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  1. I know this is pretty much a RPG forum so it wont get much attention or love, But so far this game is my Game of Show. Even more so because the last 2 Sonic games in 3D sucked. But here, Go to this link and watch the very top trailer: http://uk.gamespot.com/ps3/action/sonicthe...ehog/media.html (The second one down has the same name but its not the same trailer the top one is by far the best, there all a bit fuzzy but you get the idear.) When it comes to Sonic games, THAT is how they should be, Almost impossable speed and that blink of an eye and your dead game play is what Sonic games sould always be about. Also the other guy he has a kind of built in HalfLife 2 gravity gun, awesome stuff. P.S the Wii sonic game looks pretty damn cool too I hear that its OnRail.
  2. *Hand up* Super.. model.. SUPER. Anyway I know they do that for every product on earth I was just pointing out its really fake looking.
  3. You know I REALLY hate them pictures they have of happy people injoying there console.. they do it for all consoles now but its lame. Completely unreal and doesnt make me want to buy it anymore because some pretty models are payed to play it.
  4. Good news! I wonder if its the Project New Jersey or the SEGA one, Eather way Im interested to see what they can do.
  5. Anyone else remember this series? This rocks so much! best announcement for me so far.. I spend COUNTLESS hours playing Golden Axe as a kid and it brings back some of my best memorys I can't wait to get stuck into this one! Ah good times.. :D
  6. It looks innovative, but not in a fun way unfortunitly.
  7. *Waits for everyone to kick up a big fuss over how awesome Halo 3 is only to notice after they baught it that its a big pole'o s--t.* Its happened twice before it'll happen again. I dont own any Halo games they suck and swallow.
  8. Over all heres my opinion of the hold thing: Mario space game (what ever its called) Looked great I'm looking forward to playing it. So did Zelda but I'm annoyed because Zelda on GC comes out on the same day as the Wii launches which makes getting Zelda for the GC pointless.. which means the GC is now offically pointless. The new Franchises looked pretty generic, The fighting one looked like some boring Hack and Slash nothing special at all. The Car games didnt really do anything for me eather. The sports game looked pretty cool but it should come with the Wii it doesnt look good enough to actually buy in my opinion anyway Also I wonder if thats the reason Virtua Tennis didnt make it onto the Wii which is a shame because useing them controls on Virtua Tennis's mini games would be a blast. Fire Embliem is cool, but I played the GC one and it only left me wanting a new Shining Force which was way more complex. (SF3 was anyway) Metriod Prime, no comment I dont know what anyone sees in this series Only classic nintendo series I really just don't like one bit. I'm excited about Star Fox DS. Star Fox is my favorite Nintendo Franchises I hope to god they dont **** it up like the last 2 in the series. Zelda for DS I'll give it a miss to Wind Waker which I couldnt get into. 3rd party games looked OK, there was a sword one which Ive been waiting for. Best Suprise: Mario space game, I like mario what can I say. Biggest Disapointment: Red Steel, it looked so boring The gun fighting wasnt very impressive and the sword bit was terrable. Over all, Much better show then Sony will EVER do.
  9. I actually half agree with that.. I think the 2D Scrolling Sonics are still the best (Did you play Sonic Rush on DS? It was perfect) But I think fast paced sonic action in 3D can work cool as well. I dont care much for the storys there all pretty much the same Theres deffinitly been problems with the last 3 sonic games in 3D. I'm thinking this next one is eather the maker or breaker for Sonic in 3D I'm hopeing maker.
  10. I hate when there is an epic ending and then they make another one.. This looks epic so lets make this the last in the series. I'm not really a big fan on the series though I dont like any game with to much sneeking around.. I like fast action pumping game play where you need lightning fast reflexes.. keeps me awake.
  11. The game may not be on the Road to E3 but it doesnt mean it wont be shown at all at the show. SEGA will probably still have some announcements to make. BTW check out the new Sonic Trailer.. It looks pretty cool exept that shadows in it driving a truck: http://www.gametrailers.com/player.php?id=10396&type=mov
  12. Trust me thats not SEGAs full list, I know these things.
  13. Its amazing how real games are getting these days, the AI sounds almost human..
  14. In that case your probably right, unless they have been secretly working on the game longer then we know.
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