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  1. As you can see in the picture I messed up with this ridiculous monster – who in my opinion could take on Eothas himself (Do oozes have souls?). Unfortunately I didn't survive long enough to see if those 2 gigantic oozes can merge into a second Hauani. Did this happen to anyone? On a sidenote...I am very proud that after almost 1 year trying I could finally beat this thing on PotD, but only with a selfmade group of Heralds. I also want to add that this was the most ridiculous and frustrating fight I had in any videogame.
  2. Will we ever meet all those other archmages in future installments? I hope there is an Elminster/Gandalf/Dumbledore kind of archmage too. It's cliche but I'd love it.
  3. A small thing that bugs me with PoE 2 is that the cities still don't feel alive somehow. The art is so much more beautiful and detailed than in BG but many corners there feel empty. What adds to it is the rather bland sound design. If you disable the music you can experience it better. Sometimes you might hear distant, very quiet chatter but nothing that would compare to the vivid & atmospheric sound of a big city like Athkatla with voices of arguing couples and drunken, burping men echoing in the alleys. I also enjoyed the characters more in BG. They were exaggerated but more interesting, a recipe the Coen brothers use for their movies too. And I found the progress of power way more satisfying in BG. It was a good decision to keep BG1 low level and expand on it in BG2 instead going high level on both. The story in BG was more involving because it was more personal and also had an inner conflict with your character. You could argue that stealing a part of your soul and destroying your house is very personal too but I just didn't feel it. The fortress is out of reach anyway and the soul thing wasn't really a problem. Deadfire is pretty straight forward without any twists. It beats BG in UI & graphics obviously and the combat mechanics in my opinion.
  4. My Reputation with the Huana is at 4 and it didn't change after I killed every guard in Neketaka plus their queen. No vengeance ship either. Maybe I did the Huana a favor after all.
  5. Thanks! How did you end up with 4 Mythic items though? I thought you can only get it from the Mega Bosses (Mythic Adra Stones). Belranga, Huani O Whe, Helfire Colossus & Auranic would make 4 but Auranic is apparently still alive in the video.
  6. Thanks a lot! Arcane Dampener and Arcane cleansing are really a game changer here. Didn’t know this would work on a sigil. Also the improved Arcane reflection potions helped a lot. I got her down finally. On the first try after reading your tips. Now the funny part is, I was often dazed or terrified (even with spells and potions to increase resistance against resolve afflictions) so I wasn’t even able to use that. And I used arcane Reflection potions and spells from the beginning. Somehow this time I managed to destroy the sigils faster though. Result: only 9 miraculous healing potions wasted and only 1 party member was knocked out for a few seconds before I resurrected her.
  7. Did anyone beat Sigilmaster Auranic yet? I have beaten Belranga but this fight is not meant to be won, is it? Her two hirelings are no problem. After defeating them quickly I figured I need to destroy one sigil after another, otherwise in the end it will rain lighting bolts, orbs and magic missiles on everyone all at once, as she will activate multiple sigils when she is hurt. The sigil that spams Tayn's chaotic orbs is the worst because it paralyzes most of the party rendering any action useless. I can't heal them. So one after another dies. I ressurect. They die. I ressurect. I heal. They die. The damage output is mental. I wasted all healing spells and exactly 40 miraclous healing potions & 10 potions against elemental attacks (because of the lighting bolt sigil). In the end I gave up on that fight...for now.
  8. Amazing! I did not expect anything and certainly not before a potential third game. Now I am listening the soundtrack for PoE 1, speculating which songs would fit. Thank you so much! (Ha! Edwin Odesseiron's domination spell always works on these bards...)
  9. I wrote down a list of my most memorable and favorite tracks from the Deadfire. I am not talking about the composition or quality of a soundtrack alone, but rather about the mood/atmoshpere it created together with its visual surroundings & the narrative of the section of the story. Apparently this is a personal thing but here we go: 1. Eothas: While I didn't recognize it too much during the main game, it climbed to #1 after the Beast of Winter DLC. Just fits perfectly to the scene there, it feels divine & almost stops the time just by listening to it. Besides... experiencing that special scene was really a key moment. I believe, this scenery enhanced the track itself for me a bit. Hell, it enhanced the whole story (in terms of epicness) of not only Deadfire but also PoE 1 for me. 2. Arkemyr: Just magical & mystical. Fits very well with the theme of an archmage. I find myself revisiting the Manor just to listen to it from time to time. 3. All Gods: That's what you should always listen to when making important decisions & talking about serious, momentous things. I wish the gods would behave accordingly & not like children. Definitaly enhanced & maybe even saved my experience with the otherwise rather silly divine encounters. And I like most of the rest... like Mother Ocean & the Serpent Crown, and the shanties.
  10. Awesome! Thanks for your time. PS: To be fair, I think the two outdoor examples I brought up were used 80% or more for all outdoor maps in BG1.
  11. Wow, that was quick! To your question: Yes and no. There were certainly different music "pairs" for day/night, but some of them repeated in other areas. Examples for outdoor: - Cloakwood forest (Day): www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8wwo7gpC3I&t=1615s - Night in the cloakwood: (Night): www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8wwo7gpC3I&t=1813s ---------------- - Exploring the plains (Day): www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8wwo7gpC3I&t=633s - Night on the plains (Night): www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8wwo7gpC3I&t=770s Examples for cities: - Daytime in the slums (Day): www.youtube.com/watch?v=W80tmfVcQCo&t=591s - At night in the slums (Night): www.youtube.com/watch?v=W80tmfVcQCo&t=675s ---------------- - Waukeens Promenade (Day): www.youtube.com/watch?v=W80tmfVcQCo&t=475s - Waukeens Promenade (Night): www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfMVPS9GtdU In the last example with Waukeens Promenade there was no music at all in the night, only ambient sound if I remember correctly. Sometimes even silence does the job it seems. Or they just ran out of time, but I dig it. Silence before the storm. PS: Sorry for making those links unclickable but having multiple YouTube videos messed with the timestamps.
  12. I am really a fan of the music and the atmosphere it creates in the Deadfire. Had some unforgettable moments in the archipelago that came close to classics like Baldurs Gate. Hats off, sir. However, after playing Baldurs Gate again I noticed how changing music during the night into a darker, more mysterious tone really adds to the game and enriches the atmospheric palette of different locations. Please, Obsidian, give this talented man more time and resources for that in the next Pillars of Eternity. Apart from the night themes I also missed background shouting and more voices in the city (& also short lines like a "Greetings" or "Huh?" for generic NPC when you talk to them), to make it feel more alive and busy (or I did not notice them?). Those little things really add up to the atmosphere and I think that is a big part of games like PoE. Creating an unforgettable experience through music and pieces of various environmental sound is an art and can make a difference between a good game and a classic that you will still think about years later.
  13. We tend to rate and measure everything. In my work for example I measure the quality of human resources and check if their KPI output is on pair with the BG roadmap to max out our ROI. There is a whole profession around it.
  14. I would love to hear more voices in the background in towns and Neketaka & also have a couple of generic lines for male/female characters say when you talk to them. Baldurs Gate had it. Even if it is just a "Hello" or "Ahem..." Just makes places and the city more lively.
  15. "...and a spell of its own to enhance the overall atmosphere of the Deadfire! I also loved how one tavern tune was influenced by one of those from Baldurs Gate and even used for one of the ship melee fights. Just wanted to say thank you Obsidian and especially archmage Justin Bell." Edwin Odesseiron said to the crowd.
  16. Really love the new lighting system so it is a pity that it is not working properly on my system. The problem: Every time I load a game or change locations the torch stops emitting light (and also the glowing effect on the Principi sword). When I replace the torch in the inventory it works just fine until the next map loads. See screenshot System: MacBook Pro (High Sierra) Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB
  17. This walk-toggle is awesome. Thanks Obsidian for implementing it ! ! ! <3 <3 I found out about it too late but I consider starting a new game just to use this feature from start. Absolutely underrated feature, I didn't even think it adds so much to immersion
  18. Those buttons are still unresponsive for me after restart. I am stuck with 1 ship now, can't change. => Found out (onHover) that you can only change ships in Nekataka. So it works.
  19. I just found out ... I really LOVE the mystic, menacing, dark tone of - Durgans Battery - All Gods Lie, The truth only gets in their way They're really captivating to me and fit to the areas and their story so perfect. I am sure in 10 years I would still enjoy replaying PoE just to reach those areas to hear the music. This is something only a few games are able to do, Baldurs Gate and TES being two of them for me. In the original PoE what had the same effect on me was - Engwithan ruins - Od Nua - Temple of Skaen - Temple of Woedica Excellent job Mr. Bell! For the nostalgia: Even today over 15 years later I love to listen to Baldurs Gate 1 - Arms Inn (So cozy!) => - Mystical, old cloakwood-forest => - Menacing, old cloak wood-forest at NIGHT => - Down to the sewers (still creeps me out today => - Ruins of Ulcaster (This tension!!) => And Baldurs Gate 2 - Nighttime in the docks => - Underdark (This fluuuute....) => And ToB - Pocket Plane (This is music for real Bhaalspawns) => - Amkethran (For the beduins) =>
  20. I believe the future will bring PoE 2 in this case I don't know how much you are into this type of games, but even just from the perspective of a case study, I strongly recommend you try out BGII and spend some time in the main city there. Yesterday I was trying to analyze what Defiance Bay lacks compared to BGII's big city, and one of the things was the ambient city sounds, some of them were even district-specific I think. They also vary from day to nighttime. Combined with the music themes starting to play at random times (they are a minute, minute and a half long), and subtle animations like birds flying, chimneys smoking, I think it's especially this ambient audio that created the illusion that there is much more activity and much more people in the city than there were NPCs in the respective game "area". So it's definitely worth it to play some IE games if you haven't tried them, just for spotting the tricks the designers used in those games. After only reading this forum for almost two years I just had to sign up to #2 this! While I really like the music and sound design in PoE I think there is still potential to improve on. And I don't mean to improve the music itself. It is top-notch already! (Besides for "Oldsong", somehow I could never grow into it, or let it grow onto me?) By improving I mean to imbed the music/ambient sound better in the surrounding areas. Just as Gairnulf has mentioned before me: Day/night in BG has different music. I still remember sneaking around in the slums of Athkatla (the major city) at night, hiding from bandit encounters while the (night!)-music created some tension to the whole atmosphere (while the day-version of the music was more like trotting around), and some drunk men were yelling all over the slums in the background, arguing with each other. Together with lively, distinctive ambient sound (at least for a big city) it overall created more than just a scenery with great music. It created atmosphere that captivated, I could call it magic. And when I am at it... It may be really just a personal thing, but what really bugs me, is that the majority of NPC's are so silent..Don't get me wrong, I really don't need voiced dialogues. Not at all. All it needs for me when engaging some random NPC in a dialog is a voiced "Hm?", "Hello", "What can I do for you" kind of sound-snippet. It makes the people there feel more alive, for me at least. I noticed there were some dialogues some random NPC's would have with each other when passing by in White March Part II. This is it! Really appreciate those subtle throw in's! Right direction! I really suggest Obsidian should pay Justin Bell for 2-4 weeks for a case study, playing Baldurs Gate 1 and 2! It is mandatory when you plan to make a PoE 2!! Vita, mortis, careo!
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