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  1. Good point :p I really meant "in general". Everyone talks about priest buffs and debuffs, no one really talks about their large damage potential.


    With that said, the "saiyan priest" style requires you to be already in melee range to work, simply due to the really short range on Priest offensive spells. You need to be literally inside enemy lines to maximize your AOE. I play mine as a tank that mostly melees stuff, and can turn into Goku on a whim to solo a fight that's somehow going south. Which makes it kinda sorta relevant?

    Actuallt, I'd love to play a "Sayan Priest". It is just that you will probably want to nuke/smash people after droping your buffs, and so the other party members will still outclass you in nuking and smashing more often than not.


    Plus, immunity on-demand and buffs that render many abilities and even sone attributes redundant just feel OP to me. Would you drop RES to 3 on a frontliner without a Priest or sone unique from stronghold adventures?


    Maybe I'd be willing to play a Priest, but only if he was the only caster in the party.

  2. Unfortunately It doesn't sound like the Devil of Caroc is a good choice. With that in mind, which of these options sounds more appealing to go with Kana Rua, Aloth, and Durance:

    • Paladin (PC), Zahua, Maneha
    • Paladin (PC), Zahua, Sagani
    • Rogue (PC) Zahua, Pallegina

    From those three, I'd go with the first. The third could work well too, but IMO it would end with a bit too much micro, since you'd have 2 casters, a Monk, a Rogue, and a striker Paladin (as Pallegina is better built for burst damage, because of her Wrath of The Five Suns talent for Sworn Enemy, which is further boosted by Scion of Flame and Penetrating Shot.).

  3. OK, that makes sense. There isn't any unofficial methods of editing their attributes, is there?

    There are, but with most of them the attributes will end up reverting to the original values next time you load.


    I think there is a method to permanently edit them, but unfortunately I can't point you to it.


    Assuming that I don't figure out how to edit NPC stats, are any of the new companions weak enough that it would be problematic for PoTD difficulty?

    Depends on how you play them. Zahua has nice stats for a Monk, and despite Manhea's stats not being optimaly distributed, they are probably decent enough.


    Devil is trickier, due to mediocre DEX and armor you can't remove, but with her above-average RES and status-effect immunities from being a construct, you could give her a shield and a stun/prone on crit weapon so she could off-tank.

  4. Am I to understand from your comment that you cannot customize the NPCs at all? I thought I had heard the devs were planning to allow players to reset the talents and/or stats when NPCs are first acquired, though I may not be remembering correctly.

    You can now choose their abilities and talents from level 2 onwards. Their attributes and level one abilities are untouchable, however.

  5. Alright... I will likely still carry a bow as a secondary weapon depending on the situation but id rather focus on melee just as personal preference. So basically neither the ranger or pet will be "tanky" and I should just be going for more damage with both?

    You could make your Ranger tanky... but not with a greatsword :p. Although with the right gear you can still be quite sturdy, but I don't want to overload you with uniques instead of letting you discover them.


    For the pet, Resilient Companion is still something you want to take. Can't do DPS if you are dead.


    EDIT: If you want to use a greatsword, I'd recomend using a arbalest or arquebus instead of a bow as a secondary weapon, since those share a weapon focus talent and are good for an opening before going into melee.

  6. In terms of atmosphere it's much closer to DS1. There are hexes, but now there are split between pyromancies, miracles and sorceries. Pyromancies scales wit INT and Faith.

    Well, at least an INT/Faith build is still more viable than in DS1. It is just that I kinda liked the novelty of a magic that didn't deoend directly on attributes, even if increasing INT by leveling up and upgading your pyromancy flame are not that different in the end.

  7. I wish I could just buy DS3, but it is just so expensive here in Brazil.


    How is it, compared to DS1 an 2? Is there an equivalent to Hexes? They were one of the things I liked on DS2. Do Pyromancies scale with INT and Faith like in DS2? That was something I didn't like.

  8. Hi,


    So Im finally starting PoE and cant decide what class to play, however I was wondering if a ranger could be played in melee effectively. I usually like Greatswords, nut I dont know if this is viable or not?


    I will likely be playing the game on Hard mode

    It is viable, and actually powerful. Just remember to read the ability descriptions before taking them. For exemple, Wounding Shot, Stunning Shots and Quick Aim work on melee despite their names, but Vicious Aim does not.


    And pay attention while playing, because both the Ranger and the pet are frail damage dealers.

  9. How about an Avatar rogue? ;) You can have Bittercut and The Flames of Fair Rihangelingdingdong from the Endless Paths (if you siphon knowledge from Maerwald's soul). It will give you 3 Fireballs per rest.

    Nice idea. But I could instead double it and give it to a Monk with Turning Whell and Scion of Flame, so I could have Prince Zuko on Eora.

  10. It works. However - the spell chance is quite low and in some fights it doesn't get triggered at all. And the positioning is also tricky. Doesn't really make a big difference. The Swaddling Sheet is nice - it combines AoE crush damage with stun. Same thing with the White Crest Armor. One could built a nice sturdy rogue/fighter/druid with those plus Bittercut (Vile Thorns = pierce) or Grey Sleeper. And some scrolls.

    I suppose that makes sense. However, I don't plan on dual-wielding bittercuts, so what should I use in the off-hand? That shield that launches a Thrust of Tattered Veils sounds like something that could work late-game, and if I am already using heavy armor and probably taking Veteran's Recovery, I may also use a shield to become tankier.


    But the idea of using The Grey Sleeper on someone other than a Barbarian did appeal to me. Too bad it doens't proc Overwhelming Wave instead of Twin Stones, otherwise I could have a nice waterbender Rogue.

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