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  1. I was really enjoying combat system when I started my new run of Deadfire. I customized my party with all classes I wanted to try and getting through first 12 levels and early fights was extremely satisfying. I completed bounty hunts, most of the small islands and cleaned unique ships from the sea. All this in first 10 hours. But i did not have even remotely challenging fight for 20 hours after, while doing quests in Neketaka and faction lines, all fights devolved to "switch AI on and left click". Any dungeon of note is hidden behind the wall of dozen or so NPC spewing their "brilliant writing" at me. And when I actually got to Poko Kohara (one of the biggest dungeons in original game) it was whole 20 minute of adventuring with 14th level party. And then back to yapping NPC. It is such borefest that I tempted to drop game before seeing new Megabosses and, as I heard, nice dungeon in last DLC. There is decent system in Deadfire and brilliant itemization, but severe absence of challenging combat (or any combat at all) for long stretches of time and general density of like 1 tiny dungeon for 5 hours of play is where game falls flat on its face. PS I am playing om PoTD, but selecting all challenges and then doing non-combat quest first to level up or some stupid things like no-pause, breaking items and body-guarding low-HP NPC are even farther from my idea of fun.
  2. What surprised me the most about Deadfire, that it has fps drops even when paused. In older games like IE series or NWN, when PC had a poor performance in heavy combat scenes you can at least pause game and give commands normally, but in POE when I pause ship boarding I still need to click through menus with 15 fps. It is mind-boggling.
  3. I read you post couple of days ago on reddit and now I have a chance to say thank you :) I blamed my low performance in ship battles at first until noticed how consistent it is and googled( Stumbling upon issues like these after anniversary patch (where Obsidian promotes Iron Man achiev to the boot) makes me harsher about the game that it probably deserves. At least they fixed MC being invariably in front of party and promptly shot to death in ship battles.
  4. I haven't touched Deadfire for months and one of the first things that welcomed me on my new run was the bug that stops characters from drinking any potions in combat with AI on. Is it a new shiny feature from 5.0 or this one was introduced earlier? Also, after playing couple of days on my mom's PC (i5 3570k, gtx 770, 16gb RAM) I was surprised how utterly horrible this game runs - fps in combat regularly drops in sub 10 territory, when Pathfinder: Kingmaker runs pretty fine with stable 30-40 fps even in heaviest locations. I was playing Deadfire on release on literally same PC and it was never this bad. And I definitely hadn't minute+ long loading screens that lead to eventual crashes from time to time. I cant believe that year ago at release I had high hopes that Obsidian is capable of making this technical failure of the game better. But hurrah! they wasted their time to add TB mode.
  5. I always linked preference for gender-neutral pronouns in games with process of making voice overs. Recording two versions of every dialog could be costly for a such a small benefit. In older games, I do not know about pillars though, there were two separate gender specific dlg files and supporting both of them took precious development time too. Drugging politics into it is weird...
  6. There is actual clue - when you talk to Mokeha and accept her refusal to return money for free you can talk with her mom about it and she'll give a hint to make an exchange. And than, you can ask Valian girl about item and she'll give it without any payment.
  7. I, as a woman, honestly see nothing wrong with a picture of cute anime girl with naked butt used to illustrate the joke. But I always give a kinda "wierdo" look to person who claims, with a straight face, that it is a bad thing to do because some sane rational adult can find this picture(!) offensive. Can't talk for everyone, of course, it may be a cultural thing. That is a good thing about being a girl yourself - you can call Xoti obsessive bitch and everyone will question your taste in characters instead of berating you for being horrible person who demeans a poor young lady.
  8. IMHO PEN food is the best option available when you do not need affliction immunity. Hot Razor Skewers for +2 PEN, +2 Might and +1 PL is a rough equivalent of whole class feature, and Magic version is pretty good too with +10% damage and 20% AOE Radius. They are also can be bought in Neketaka from food vendors in RDC Tavern and on the street and regularly replenished, so there is no need to look for crafting components to have it always active.
  9. In Deadfire I still remember half of my money regularly disappearing on the game load as hundreds of days of sailors wages months after release. Have they ever fixed this? And this is in the same playthrough where end boss never appeared. Not to mention regular crashes, memory leak and constant statters on high tier nvidia GPU that obsidian have a pinned post about and never tried to fix. Even comparing 2 games from purely technical standpoint, first POE was ridden with small bugs too but never had such a horrible issues for a long time.
  10. There was so much potential in this part. We could make some tricky plans depending whether Onekaza likes Watcher enough or not to let near, or use Maya for this and have her agree/disagree depending on her character quest result. Or even something cool like Maya shooting queen only to meet disappointed Kana back in HQ. Instead we can murder anyone involved and only quest giver will notice. For me this detracts from game a lot - Deadfire avoids to involve party members in main plot/quests/dialogues to any noticeable effect with excuse that you can kick out everyone and go solo or with merc team. It also avoids like plague any meaningful C&C that results in more then one line of dialogue or end slide. It was same in POE too but less glaring since companions were not attached to factions.
  11. It really surprised me in finale. All factions were more or less equal in good/bad things in their politics and then Ruatai suddenly tells me: go drown one city block in blood while we bomb civilians in another. And I was "What?! Are you crazy, no sane person will agree to do this." It was like writer decided to tell me: No matter they are right about incompetent Huana leadership that hurts its own citizens more then helps. No matter they have a point about how stupid it is to mine Luminous Adra. They are bad! Militaristic countries are bad! Invasions are bad! Look how bad they truly are! With same level of subtlety. what would you expect militaristic thugs decide to annex deadfire with nice word cute bird and power of friendship? if not war then coup it's only reasonable Putting bullet in her head since she likes her terrace so much would be reasonable. Bombing docks full of civilians including some friendly/neutral to Ruatai elements is "Muahaha evil" level of bad writing where only author's intent is to show how bad militaristic countries are. Also, Onekaza had no problems with allowing Watcher close enough to murder her. Player is in position where he do not even need distraction for this.
  12. Honestly, I never seen a point in acquiring deep knowledge about POE systems. I mean, they are result of long and hard work of experienced game designer with a dream to make his own D&D that was coded into computer game by people who had really vague ideas about how it should work. Add bug infestation and consequent months of patching on top and results are mind boggling. Stacking rules are convoluted mess. Nothing works the way any rational person expect it to work. Lashes on weapon do not work like lashes from chanter. They affect some character damage sources but ignore others. Different dots either stack, prolong or replace each other. You can never say without testing whether some bonus multiplicative or additive. Double dipping negative multiplier make any penalties more severe then they seem. Some acc bonuses stack, some are not but there is no strict typing like in D&D. Take grazes for example. They where invented to avoid binary hit/miss from D&D and defended ad nauseam as concept on this very forum. But then some new people ask for TB, get it and start to whine how annoying it is to miss all the time or do pathetic damage. Obsidian solution: lets remove grazes from the TB! completely. Or spell grazes. They were a big thing in first POE so spells rarely completely wasted, but in Deadfire they are no longer exits, so all spell Accuracy calculation is different branch of rules comparing to usual attacks. I think this is main reason why POE character building was never as popular like for D&D games. You can easily find tons of old forums about builds for NWN or NWN 2 but all POE experts are here. There are about dozen of people by my rough estimate (in good days) and they are mostly busy with singing praises to one another and attacking anyone who dares criticize their brilliant game.
  13. I guess Hours vs Tidefall heavily depends on party composition too. Closest thing to tank I have in this part of game is 2-weapon wielding Eder and auto hard-CC in AOE from Barb worth a lot more for me than additional DPS. And it could be pretty reliable with priest buffs - I was knocking down adult drakes with this proc on lvl 5-6 more often then not on the way to Drake that sits on Tidefall. P.S. I adore Huana dresses. And brigantine is ok on girls, but it is was Eder who was wearing it. Seeing him in chain skirt is bit to much for me(
  14. I hate naked knees in Reckless Brigantine. AFAIR hide armor have them too. Only thing I can look at when I see char wearing it. You say it like I'd waste my party slot on Rogue. And my priest running into melee with greatsword is last thing I need in life on PotD. And I am not a dude(((
  15. @Tidefall But it is not only overbearing. Both Hours and Tall Grass Grass has knockdown. Char with 2-hander is usually barb and he will be horrible penalized with low INT to speed up dot. And on crit procs crazy in his hands. Tall Grass also has hit to crit conversion and reach that is priceless for me in crowded melee. I would ranked Tidefall behind both of them as sum of properties, but this is where I usually run out of hands to hold 2-handers even in early game. It is also bad on more fragile chars because I despise rest spam and they lose HP too fast without reach. So my first superior weapon usually ends up dead weight in party stash. Some times, in the hands of paladin who not fountain of DPS on low level. And dot that requires 3 INT to shine (I play without mercs and even Eder is not this stupid) not good enough to change that. And I spent 1.2k - 1.5k hours on first POE if it is only thing you care about in people opinions.
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