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  1. Thank you so much! *laugh* usual symptoms of occasional hair loss... sorry for the trouble!
  2. Aramintai, if you are still entertaining requests, I would love if you tried your hand on this rogue... Not sure how she fits in with the Deadfire portrait changes, but I loved playing with her in Pillars. Planning to keep on with her!
  3. I found about that survey from Larian`s twitter >D Good devs stick for each other, I suppose . Also voted for meaty expansions, btw. I'll take an order of White March sized one, thanks!
  4. The problem with your suggestion of adding + attributes on top of reputation is that it would push a player meta-gaming towards a certain reputation to supplement the build. Want to have stronger dps? Cruel it is.... Divinity: Original Sin (the first one, not the recent release) done it to a lesser extent by awarding minor skill bonuses for rp choices that formed a player character's personality trait. For example, choices leading to a 'Bold' personality granted + 1 initiative, while the opposite 'Cautious' personality granted + 1 sneaking. While the bonuses were far less significant than + attribute points, it still led to a fairly common conundrum of : do I rp my character, or do I meta-game them so they perform mechanics like I want them to? It was not a very popular feature. I do agree there was a problem in POE between how attribute checks interacted with game mechanics. It was hard to play an insightful mage with a silver tongue, if you wanted to be a powerful spellslinger, and not a controller or tank, for example. I mean you could do it, but you would have a comparatively sub-optimal build. + high attribute equipment helped to 'hybridize' a bit, so I did not mind it as much. That said, I would welcome more crafting choices as alternatives to 'uniques'
  5. So, Divinity Original Sin 2 was properly released yesterday, and the party there can walk as well as run (and sneak, of course). Just wanted to point out there is another development studio out there (that makes amazing RPGs, btw) who do not consider the feature low priority or a waste of resources. Now, if you excuse me, I am going to go and get myself thoroughly lost in the world of Rivellon!
  6. Hi guys! Is there anything new on the subject? I've not been keeping up with the Deadfire news... Have there been any mentions of it at all past few months?
  7. Competitionist here, can't help myself . I think a lot of us fall somewhere in between the 'completionist' and 'critical path' only types, though. Which is also why I think it's not a good idea to (optionally? by default?) disable the side-quests. It's one thing to consciously choose to avoid exploring every nook and cranny in the game (I gave up the last couple areas at the end in Dragon Age: Inquisition, for example), but it's completely another to miss out on opportunity to see them, because one just doesn't want to mess with the difficulty settings/options before jumping into adventure (current state of 'streamlined' player experience in Star Wars: The Old Republic, where all the side-quests are off by default). I'd probably get behind the option to choose different xp tables to suit the different play-style approaches... (1000 vs 1330 etc. needed to level, for example).
  8. Origins also had easily accessible injury kit consumables that instantly got rid of one or multiple injuries. Getting knocked out was a non-issue, unless your whole party died. I also liked PoE 1 system. Will have to wait and see, I suppose.
  9. I guess that's where I'll call myself an optimist and hope that time/resources needed for the walking toggle implementation are not so unreasonably high as to discard it. It may be a 'cufflink on shirt', but so is some other flavor they adding to the game. I mean, there is an npc walking around lighting lanterns. It's cool as hell, but I could argue it's also not a 'core gameplay' feature, either. It's a nice atmospheric immersion feature for sure, and I love it... but my point stands. Walking toggle is also about atmospheric immersion. See, that's where you and I will never see eye to eye. For me the isometric view made the party dashing everywhere much more jarring than just moving faster in over the shoulder perspective. It was exactly because of the "God" view from above, that I could contrast the environment to what my party was doing. They could run around like there is a fire somewhere in Defiance Bay, they could sneak around everywhere like skulking thieves, but they couldn't manage to walk...
  10. In all the honesty, I would be ok with it being added in a post release patch, but if you look at Pillars of Eternity 1 as a precedent, I am not hopeful. It is far more likely that if it doesn't get added on release, it never will. Ergo all the lobbying on my part, anyway. The first request for a walk toggle for Pillars 1 surfaced during the early beta. After that, an occasional thread would pop up, and get ignored (unlike this one, thanks Aarik D and Josh!!!) The latest one was made on 20th of March 2016, just before final couple of patches, I believe.
  11. I think you just deliberately choosing not to see my point. Inquisition did have had higher production budget than Deadfire, but it was also built on a completely new engine. Deadfire will not be. It will be largely based on Pillars of Eternity 1. Pillars of eternity 1 had a framework for pc party walking. Dragon Age: Inquisition had a framework for a pc party walking. Both showcased it in cutscenes. The Inquisition devs chose to flip a switch to enable players to use it outside of cut scenes, and did it in a very very short time-frame after the game release. No matter the budgetary constrains, or lack or thereof, nobody does it for a feature that is insignificant to the player base. Mmos have larger budgets than Pillars? Sure! But the percentage of role-players there isn't as large compared to say, pvpes, progression/casual raiders, socializers, achievment hunters and players who drop by to see the story before they move on to the next best thing. Yet the feature is still included.
  12. Perhaps we could approach the topic in new light: If walk toggle was such a useless feature that nobody actually uses it, why do most western mmos have it? If walk toggle was such a useless feature that nobody actually uses it, why do some reputable developers implement it post release on request? (Dragon Age: Inquisition is a shiny example. Shipped without, now has it) I do not think anyone in this thread argues it is super important to everyone. We do argue it is of greater importance to some than was made evident before, and we want devs to take notice, while there is still some small chance to pen it in. I'd urge the people who are a hostile to the idea to live and let live. It's a toggle for pete's sake, not a feature/design/lore/mechanics/graphic engine overhaul request.
  13. I found https://explorminate.net/ to be great for all things 4x strategy.
  14. It doesn't disable achievements, at least if you use it for xp scale and some other cosmetic options. I don't know if using cheat commands with it does. If it does, the older .dll version has a command to re-enable them. The most recent update removed the command because it was causing crashes, but you can still use the old .dll, use the command, save, exit, and reload using an up to date .dll,
  15. An elegant solution to this could be borrowed from IE mod in a form of drop-down menu regulating xp table. Take a look! Link to screenshot For those who don't want to look, it's exactly what it says on the tin: default 25% increase xp needed to reach next level ( 1250, 3750 ...82500) 33% increase xp needed to reach next level ( 1330, 3990 ...87780) 50% increase xp needed to reach next level ( 1500, 4500 ...99000) square progression ( 1000, 4000 ...121000) Pretty intuitive, and options are always great to have! People who like to play a sizable portion of the game being max level can do so. People who like to reach the cap almost at the very end can do so too. There are even options for people who fall in-between those extremes. (and it is just another reason to never play Pillars without IE mod! )
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