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  1. Romances are huge magnet for female demographics. All those women who play, for example, Mass Effect do it mostly for romances, and not because they like SciFi and third person shooters. So, if devs want to game be more popular and profitable, there should be a romances in POE2.
  2. There is also Eder becoming a mayor of Dyrford. So, one can expect a four or five year long period between POE and POE2. I wonder what will happen with that orlan baby that I took.
  3. Least favorite - chanter. Devs tried to combine warrior, priest and mage in one character and the result is... meh. Most favorie - ranger. You get two powerful chars for the price of one! And synergy makes them even more deadlier!
  4. Is the third one Aloth? With a mullet? And why he is pictured from behind?
  5. I think it was a mistake to give that soulbond scepter (Gyrd Havanes Stanis) to player too early in the game. What's the point in getting all that later wands, rods, scepters if they all inferior to it?
  6. Yeap. I always fight in 'slow mode', and even then sometimes it feels kinda fast.
  7. Four months... they can't fix that annoying gamebreaking bug for fourth month, for god's sake! Just imagine some other game, like ME or Falluot4, if they had a bug like this... it would have been fixed in a day or even in hours. This says a lot about OE.
  8. When are you gonna release the patch, in late august or september? *sarcasm*
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