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  1. Just tested (v3.1) that +2 penetration from Hot Razor Skewers stacks with weapon model (Sabre & Stiletto). I searched the forum but couldn't find a definitive answer about how food benefits stacks with other active/passive benefits.
  2. When you're using FoD with dual wielding while in stealth/invisible, does the off-hand attack benefit from back stab or assassin's unique ability? I vaguely remember the first attack with your main-hand clears the invisible/stealth status. But I'm not sure.
  3. I'm at level 15 doing all kinds of side quests. Here is my early-middle game experience. One thing I noticed is that pulling is not working very well on 3.1. Once a enemy turns hostile, the whole mob (and their brothers) run to you aggressively. And they seem more aggressively targeting your backend members (not 100% sure). I didn't notice any attribute or ability buffs. So once you're prepared to face the whole enemy band, it's about the same. At least the early bosses are not tougher -- I still can kill Uamoru the Pretender and get Aamiina's Legacy at level 12. Like the previous posts pointed out, once I figured out the order to take out dangerous enemies, it's a lot easier to control the situation. Luckily, I have an assassin to do just that. Although this ruined my fun to see how many enemies my archer can take out single-handed at the beginning of fights, I like this change. This feels more like team fight where each member can play an important role.
  4. Mohora meat: There are places on the sea where you can "fishing". If you kill the fish, you'll get plenty of mohora meat. On of the place is south east to Port Maje island. After killing the fish, the meat will show up in the sailor's food table. Make sure to move it down, otherwise the sailors will eat them. Eder won't be happy if you kill the fish though. In case you're interested in Candied Nuts, there are two people you can steal from: 1) Rinco's son in Port Maje; 2) The captain at the gate of Bardatto's vault.
  5. Nice guide! My current walkthrough has Loaded Pocket enabled and I've stolen several items on your list at level 10. My question is does this increases the chance of other items, like gems, drugs or ingredients? I have the feeling that there are more of them too, especially drugs. But I can't be positive since it's highly random.
  6. @baldurs_gate_2: It's not a fixed person. Basically, the guy pops up from the edge of the map and walks past me. He has no name and looks like a randomly generated NPC. Most of the other high end gems were stolen from nameless person in that map too, if I remember correctly. @Lampros: I had the same feeling. In my previous (almost complete, no mega-bosses fight) run, I've collected 10+ (12 if I remember correctly) Adra Bans. It was partly on 3.0, partly on 3.1 beta. That seems higher than my pre-3.0 runs. But the incident in Radiant Court was the first time I had stolen an Adra Ban. And I steal a lot in all of my walkthroughs.
  7. I stole an Adra Ban from a townsperson in Dunnage/Radiant Court. I also stole a handful of Ruby/Emerald from that single map - real treasure trove. I'm on 3.1 beta, with (Loaded Pocket) BB. Edit: corrected the place.
  8. I have the same problem. I'm pretty sure the time tip showed up before 3.1.
  9. I'm half way through the contests in SSS DLC. And I've equipped the belt since the beginning. Will I see the progress when I update to the beta? Thanks.
  10. Thanks Boeroer for the info! I just took Persistent Distraction and was wondering if it could trigger Deathblows -- it was not obvious from the description. I'm trying to pair my rogue with Itumalk as a killing squad. What you said will be a big help.
  11. Any idea when the 3.0.2 version will be available in Mac App Store?
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