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  1. Druids have storms and that's about it. Don't get me wrong I wish they had more but they don't.

    Druids are better, or at least just as good, at single target melee damage than Wizards, and much better than Priests- fact.


    Druids can heal and buff party members, Wizards can't- fact.


    Druids can do CC, and before high levels damage, better than Priests- fact.


    Druids tank better than unbuffed Priests and Wizards- fact.


    Druids are jacks of all trades. If you compare them to Priests and Wizards at what those classes are specialists on, of course they will come short.


    Plus, Priests and Wizards are the most OP classes out there. If Druids are nerfed, so should they be.


    EDIT: I am not saying I want they to be nerfed. I think we are too late in the game cicle to try to fix casters. I am just saying that it is ridiculous to assume the whole class depends on a single ability.

  2. Still on Dark Souls 3. I may abandon my pyromancer, as I built him with no focus at all and expended way too many rebirths to still end up as a Glass Canon Jack-of-All-Trades-Master-of-None who has no idea of what gear or spells to use.


    May start as a sorceror this time. Or a more weapon focused pyromancer.

  3. I think you would find Druids far more fun to play if they weren't a one trick poney.


    But yes I completely agree if it wasn't for relentless storm they would be useless and I would never use them

    Druids... aren't... a... one trick poney.

    Druids... don't... need... Relentless Storm.


    Nerfing it would only drop them from Wizard-tier to Cipher-tier at worst, or probably just make them have a bit less pure casting capacities as other casters. It wouldn't... wreck the class.


    All other druid spells and builds won't become useless because a single spell got weaker.



    Athletics no longer influences fatigue. Still not a bad idea to have around 3-5 anyways since it is still cheap to invest at that point and the healing is helpful early.


    I have never seen a check that needs more than 5.

    What does Athletics now? Except for the climbing and swimming.

    It grants a once per encounter(I think) instant self-heal.

  5. I like Monks since a tanky Monk is still amazing damage and they can get away with 3 Int and retain most of their effectiveness. Similar deal with Fighters I suppose. Paladins are alright as a support tank too, but you have to lose more since they have more use for Int.

    Well... While Monks and Fighters are extremely viable and can be very powerful with 3 INT, I wouldn't say they retain most of their effectiviness as much as that they can afford to specialize in things that don't need INT more easily than other classes.


    I mean, in Fighters with high MIG, which are most Fighters who want to do high damage, INT can do more to make them reasonably tanky than RES or CON, due to their many self-healing abilities, and also gives a boost to Disciplined Barrage, Vigorous Defense and their limited yet often useful CC. But if you want the most passive and reliable character ever, then I suppose INT loses most of its appeal.


    On Monks, as a general rule INT decreases your need for wounds for your buffs, either by extending them directly or by making Wounds last more, and helps with Torment's Reach AoE and Force of Anguish AoE. So it is useful if you want to play a Monk that only takes as much damage as necessary to kill or incapacitate the enemy, but it isn't that interesting if you want a riskier playstyle or have a Priest.

  6. After some time without playing anything, I picked Dark Souls 3 again. I decided to create a pyromancer this time, and while I did like my class choice, I am wondering when I am going to find the first pyromancy trainer. Or if I already missed him/her/them/it, considering how easy it is to miss the Sorcery trainers.


    They were actually labelled Ferelden Deserters. Which, again, makes little sense. They deserted their homeland to make a suicidal attack on the city guard? Random thugs would have been dumb enough, but that makes even less sense.


    If ASOIAF taught me anything, it's that you can't trust deserters anything living or dead.
  8. What is a druid without storms?

    Depends on your build, here are two exemples I like:


    Auto attacking monster that puts rogues to shame for 20 seconds per encounter. And also a caster with a wide selection of damage spells, solid CC, and even a couple buffs and healing. Not bad.


    A shield-bearing off-tank that can stand in the frontline to cast powerful damage and CC spells with no fear of friendly-fire, and give much welcome healing to those standing close. Not bad at all.


    Storms are just the icing on the elemental cake. Nerfing them won't make Druids underpowered.

  9. Sad situation really Druids being set up like this. I would probably rather a barbarian in my party then a druid without storm spells, that's how much they would suck.

    You know, despite Barbarians being arguably one of the weaker classes, they aren't very far from other non-casters, and there are many situations I'd prefer a Barbarian to a Cipher or Ranger, so the fact Druids would be, in your (wrong) opinion on the tier of Barbarians, is actually a good thing, considering how OP the caster classes currently are.


    But even then, have you ever used any spells other than the storm ones after you unlocked them? Or tried to play your Druid as something other than a pure backline caster?


    Because Druids still have many other cool spells, and while without the storm spells they would be worse pure casters than Wizards, if we compare every class with Wizards there is no reason to build any party other than five Wizards plus one Priest.

  10. But yeah I agree if Druids didn't have storms they would be one of the worst classes. On par with chanters and barbarians.

    No, that is just wrong. First, Rogues are generally seem as weaker than Chanters, specially after Chanters get Dragon Thrashed.


    Second, Druids still have Spiritshift, which is more than capable of outdamaging Rogues, high enough deflection to off-tank in human form, and a very big pool of spells that may require more thought than their storms, but are still very powerful. Form of the Delemgan + Binding Web, anyone?


    Losing storns would be a big nerf, but they would become as strong as ciphers, instead of being on the tier of Priests and Wizards.

  11. It has the same overall effect regardless of what it affects. It is a smaller frame reduction in the second example but the number of extra attacks is perfectly proportional to the first.

    But what about the delay frames between actions? DEX does not affect them(does it?), and they become more important the faster your actions get.


    Not that I am saying they would take all value of DEX, just a small amount of it.

  12. Dex starts kicking in only after you reached 0 Recovery , it then reduces frames needed for your weapon attack ,

    If anything DeX is useless if you dont reach 0 rec as recovery time nulifies any speed you would get from dex , but after you go to 0rec its up to DEX to make you attack even faster , dont get me wrong DEX makes your attacks faster even if you have recovery but , when you need to wait trough recovery bar DEX speed increase of one frame is irrelevant .

    Are you sure?


    From what I remember, if you have non-zero recovery, DEX applies to it. I thoughy DEX was based on dividing the final sum of frames an action takes(action+recovery+reload), so in brute frame number, it had more impact with HIGH recovery times. Not that you shouldn't raise it if you reached zero-recovery, since in the end it still multiplied the number of actions you do in a given time by a very close number.

  13. I know I heard disappointment around the game, but I am excited to say that the maiden voyage of my new PC will be Pillars of the Eternity.


    Ignore those who say it is bad, it is a great game! Not without flaws, sure, but a great game.


    And after your first playthrough(or before, if you don't mind spoilers), take a look at the character builds and strategies forum. You will be surprised at the diversity enabled by the system obsidian crafted.


    The advantages of the so hated balance, I say.

  14. Really? No penalty for staying with ranged weapons? Wow, I didn't know that. Here I've been busy giving people bonus back up weapon skills when leveling up thinking it'd help them out when they have to go into melee.

    Well, melee weapons do generally more damage, and let you equip a shield gor extra defenses so there is a reason to keep a backup weapon on some of your chars, but generally you only want to invest into one and rarely use the other.


    There are exceptions, of course, like builds that start combat by firing multiple firearms in sucession before jumping into melee.

  15. Only if you intend to keep them throught all the game, as the only true advantages if doing so are less price(trivial after a certain point) and less XP fifference between your hired adventurers and the Watcher and story companions.


    Otherwise, Act 1 is completable with a party of four people.

  16. That's sounds workable thanks. Is there any other talents to select for that build besides selecting spirit of decay and using bittercut?

    Well, if Bleak Walkers are your thing, you can also pick Flames of Devotion, Intense Flames, Remember Rakhan Field and Scion of Flame. That is the true monsterlash in all its evil glory.


    Or you can have a monk with Lightning Strikes, Turning Wheel and Scion of Flames. Nowhere as much burst, but lasts for more strikes.


    EDIT: but then, neither of those are Rogues, so it was not much advice, right?

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