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  1. I have a slightly different problem. I found the first conch while exploring underneath Dwelver's Row and the temple with the giant monster thing guarding the sockets to place them in. Then went to meet Dereo who told me where to find the second one (noble in the Palace district). Took both conches and opened the hidden door in the Sunken Ruins temple before talking to Dereo again (want to see what they do myself, not turn it over to some crime boss) - which took both conches then sunk underground making them irretrievable. Dereo's 'Bring me the conch' quest however
  2. After some investigations, Are you able to use the interactable switches in the room? They will show up as any interactable. Thanks! -Caleb
  3. During the fight, the tentacles will try to destroy the machine-type thing on the shielded ward spot. You can heal it and buff it to stop that happened, but if they manage to destroy it then you no longer have the option to siphon him.
  4. After rendezvousing with the smuggler, I paid the inflated price and took the crates towards Sayuka. Iverra appeared, and we spoke. On arriving at Sayuka I used the Quick Travel menu (from the map when initially docking) to go directly to the workshop. This caused the 'go dive here for this' cutscene' to play. Then when I left the worshop the camera panned to the Docks where Iverra played her 'Ah, Sayuka, thanks and bye' cutscene. The journal tells me to talk to Fleet Master Okaya, but her only dialogue is the speech-bubble 'Fight or Flee as you like, just st
  5. Super, here's to hoping it's a straightforward fix. Meantime there's an absurd amount of other stuff I can be doing, thanks and have a great evening.
  6. So I actually stopped at the Oathbinder's Sanctum before reaching Neketaka, cleared the first two floors and released the innocent soul, and killed the Shadows which spawn in the aftermath. I left since one of the doors on the level had no interaction prompt at all (the one on the Western Wall) while the Northern door simply says 'this door is stuck fast' and there was nothing else interactable in the dungeon, aside from the two statues. I returned after getting the quest to save Oswald from the Woediccans, but it's as before. The quest journal advanced to "judging by the lit candl
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