a refund? I imagine the customer service reps are probably up to their eyeballs in emails asking about this as well. Honestly, this is a great game when it works. But I hate to see people get upset about paying for nothing. That's not to say that things aren't going to get fixed in the near future, but it seems like these last two patches have added as many bugs as they've fixed (as evidenced by the bug forum lighting up after each one). I haven't downloaded the most recent patch yet, partly because I've been busy, but also in part because I've heard people talk about not being able to even finish a campaign.
  9. @Rhygar - first of all, hiking is no big deal. You start out with a few basic items, some water and a sandwich, a buddy, pick a spot in a state park and go walking. Later, you start to learn about gear you wish you had on that last walk and buy it, then you figure out what kinds of trails you like and hike them. Eventually you end up with some sweet packs and gear, a pair or two of Oboes shoes/boots, and a camera filled with pics of all your favorite plants, wildlife, and views. Try it! I also played a few mmo's back in the day (EQ, WoW, Vanguard, Rift). I wish there were still gritty mmo games out there, the ones that really made you think and required precise teamwork and thoughtful play, but it seems these days they cater too much to getting a high level character asap and don't involve a whole lot of risk.
  10. Man cumin and chili powder on anything is delicious. A Korean buddy of mine makes a mean bbq, won't tell me the ingredients but swears the main one is Coca-Cola. And speaking of lime - try grey goose, splash of cran-grape, some club soda, and 2-3 limes. Awesome summer drink. Where do you hike? I used to live in VA and played in the Shenandoah twice a week.
  11. Working that night shift. RN in cardiology. Gaming wise, besides this I'll play just about any board game from old-school Civil War games to the new stuff off the rack at the FLGS. Fav's include munchkin, d&d, anything trivia, cranium. I stay well rounded though and try not to stay in my nerd shell longer than deemed appropriate. Weekends usually spent wrenching on my jeep, mountain biking, whatever gets me in the sun. Capt & coke is one of my fav's, only second to a good top shelf whiskey on the rocks. You'll have to share that bbq recipe if it's good.
  12. Ya I dunno what the actual data is, and it doesn't seem to happen 'every' time. It does seem to happen enough to make me raise an eyebrow and wonder if it's really random or not.
  13. Ya, I farm quite a bit with Meri. My experience with the general store has been the same. When I evade a monster the deck gets shuffled, I get to redraw (because of the general store trait), and VERY often that same monster is right back on top of the deck. Fortunately, I can just keep evading forever. But literally out of a deck with 10 cards left, I'll see that same monster on top 4-5x in a row. This is of course somewhat anecdotal - I haven't kept exact count.
  14. Me too. Except for shirtless pictures of whoever Nathan is.
  15. I'm assuming this is a little more tedious in story mode and requires you to bring the mule character along, yes?
  16. Ya Han's advice is good too esp if you suddenly lose a gold bordered card. Been there done that
  17. Make sure you've discarded down to the limit everyone in your party is able to carry for each type of card. Then see if maybe one of those characters had 1 too many armor and add that back to the character's deck whose armor got banished. If that doesn't fix it then I dunno :/
  18. As for the why - we got off topic. My point is, if there's a role, etc that has a bit of a grey area that can't be explained in a short phrase in the digital version except quoting the physical game then maybe we should have the option of changing that role? Just saying... Also, I appreciate the spoiler about armors yet to come. Maybe I won't scrap Val as originally planned.
  19. Ya, I wanna hear the answer from staff. What's the point of taking this role if it doesn't apply to any armor because it's not being "played" if I choose to discard it to absorb damage? Let's say I take 1 point of poison damage and I have Magic Half-Plate in my hand. I can't recharge it because of the nature of the poison damage (as opposed to combat damage). In my opinion, I should be able to discard it and have Val's armor proficiency kick in to recharge it. If that's not the case, then what? It's either a complete waste and my character is stuck in this role for good, or I should just wait for a few months and hope a couple armors actually have some sort of "discard" feature? I mean for gods sake, the icon for armor mastery is a breastplate lol. Highly misleading if I can't actually recharge a breastplate! Lol. I would go so far as to say even buried breastplates should be recharged for someone who chooses to take this role.
  20. Personally I feel cheated after putting cash towards this game and picking roles that claim to do something beneficial for the characters. The Meri and Val examples were the ones that I picked. Meri's issue is obviously a bug, but Val's issue ... That one I'm not sure about. I'm waiting to hear anything official about what exactly "armor mastery" is supposed to do. It does not give you any sort of recharge ability for breastplates - even though the icon for the ability is a breastplate. If this is working as intended, I'll be pretty upset.
  21. Bump. Would like to know dev's input on this. Is this just a terrible role to take, or should armor recharge as stated in the role?
  22. I second this idea. Give us the ability to change roles and other things so that we can get around these broken mechanics. And by broken I mean both because of bugs and actual gameplay. Bug example - Meri loses blessings left and right for her dex recharging (esp when played on another character) Gameplay mechanics example - Valeros armor recharge, which clearly has a breastplate icon, does nothing. Armors are thrown into the discharge and bury piles without any sort of check to recharge. Just awful.
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