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  1. Just got to the point where you get Hiravias and the Grieving Mother (lvl5) and jesus ***k the druid feels out of place in my party... I tried "building" him with weapon and shield talent + heart of the storm but he is simply too squishy to be in the front line while his spells require him to be there. I am now using him with a quaterstaf behind the tanks, but he seems useless.

    Weird, as I had a lot of fun with tankier Druids. Do you remember to let the tougher guys go first and start casting your CC as soon as possible?

  2. I can't recall if the bonus damage is displayed on the character sheet when you look at your weapons' damage - like it does when you have Savage Attack activated. Maybe it does not because it's a circumstancial bonus like Sneak Attack (affliction or not / focus full or not).

    It does appear... but only if you open the character sheet during combat.

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  3. Stupid question but how much time is a godlike life expectancy ? Same as their parent race ?


    It is interesting to determine if it is an immediate sequel.

    That is actually a question I've asked myself for a long time, actually. If I had to guess, I would say it is not much longer.


    But I still don't believe we will play as the Watcher again. Hard to go more epic than what we have already seen without going too far.


    But... maybe the Watcher can appear, as a NPC or plot point, or maybe...


    What if the game opens with the Watcher dying, and the new PC finding his/her soul, and maybe being bound to it? No idea how that would work from a roleplaying or even gameplay standpoint, having a PC with two souls, but it does sound like something the could happen.

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  4. Backstabs can be a good way to give more burst to Rogues wielding two-handed weapons, as they get much less mileage from Full Attacks, but stacking damage multipliers benefits them greatly. Imagine Backstab + Sneak Attack + Deathblows on FIREBRAND or maybe Hours(if you crit).


    However they are not supposed to be the core of a build, only a nice plus, and I am still going to test how viable my specific idea of a greatsword hearth orlan Rogue focused on crits, mobility and the ocasional backstab is.

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  5. If Pallegina returns in PoE II, we can begin to speculate about which formula OE is going to use for the game. We might even get a direct sequel with cameos or returning playable companions, and an importable watcher. That would be my first choice.

    I find the direct sequel part an unlikely assumption, as Pallegina is one of the companions who would have the least trouble making a cameo on a game with a different protagonist. The same story applies to Kana, BTW.

  6. I'll take both your words for it, I didn't look at any guides and just build the characters the way it made sense to me. And I didn't notice any game changing abilities/items. May be it's my fault, may be the game is too abstruse, I'll let others judge.

    While I did enjoy PoE, I must agree that it is not that fun without grasping the mechanics, which are all too obscure and arcane for most players (including me, who had to resort to the forums to understand things) to learn on their own without boring trial and error.


    Truth to be told, it kinda stabbed itself in the back when it came to character building, as it offered an ocean of flexibility... and dropped you on a lonely island with all the materials to build a whole fleet of boats but an incomplete manual.

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  7. Skill of the user is the same kind of upgrade as the gear upgrade, so what's the difference? Unless you mean player skill, but that's a completely different quality. As far as different damage, yes, in some situations ice damage is better than fire damage, but am I supposed to carry ten different weapons around? I didn't notice any particularly interesting types of damage, nor were the spells particularly exciting either, at least at the level I reached so far.

    Funny you think different damage types are not exciting, since there are entire builds based on the fact there is a sabre that deals corrode damage in PoE. Not to mention some Barbarian builds that are made possible by the fact some weapons have a highter than expected interrupt lenght ymto attack speed ratio, while most builds couldn't care less about interruting foes.


    And he meant character-building and tactical skills, I believe. A unique weapon in PoE is only as good as your capacity to exploit its strenghts. I'd reccomend seeing the sticky build list on the PoE Character Builds and Strategies forum to see why loot is more interesting in it than in most other games.

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  8. The problem with POE isn't just the very frequent (but usually not that difficult combat, at least on hardcore), it's that you really don't get rewarded for it. You just find a bunch of junk equipment usually no better than what you already have, and leveling up doesn't feel particularly rewarding either.

    Eh, I disagree with the "no reward" part. The number of powerful build enabling uniques you only get after tough encounters is considerable.


    I also wouldn't call the game easy on PoTD, but I am no minmaxer and I admit being on a area on the wrong level (which became even easier with the expansions) can change the perceived difficulty a lot.


    And I also don't really care about games focused on looting and levelling up as rewards. Combat should be only one of multiple ways of advancing the plot, which should be the reward on itself.

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  9. PoE is cool, I suppose. Lots of flexibility, build options and more choice & consequence than many other RPGs, even if encounter design could use more variety and there was way too much combat in the expansions.


    The narrative also leaves some to be desired, but it is still much above most games I played.


    I don't regret buying it, but at the same time I find it hard to gather determination to push through parts of it at times. I have hope that PoE 2 will be better at keeping my attention.

  10. Thanks for your insight.


    Dex gives more attack speed and reflex, it isn't a problem to have it so low ? Or maybe the skills and level bonus of the monk will counterbalance this ?


    Reflex... well, having it at base or close below is not bad for someone like a Monk, who has enough endurance to tank a few damage spells. As for speed fists are fast as hell, dual wielding already diminishes your recovery period a lot, and Torment's Reach is a full attack, which means both weapons strike in quick sucession, making the less than stellar DEX not a problem. And if you feel reflexes are really such a problem, you can spend a talent point on it and wear gear that boosts reflexes, right?


    And it's better to have more INT than PER ? PER gives accuracy, don't I need more accuracy ? In the other hand, INT gives good bonus to area of effect and duration.. But if as you say INT is more relevant to dialogue than PER, then I guess it's ok !


    Also, both PER and DEX give reflex, but if both are low, am I going to have reflex problems ?


    I played the game when it came out but but I didn't go far.

    Monks have very good base accuracy, and their fists gain an accuracy bonus automatically as you level. Talents should be enough to rarely graze, and buffs from your party members can make you crit a reasonable amount of time. INT however, is harder to buff, and it affects most Monk abilities in a significant way.


    And yes, INT is way more relevant to dialogue than PER IMO. RES still hangs somewhat above both, though.

  11. To expand on the good advice from Dream Wayfarer above I'd focus on fewer things instead of spreading out.


    Resolve is good for many classes but Monk is not one of them.

    Well, I wouldn't advice this, as the OP wanted to have many dialogue options, and RES is, while not synergic with Monks not really as detrimental as some think, as with light or medium armor grazes can still give Wounds, and if you don't get many Wounds... you probably don't need them :p.


    Yeah, RES is not the most combat effective stat for Monks, but IMO you can raise it without being guilty.

  12. (lost my previous account)



    So i want to play POTD and I want a monk as my main character, but I want to be able to have access to many dialogue options, but I also want the character not to be useless in battle. I will play with the NPC's that have a story.


    I want my monk to be second tank or melee dps. I understand I need good CON, MIG and DEX, but the attributes that open dialogue options are INT, PER and RES... I also understand that I don't need to have access to ALL dialogue options : for example, for RP reasons, I am not really interested in RES dialogue options, because my monk is going to be a pretty good guy.

    Not all RES dialogue is about intimidation and bullying. Most is simply about sounding like you really mean what you are saying and sometimes it allows you to reach a peaceful solution.


    Luckly, in the beggining of White March you get a ring that gives +3 RES as a drop from the ogre Boss you have to fight, and with bonuses from resting and prostitutes you can make that +6, I think.


    Most important RES options are available at 17 RES and PER is nowhere as relevant to dialogue as RES and INT so I would use the following spread:


    16 MIG

    15 CON

    8 DEX

    10 PER

    15 INT(plus armor enchatment you get 17, a good number)

    14 RES(try to get the ring as early as possible. Level 6 or 7 should be enough, depending on your party. It gets easier with scrolls of paralysis or sneaking past the first Ogres.)


    You won't be the very best of all DPS characters, but your tanking and CC will be good, and you can get veteran's recovery to compensate the need for taking damage. Invest in Survival and Lore, as not only they give tons of dialogue options, but you also benefit greatly from scrolls and the extra healing received from survival.


    Wear medium or light armor depending on the encounter, and use your fists as your main weapon. As for which NPCs to use, you can't go wrong with Pallegina by your side, and her order specific talent improving flames of devotion will help compensate the below average DEX, as will the Torment's Reach full attacks.


    And as a hint for when you build you characters: A increase or decrease of two or three points in a single attribute is hard to notice, unless you do the sane with another that affects the sane defense. More than that, however, can make a big difference, so you should be careful with not spreading your points too thin, and also think twice before dumping a stat below 8.


    EDIT: the sane defense. Now I want a Sanity meter in PoE and things that target it :p. Keeping the typo. Ah Ah Aj



    ROFL - Andrea, wielder of Buttercut, where have you been? :lol:

    Modding Baldur's Gate and playing The Witcher 3, mostly ... Killing time while waiting for 3.03 to drop. I've kept the build list updated, though ;) Will add your Monksterlash build soon, btw.




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  14. Yeah, true classic like Buttercut and Wutherstrike ^^

    Wuthering Strike, you poser :p


    There was also a dragon husky thing once, wasn't there? Somene called the Alpine Dragon droggie and it became the ultimate Ranger pet, if I remember well.


    EDIT: but my favorite is of course, fighters getting Knock Knock Knocking (down) on Heaven's door as an ultimate skill.

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  15. Truth to be told, I just can't get Chanters. They have the best lore, interesting mechanics, extreme potential... but I just can't make them live up to it! When I try to make Kana an off-tank he often dies before his second invocation, or stays there mostly uselessly while my other party members shine so I never use a Chanter long enough to see Dragon Thrashed in action.


    But then, my usual playstyle focuses on charging on the enemy priority targets as quickly as possible after applying buffs and CC, and making sure all chars can share some of the aggro after the hero killers are dealt with, instead of running a tight formation with a body wall and two or three cannons, so Chanters aren't exactly ideal to my playstyle.


    Of course, some particulary big encounters in White March make me believe my tactics are just all around suboptimal, as how am I supposed to actually reach the priority targets before they kill me if they have endless legions blocking the way? Much easier to just cast Wall of Fire and Combusting Wounds, I guess...

  16. As for having a more melee focused comp I usually prefer casters in these sorts of games, and I'm never much interested in brutish melee classes like barbs/fighters. I did consider doing the melee wiz build, maybe that'd help. But honestly after reading all this I think I'll be fine going forward.

    1)Why do you consider martial classes brutish?


    2)Have you considered using a melee shield-using Druid like Boeroer's Bat**** Crazy build? I can say from experience that they are very reliable characters, and since many powerful offensive druid spells are cones or lines with friendly fire, and most of their healing is centered on self, there are many benefits to the approach. It also works well with Hiraivias base stats.


    3)Have you considered making Durance an off-tank? There is a Pale Knight solo Priest of Berath build somewhere in this forum you could adapt for that.

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