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  1. You're welcome. Planescape : Torment is still my favorite game ever.
  2. It's not important to me. I never take the time to read those books in any game, except perhaps when I play games I really, really love the second time around. That said, if that information was presented by characters within the game, with good dialogue, I'd definitely read / listen to it (although that's still not a very important part of an RPG, to me).
  3. Not biologically possible. No human being can endure his posts' soporific effect long enough to read past the second sentence.
  4. PC, PS2 (and PS1), and the Nintendo DS. The DS rocks! By the way, Llyranor, no one reads your posts. No one at all. Literally.
  5. Hey, good to see another Sega fan in this den of evil. Sega's latest AAA game released in Japan is Ryu ga Gotoku, sort of a mix of Shenmue and GTA, except with no driving and more hand-to-hand fighting. You play a badass Yakuza in a fairly realistic depiction of Tokyo. The game will be released under the name Yazuza in Europe and NA, don't know when.
  6. Crap. Here's a Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrxgKbgFOyI
  7. It looks awesome, have you guys watched the video? http://media.nintendo-europe.com/co...0hIK1Rv3Sa8.mov
  8. This is pretty cool. Back when Black Isle was still around I posted that my dream game would be a RPG co-developped by Black Isle and Smilebit. This is the closest it can possibly get to that dream. :D But is Sega just a publisher, or is OE really teaming up with Sega to create this game? If it's the latter, which one of Sega's teams is OE going to associate with?
  9. You must be a disciple of the School of Para-Logic, which teaches the use of logic that makes perfect sense in alternate dimensions, but unfortunately not in this one.
  10. Nah, that's the thing. A PS3 without a HDD would still play Blue-ray disks, DVDs, and CDs. It just couldn't play PS3 games. So you could watch movies on BR disks or DVDs, and play PS1 and PS2 games. It's a good move on Sony's part. People who only want to buy a cheap Blue-ray player and don't care about games won't have to pay extra, but making the HDD required to play PS3 games will make it so that developers will take full advantage of the HDD (as opposed to just sometimes using it as a means to speed-up loading times, like the optional PS2 HDD did).
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