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  1. Of course: - They did not have resources to make interesting perks - They did not have resources to make decent selection of weapons, why should they, it is not FPS - Since it is not FPS, enemy variety is no longer needed - 3rd person view is a huuge money - as a configurable UI that allows to hide/show separate elements - It is not AAA, so good looking character models, longer hairstyles and at least decent animations is also out of options, let enemies die in the storm of limbs, it is so cool - And requiring more than 5 different armor models is totally not fair to Obsidian - Writing that main quest is ridiculously short and shoehorns player into 2 stupid good/bad endings is even less fair - And do not forget that companion writing is not cheap, so it is completely ok for half of the team to barely have any personality - Also showing changes in settlements after major decisions is way too much for AA, ending slides will do the work just as well, everyone will still praise them for brilliant C&C - etc, etc So yes, you could believe that Obsidian had not cut costs at everything you are willing to forgive, and had totally no resources to spare after getting paychecks from PD, Epic Store and Microsoft. At the same time they did had time and resources to spare on modding support for heavily crowdfunded Deadfire, that still awaits its console release and had not brought millions with exclusivity deal alone.
  2. So showing middle finger to community, making TOW explicitly unmoddable is better? Beside some tiny .ini editing. What a logic.
  3. Same way as The Outer Worlds easily stands out as worst Obsidian game I've played, and only ones I missed are South Park, Pathfinder Adventures and Armored Warfare. It felt condescendingly - moralizing, repetitive and dull even next to really flawed NWN 2 original campaign, but playing this, along with Deadfire, and after era of KOTOR 2, MoTB and Alpha Protocol makes me really doubt that current Obsidian is capable of making a good game ever again (as far as my tastes go).
  4. Now, when everyone write how they expect TOW 2 to be one truly cool game that will fix everything that is wrong to absolute perfection, I do not expect anyone involved to be interested in wasting some serious money and effort to add major features to this game, especially with such a heavy focus on console audience. I can already notice suspicious lack of any news on planned improvement or new content. And with UE 4 being next to impossible to mod without proper tools from game devs, chances to any "Mod will fix it" alike to F: NV is laughable. Imho, Obsidian won't waste LOE (or be allowed to) on creating them.
  5. Well, if longest thread in TOW's general discussion, and like only thread with more than a couple of pages, really, is devoted to rants about how game does not measures up to her predecessors and parts of it that suck (not only comparing to Fallouts), it tells a LOT about quality of the game, methinks. And second! most active thread on the same forum has more people discussing Disco Elysium than TOW.
  6. Your posts also do not need to be a War and Peace, and rumbling one at this. It is really hard to take critique about game literary qualities seriously when it is written by someone who does not know what his big shiny "Enter" button on the keyboard is for and tries to communicate in what is technically pseudo-intellectual pulp. It awakens my Post-Numenera-TD and reminds me about horrible modern misconception in some creative circles that wordy = well-written = "deep". I really hope that writing is not what you do for living or at least not in English.
  7. In essence, I noticed alarm that someone quoting my week-old post and decided to answer.
  8. It would only remind me about where franchise ended up and how doomed chances are to see the end of the story and make me more sad.
  9. Maybe it is cultural thing? Obsidian's writing became laser-focused on its target, biggest financially and geographically, audience and works nicely for them. But people rised with different gameplay preferences, social values and literary tastes noticed the shift and do not like it anymore, so we are much more attracted to European (often eastern) and CIS games. I kinda already accepted that Obsidian no longer for me and I should move on. TOW is a true console RPG and it is not where my preferences lie.
  10. TOW's combat is not bad per se, its main problem that there are no new enemy or weapon types beside couple of science weapons after 1/3 into game. On Monarch I am shooting dozens of the same copy-pasted enemies (with a better stats) with a same copy-pasted Plasma Rifle I had from Emerald Vale (with a better stats) and opening the same copy-pasted containers with random-generated loot (with a better stats!) en-masse. It is maddening.
  11. I think that is where are views differs. Obsidian is not that kind of the studio anymore. I was resisting this knowledge after Deadfire but now I understand how that was nothing but a wishful thinking. They'd be glad to become "new not-****ed up Bethesda" For me TOW is what they made with years of development and complete creative freedom. It is obvious writers that made my favorite games moved on. And what I loved were NWN 2 MotB, KOTOR 2, Alpha Protocol and first PoE. But where these games shined TOW is lacking: world and dialogues are so naive, repetitive and trope-y in all the wrong places that make it look like an epitome of "mass market RPG". Plot is horrendous, from the very beginning and 20 hours in I am still on the same mission to get chemicals to revive colonists, and every time I open terminal I know that I'd be fed yet one another story about how inhumane and incompetent some corporation is. Read about their crimes, enjoy a "dark" humor and glow in your moral superiority! Rejoice! I barely have a willpower to start the game after arriving at Monarch and tempted more than ever (and I've played my share of lackluster RPGs) just rush the main quest and be done with it. And I am not inflicting FO 3&4 on myself after this. But I own newer Witchers and KC: Deliverance and intend to play some of them really soon (long games and free time could be an issue). I am sure that I'd find: There. An with level of quality and nuance Obsidian's oh-my-gosh-so-Creative team could never dream about. PS: TOWs looting and shooting also sucks.
  12. Parvati's quest is easily x3 time longer than for any other companion in the game, I'd even say that she got more content than SAM and Felix put together. I could deal with it being present, but knowing that it ate away resources from other team members until nothing but bare bones were left is a huge NO for me. "Writer's pet" approach should not be practiced at the expense of other characters. Especially for a sake of "Representation".
  13. I kinda agree. Propaganda of some "progressive" values is illegal in my country. We need a commission that would categories all deviations in the game, like ESBR does with sex and violence, and stamp it in front cover for the whole world to see. Putting M rating is no longer enough.
  14. Releasing something on PC with its historical piracy problem and not releasing on PS4 is completely counterproductive revenue-wise. 80% of TOW console sales on PS 4. MS lost exclusivity war in previous gen and now all bets are on multi-platform coverage.
  15. I hate to disappoint you but there is no such thing as Exclusive Xbox Ecosystem. All Microsoft's efforts of creating XBOX Game Pass for PC and selling it for 1$ is about creating one shared type of application that runs on Windows 10 and XBOX. It is the SAME Ecosystem.
  16. Nobody says that writing in Fallout 3 and 4 is better or even on a par with TWO. But TWO is not on par with Fallout: NV. It is more competent but less interesting game. For me.
  17. People who leave such 10/10 reviews: Does not help the game either. Truth, as always, somewhere in middle.
  18. It is... competent is the best word I can find, and most PC reviews admit that is not as fresh or inventive as in Fallout: NV. I would rate TOW around 7.5, but I actually find combat repetitiveness with low weapon and enemy variety in later stages of game more detracting than writing. This and extremely low difficulty.
  19. PC's Metacritic score for TOW is 82 vs 86 for consoles. 82 is quite mediocre in the age of over-inflated review scores next to Fallout: NV 84 (so bugged on release it was unplayable), Pillars of Eternity is 89 and Deadfire at 88. And yes, Bethesda sucks. But Fallout 4 score is 84 for PC and Fallout 3 is proud 91.
  20. And I am even ready to admit that writing is excellent for a casual console game aimed at the widest audience.
  21. The irony is that Obsidian was just consumed by Corporation and game's writing is on the way down comparing to older products. How much time you think they got until they become the very thing they write stories against?
  22. You can buy her clothes, beauty products, cake and follow her on the date. It is as creepy as it could be in bias department. So yes, whole package freaked me out a bit.
  23. She is in the game world judging by NPC names and how they look.
  24. And how many of them are currently in interracial celibate relationship with a person of the same gender? I think thousands would be really optimistic for a humanity as a whole. It looks like an only reason token Indian girl was included into the game and main cast of characters is to make her a half of a token (double token!) couple. It is some ultra-tokenism that is supposed to: Oh, and I forgot, there are lot of hints that she is also mildly autistic or something similar.
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