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  1. In my opinion the only dialogue worth investing in Dragon meat is the Alpine Dragon. I think you need a 19 so a base 10 + dragon meat + ring + resting = 19 This comes in handy if you are low level and want the vambraces with the DR penetration but can't kill the dragon yet.


    Actualy, I think you only need 18 or 17, since my base 15 RES Druid managed it with only the ring.

  2. Can you explain how a frontline character with 3 res and 3 con doesn't consistantly die on POTD ?

    With casters CCing everything before said frontliner leaves stealth, maybe? I mean, that is the only answer I can imagine.


    EDIT: Or if said frontliner is a high MIG, high INT fighter stacking all self healing abilities and items possible, and using survival "healing received" bonus. And Wound Binding if health gets too low.

  3. Favorite class? Couldn't you pick an easier question?


    Oh, well, I will try to answer.



    Druids are, indeed, storming awesome (I hope zered isn't the only one to catch the reference). I personally like to focus on the defenses of the human form, in part because I dislike the look of the beast forms, in part because I dislike to babysit more than one squishy at a time. They also have very good looking spells.


    Other than Druids I also like damage dealing Fighters with non-dumped INT. Powerful, with a certain flexibility, very durable because of self-healing and always an useful asset. And most important of all: no need to turn on the AI so you don't have to manually spam Torment's Reach. Stupid AI, always breaking rank to enter Aloth's Chill Fog and expose him to enemies in a single move.

  4. In Pillars' current state, pure tanks are more often than not worth less than tanky damage dealers. If an enemy sees a high-damage frail character nearby, and is engaged to a low damage character, it will often be willing to take a disengagement attack.


    That is not to say there is no purpose in making resistent characters, and the new Talent does make them more viable, but you could consider lowering PER to 10(as Fighters base accuracy is already high) and taking 4 points from INT, increasing DEX to 8 and MIG to 16. Higher Might will also help making you tankier by making your self-healing abilities more powerful.


    I would also drop Defender and take Confident Aim. Take the unique warhammer Shatterstar, which you can get quite early, since it increases your engagement limit by one. If you are already going to give it to an interrupt Barbarian, consider taking Measured Restraint, a rapier you get in the first floors of the Endless Paths.


    EDIT: You may drop RES instead of INT, or instead divide the fall between both. If your resistence comes from self healing, not high defenses, the AI is more likely to think you are not tanky. It will not be worth as much during longer battles, however, and high INT is more useful if you are a damage dealer first and tank second.


    You may also wish to drop RES to increase CON. More endurance is harder to get through gear and buffs than more deflection. But then, with above average Might and INT you may just out-heal every graze that comes your way, so I think high RES is still a good choice.

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  5. Looking at the bestiary on this site there are only 22 enemies who start out with a fortitude defense that's lower than their deflection, 15 enemies whose fortitude defense becomes lower than their deflection with threatening presence active, and 26 enemies whose fortitude defense is at least 20 higher than their deflection. Wouldn't it be better, easier, and cheaper to use blinding attacks or something instead of spending points on these abilities? I'm still not very far into the game so I wanted to know what you all think about this.

    If you have another party member who can apply the Weakened debuff, like a Priest with Painful Interdiction, it stacks partially with Sickened and the enemies get -40 Fortitude.


    Ps: I may have gotten the numbers wrong. It's been weeks since I last played.

  6. Tanky Druid (see batsh!t crazy build)

    Talents are used to make your unshifted form a spell casting tank.

    Weapons Style: Sword and Shield

    Armor: Heavy

    Actualy, tanky druids often benefit more from medium armor, as they only need to tank long enough to land their crowd control spells.


    Not only that, but their lack of ability to buff their own accuracy makes chaining debuffs more important to their playstyle than to other casters, at least the way I pay them.





    i'd put one priest in - you dont want to get mindcontrolled, with dragon chant the party starts dying - fast... since mind controll enemies like to stand apart you cant kill them fast enough and will loose a few chanter xD... not that it is a big problem, however 5/1 should be quite a bit more effective than 6/0

    There's scrolls you can craft and a mace with this effect. ;)

    There may be scrolls, however its a pain to use it every fight (every stun/para etc effect is bad for chanters, not just charm) and a mace against CC (or mindcontroll)? I dont know that one, dont see it in my lists either - which one is it?

    It is a flail. It is from WM1, from that Slated(sp?) Skull bounty I believe.

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  8. They are not adding new NPCs, or any content, at this point.


    And Priests are not really necessary, if you adjust you playstyle accordingly. Paladins and Chanters can buff well enough, and Druids have some very good healing. While none is as good at supporting as a priests, the first two require less micro-management, the last is better at damage and control, and all three are tankier.

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  9. Thanks for your insights Boeroer! So, let's say I'm just stubborn as a mule with my stat setup. Anyway I can mitigate my Con and Res with buffs from my party or with equipment?

    The greatest problem is that you are extremely unlikely to reach high enough Deflection to never be hit or grazed, no matter how much you buff yourself, and with 3 CON grazes are a very serious threat to your life, specially if you get focused, and you will get focused if you deal high damage. And unless you have some crazy healing, you will dies before Retaliation proves itself worth it.


    Plus, if you don't get attacked you won't retaliate, so what is the point?

  10. "Leveling up" as a reward is the bane of pacing and growth of challenge in many RPGs. Having your character's abilities grow as you play, even when it doens't make that much sense, has become a mustfor some reason. But it doens't havo to be.


    I'd be willing to play an RPG where power growth and learning of new skills is directly linked with specific choices, quests and events, instead of generic "experience" and levels.

  11. What kind of noob is in Twin Elms with a 7th level party in the first place? Run along, noob.

    Do you realized that the not level scaled critical path of the game was intended to be beatable by people who have done very few sidequests?


    And your point about having a rogue specialized in mechanics just proves how badly designed the mechanics skill is, since it is considered a must to have an specialist in it, and investing only a little in it is virtualy useless, while all other skills depend only on your build.



    - The machine in the city gives you the option to overload. Why wouldn't the Leaden key use it again?

    Because at the end of the game you kill the only member of Leaden Key who knows more about the organization than their own name.

    Exactly. And because you should be able to warn the Crucible Knights, Dozens or Doemenels(sp?), all of which would have more than enough reason to secure the perimeter against the Leaden Key or just organize a raid to tear it down stone by stone abd wire by wire. Adra and copper are far from indestructible, and even if they have some sort of protective enchantment, it most likely isn't infallible.

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  13. There are also some no-brainer dump stats - fighter-ish classes have several builds that gain so little from Int you can drop it to 3 without a second thought.

    They also have several builds that benefit enough from INT for you to seriously consider raising it instead of other stats, so I wouldn't say it qualifies as a no-brainer dump stat, as much as a build-dependent one. Like attributes were supposed to be anyway.

  14. Yeah, the repercussions for not destroying the machine felt very forced. You mean, they are just going to let the Leaden Key in again?


    And why can't you break it after turning it off? This also feels kinda jarring, since it is not like adra and copper are indestructible, specially when wizards and druids summon giant stones and explosions out of thin air. Or, if magic is not the answer, just telling your hirelings from Caed Nua to sneak in and break it down.

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