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  1. Thanks, Obsidian. Really heartwarming. Just don't forget the modding tools this time, ok? Save me another chair, previous one is kind of charred.
  2. Modding tools. More Byzantium indoor areas. Less "doodad" houses, more open ones with NPCs inside. Maybe some mercenary missions you can pickup via your ship's computer, but that can honestly be left for modders to work on. Maybe provide them with a ready framework for that? Oh, and modding tools! Thanks, Obsidian. Really heartwarming.
  3. Joke's on you, if it had mod tools I'd give it GOTY blindfolded without even playing. Because systems themselves are allright, all it needs is A LOT of fine-tuning and content, content, content.
  4. Whoahahaha, those results are so retarded, you'd think IGN has some kind of agenda this days, but we literally never see stuff like this happening this days, right? IMO best RPG - Elysium, best PC game - WoW Classic, best Story - definitely Death Stranding, and TOW should not participate because demo versions of games are not allowed. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the game, and I am kind of happy what TOW getting that award means for Obsidian (some funding from Microsoft to release more games like this? maybe), but really... REALLY? It does not even have goddarn mod tools to expand content,
  5. Please just go and check official UE4 FAQ, it specifically has a section about building moddable games. You can also check official wiki while you are at it, and several user questions here and there answered directly by UE devs. In short, there are of course certain strings attached, but it's mostly just having your modding kit approved by UE devs, which also gets easier if you are a renowned company like Obsidian. It's all covered in the EULA.
  6. Dear Obsidian, Instead of going on about why we need modding support yesterday, I would just list some mods I personally want or would even develop myself if I had the tools. 1) A mod to turn Aptitudes into Origins (example: Arcanum) that would affect skills and stats to a larger degree, for roleplay. 2) A mod to turn Supernova into "just difficulty", while turning all additional hurdles optional & possibly adding more hurdles to choose from! 3) A mod to disable levelling up skill group together & instead give additional skill points every level, possibly based on Intellect o
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