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  1. Sure, but since it would leave only 1 PL for Single Class, I would suspect this to be slighly OP. Mayble PL 8 should cost both PL 6 & 7 and even limited access to PL 5 (a single pick). Many classes have incredible goodies at lower levels (sneak attack, FoD, Duality, Frenzy, defensive illusion, Devotion...) It would definitely need some balance - certain combinations would indeed be op. But IMO, the base game is too easy, while some of the mega bosses can force you into specific builds and playstyles. More options would infusion some creativity and increase replay value.
  2. On a side note: it would be nice if the game had offered the choice of experience splitting ratios for multiclass characters - perhaps at the cost of pl. Opening up pl8 abilities in one class at the cost of pl7 abilities in the other would have, imo, really fleshed out the multiclassing system.
  3. I also don't play with AI. I occasionally cast it, more so with a martial caster. Finding that I very rarely get targeted with anything relevant to be reflected. Not sure if it plays a deterrent role in AI scripting though. It is possible that I don't get targeted exactly because I have cast it. Edit: FS was one of the places where I was getting targeted - by missile salvo, which is pretty devistating. Once cast I did not get targeted and mostly steam rolled through that part.
  4. That could make for an interesting Halloween party...complete with smoke machine. I'm a bit curious about trying a pacifist run with a bloodmage/beckoner low might high crit build. Focus on skeletons, essence interuptor, and arkemyr's brilliant departure to avoid directly killing as much as possible. Perhaps roleplayed as trying to repopulate the deadfire. Though, deadfire is not as friendly to pacifism as POE was. (if this is hard to read, I'm on phone and not sure why font is so small. Forum keeps flipping from mobile to desktop version as well. Strange)
  5. Actually, it looks like a single cast of barring deaths door would allow a bloodmage to restore all of his spells in a single round, while still allowing for another action. So... Much better than empowered spell recovery. I expect this to be changed.
  6. The current turn based mechanics make blood mage a great pick - it is essentially a few action, and you can heal right after in the same turn. As you can see action order, it is also much easier to assess risk exposure as well. IMHO, blood mage is better in turn based mode than in rtwp. However, my bet is that those mechanics are going to get overhauled quite a bit in the near future. (that being said, my turn based game kept crashing so I gave up relatively early to await a future patch)
  7. I can't test right now. But, does anyone know the interaction when essence interrupter charges a vessel that is then killed by grave caller?
  8. The problem with this is that you have three heralds, and have thus trivialized the majority of the game. I don't like to criticize single player gameplay styles... But I do not understand how this could make for an enjoyable playthrough. (edited to eliminate unintentionally offensive phrasing)
  9. Might be worth creating a history then. I vaguely remember there being issues with save imports in some of the earlier versions. That being said, I have never had a problem getting the Cannon when using a created background.
  10. You should get a letter, along with the Cannon around the time you get to Neketaka. I think you need to be at sea for this to happen.
  11. Tar It's a spread made from yeast extract. It looks like tar and tastes absolutely horrible...
  12. I would go with Boerer's advice if you haven't done the encounter before. I only cheese that when I'm rushing Vatnir(or his clothing) at a low level.
  13. The dragon doesn't move. So, if you want to cheese it, gouging strike will slowly kill him until combat ends. Just hit him and retreat out of his line of fire. You should be able to stack defenses and/or regen on someone who can facetank one of his adds. Turn AI off and go grab a coffee or tidy up.
  14. This thread just makes me miss spelltongue and Poe carnage - I don't always want to multiclass a wizard. Any chance there is a mod that reintroduces POE weapons?
  15. Off hand; Tuotulo's Palm has chance to give wounds when being hit. Sasha's Singing Scimitar returns phrases and potentially an empower point after empowering a chanter phrase. I can't think of anything for a rogue or ranger atm though.
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