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  1. I always value lore and aesthetics more than sheer numbers. 2 or 3 more damage won't make me choose a cat over a wolf or vice-versa...

    I like boar and cat, and I liked orlans. Orlans and boars, for me, don't match. I'd play cat but this kind of character is far from the "unique" concept that I stated about a hundred posts ago... So I'm still evaluating.. Another thing I regret is that a BG with mech AND survival does not exist..

    Another viable possibility for me would be dwarf with boar. The boreal gains even higher ACC vs two of the most annoying critter type... Thinking about it...

    If it helps, orlans have a reputation (which my come prtially from racism, but...) of being naturally sttubborn, something that can be associated with boars.


    And Boreal dwarves are very powerful, so go either way.

  2. So nothing will work on a wizard except implements? I realize that the proper wizard has to have a certain -how can I say..- attire, but isn't there a way to build let's say an archer with magic?

    Hey, don't let the post above dissuade you from making your bow-mage. Although Ciphers with warbows/guns make much better supernatural marksmen.

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    If one is from Russia, can he/she vote in either east Europe, West Asia and East Asia instead?

    What "other" in north America if you leave out USA? Central America is included?


    I know I'm stretching. Nvm :p

    Nope then he votes Russia, for exactly that reason. Central America is included yes. USA is only separate because it has one of the strongest gaming cultures, otherwise it's pretty useless to makes sperations in the two americas

    And yet it is useful to make separations for Europe? How is that supposed to make sense?

  4. I also think the same applies for chanters... Somebody said on a thread before that chanters use Acient sole magic in their chants and invocations (according to the description), and thus make just as much sense to use as a main as ciphers. I do agree with that user. And to be honest, I prefer chanter over cipher... I feel like ciphers lack a certain touch of elegance ;)

    I think you may be talking about me ;). And I agree that Chanters fit a Watcher as much as ciphers, because their unique type of necromancy and tradition of remembering the past mean that a chanter would be the first to embrace the gift of being a Watcher.


    Not only that, but both Watchers and Chanters are much closer to the original meaning of the term "Necromancer" than what you usually see on fantasy, being bridges between the living and the dead, the present and the past. It is only natural to have both in one character.


    EDIT: not really my favorite class however. I don't love extreme micromanagement, but chanters take it too far in the other direction before late-game.

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  5. I would say that for a melee wizard who focuses on damage with conjured weapons DEX is slightly more important, even if so little it is more of a matter of tastes, as weapon accuracy is straighforward enough to buff to the point of few misses and critting is not a Wizard's main strenght, while attacking, casting and chaining buffs faster can be helpful (and even if buffs are all fast, sometimes you just need to empty your grimmorie at once to survive.


    For a tank Wizard however, PER is the only way.

  6. Druids can be great protectors. They are not great buffers, but when they have healing on par with priests and CC on par with Wizards that doesn't matter that much: weakening a foe is not so different from strenghtening an ally.


    And your build will work best with hide armor anyway, since you only need to tank as long as your spells are charging, so you will still look like a druid. Spears are nice weapons too, even tough hatchets nay be better. BTW, have you considered swords? There is an early nice looking black sword that makes you sturdier, and if you choose the Knights of The Crucible faction at Act 2 one of your rewards is a shining sword that buffs the accuracy of allies targeting the same foe, fitting the idea of a leader, guardian and blesser.

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