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    Grim Dawn question:


    How are abilities that do untyped "elemental damage" supposed to work? Will it scale with anything that adds to damage of any element? What resists against it?

    yeah i was wondering it myself, i guess its lighning/fire/cold

    Just tested with the Soldier ability that coverts some of Cadence's damage into elemental, and it seems to deal damage split across those three types. I wonder why they didn't make things clearer.

  2. You shouldn't dismiss classes other than Ranger and Rogue so easily.


    Fighters built for damage can be a very effective and mostly safe choice, if very passive.


    Or, if micro management of a single character is your thing, a Monk may prove the best choice due to the many fun abilities. Just remember that you don't have to go unarmed and unarmored just because D&D Monks do so. Yes, you can do it, but you don't need to if you feel robes aren't enough to survive.


    Just bought Grim Dawn. Took a look at the skill trees and I think I will make a lifesteal-focused melee occultist/shaman. Sounds viable to the more seazoned GD players here? Or is the idea of a Conjurer who doens't conjure as bad as it sounds?

    You can play a conjurer without summons, that isn't the big deal, and Occultist can be a decent mastery to buff melee, I'm just not sure that a lifesteal melee Conjurer would work all that well (there aren't that many synergies between the life stealing skills of both masteries and the melee abilities) - they're usually played as casters. You'd probably end up with a character that doesn't deal enough damage and has trouble surviving, exacerbated by your lack of gear and that recent defensive Devotion nerf.

    Truth to be told, I didn't have much specific things in mind, as I don't know the game mechanics enough to be sure of what synergises. I just saw both masteries had a couple of life-draining skills and thought about stacking them.


    I also really wanted to start with the Occultist mastery and do something other than just throwing summons around(As I had my share of summoning builds in Path of Exile).


    Could you recomend a more straightforward build for me to get used to game mechanics, then? I don't want to build my first char into a corner, even if I could technically respec out of it later. Something that uses summons is OK, but I don't want to focus on them.

  4. Hmmm...Pillars stats are really odd :|


    Well assuming crono, frog paladin and ayla monk i have 3, who else could be front line?


    - Lucca is a cipher gunner, Magus is 100% spell caster and so is Marle...i guess i could rejig Magus as a frontline wizard with a focus on self buffs but since most spells are short duration and in combat only that seems impractical.


    Most important buffs have long enough duration, actualy. Specially if you start by casting Alacrity, so everything gets faster.


    And you could also give Marle a big shield and a hatchet. You plan to use her purely as a buffer and healer, seeing by the ridiculously low PER, so the accuracy malus won't matter. You could also remove some points from MIG to increase RES or CON. You aren't going to hit anything with that crossbow or your offensive spells anyway, and buffing is more important than healing.



    For Druid Chrono, you probably shouldn't raise CON and RES that high. If it goes against character to have less than 18 RES, at least switch PER and CON.

    Please CMIIW because frankly I'm no where near system mastery of pillars but isn't Res and Con the prime tanking stats especially on a class with lower starting values in those

    Yes, but with lower base Endurance you gain less from CON, and with a good shield and a couple of talents you won't need it that much. The point of a tanky Druid is not to be an indestructible frontliner, but to be able to stand against a couple of foes for long enough to cast your crowd control and damage spells. Having more INT, and either PER or DEX, is going to help you more than raising CON that high.


    My tank druid, for exemple, has the following stats:


    14 MIG,

    9 CON,

    9 DEX,

    16 PER,

    16 INT,

    14 RES.


    EDIT: And you don't need a "main" tank, if at least four members of your party can survive against two or three foes in melee.

  6. Melee Wizards are very cool, but their limited number of spells means you have to play under your maximum power during "filler" fights. For attributes, INT, DEZ and MIG benefit you more or less equaly, there is no need to raise PER past 14, and while you can lower RES to 3 and use Spirit Shield to make up for the lost concentration, you shouldn't have CON lower than 6 or 7.


    Ciphers can also be built for melee, and require less resting. They buff themselves mostly by draining enemy stats, and their Soul Whip increases weapon damage passively. For attributes, PER and INT rule. If you plan on relying on your weapons for damage, not your powers, then you can leave MIG at base, as Soul Whip stacks additively with it. Don't dump RES like you would with a Wizard, as you can't just cast Spirit Shield to avoid any interrupts, or instantly increase your Deflection with Arcane Veil.


    EDIT: I forgot about priests. They may work better in heavy armor than my suggestions, which benefit from light and medium armor, respectively.

  7. By the way: Chanter tanks with a damaging aura also draw a lot of attention. I rarely see any mobster leave a chanter tank once they engaged. Maybe they classifiy them as caster and want to bring them down asap. Same with druid tanks. So maybe a mixture would be nice.

    I don't know about the druid tanks part, since my Druid is probably the second char on my party with highest damage, and most foes ignore him until there are only two characters left. Maybe it is because he has almost twice as much deflection as the frontliners, when he switches to shield+hatchet.

  8. I am quite sure it is 40% of max Health, as I used it between two fights after running out of camping supplies(trying to avoid running back to town) and my Fighter pratically tripled her remaining Health.




    @TheBalthazar: actualy, I was playing on PoTD with a full team and no extra difficulty options. Maybe I was a tad underleved and lacked hard CC on Aloth, leaving the job to my already too busy Druid, but I needed that Health on my damage dealing Fighter during a couple very hard fights.


    Barbarian become more and more useless.


    Everyone can Frenzy per encounter now...


    Thanks Obsidian.


    I recommand to Obsidian the following nerf for 3.02 :


    Heart of the fury 1/life.


    But not everyone can Carnage!

    Yeah, wizards can, even on range, but they are omnipotent by design so you can't really compare.

    Rangers too, with Stormcaller, to make it worse!

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