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  1. Let´s be honest: if you earned points in stats you don´t need (like +Perception but you want might) you can always visit your next trader or inkeep and rearrange your stats for a modest fee (compared to what riches you accumulate in game). (Except if you´re a mage that invested thousands into learning spells that would be lost. ) This is my favorite aspect of the games mechanics. But as it is now, the Items in question pose the only alternative to a path of forced decisions or rearrange your equipement, swallow dragon eggs and such, or making certain decisions just to accomodate t
  2. Thanks for the input. I see both your points, espacially about the risk of pushing players into one or another direction. I haven´t played Divinity:OS myself, but take your word for it if you say the concept failed before. The issue I wanted to adress is the fact, that statchecks are ridicilous high even early on in the game, while the only way to increase your attributes permanently is to make certain decisions (draining captured souls, sacrificing companions, making a truce with a horned sociopath that tried to have you killed). Now THAT is what I call forcing players into a certain d
  3. The biggest issue I´ve always had with pillars 1 was the ammount of "obligatory" items required to pass at least most statchecks, wether they were in scripted actions or dialogs. You were punished by the game, if you chose different than an item with +3 or +4 attributebonus. Whats even worse, those items were rarely worth the effort, since they both exhibited useless or even downgrading second enchantments (speedpenality or spellbound) and occupy itemslots better used on other items/effects (bonus spells for example). However what makes these items so terrible is the fact that they ha
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