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  1. Where it comes from is of little relevance Boer... The Idea I have in mind, is a fanatic "almost possessed" bard/barbarian who exalts his comrades with war chants and cries. I don't exactly know if this translates better into a chanter or into a barbarian, in the world of PoE... I vote for a chanter.

    As for the race, I could pick human, sure it fits better than elf, but game-wise, he's noticeably weaker in special abilities... humans are so...meh...

    I say you should pick a Pale Elf. After all elves come from escandinavian and germanic folklore.


    Better yet, if you take the Seven Nights invocation and wield either the Rimecutter axe (very hard to get, depends ob RNG) or the White Spire estoc you can have an ice theme as well. The second weapon also increases the accuracy of allies targeting the same foe, which fits the rallying part.


    To go with the theme, use the low level chants most of the time (the defense buffs and fear aura fit well your concept), and have fun with your invocations (calling vengefull spirits, paralysing people with a terrifying scream, summoning blades of glacial ice, ressurecting your allies or empowering yourself with an warcry).


    For stats, I'd suggest average physical attributes and high mental ones if the chanter is supposed to be your main character, with an emphasis on INT. If not, increase CON and MIG instead of RES and PER, but don't dump anything either way. Skills should be lore first and survival second. Which also heppen to be the skills that give the most dialogue options.

  2. l

    The problem the Codex (or a certain subset of it) had with PoE was more that the attempts to balance everything and have anything be a viable build left the classes/ characters feeling too generic and cookie cutter. Which I have a fair bit of sympathy with, without agreeing completely.

    Well, to be fair with PoE I believe the search for balance didn't make the classes less unique at all, even if some nerfs were undeserved.


    The problem was mostly that the game mechanics are too byzanthine, so it takes a lot of trial and error to discover the great potential for originality, something people who attach themselves too much to OP builds don't really like to do again after having found and lost their "holy grail".


    And the initial lack of respecing didn't help.

  3. Here's a build that I've come out with:

    A pale Elf, from the White t.w. armed with hatchet and board. Background: mystic (or scientist...maybe he takes alchemical drugs to go in trance during battle cries?)


    Someone can maybe tell me if, once in the expansions the cold resistance will prove useful?

    Anyway.. just comment ;)

    Pale Elf is my favorite race :). And yes, its passive will prove useful. BTW, the scientist background is not available for those from The White That Wends, but on the other hand mystic is unique to the location.

  4. Reent, come to think of it... You made me think of a Skald.... Maybe Aumaua, or even human... two hatchets.... mmmm

    Sounds fun, altough I'd recomend hatchet+shield in one slot and staff on the other. There us even a speed-enchanted staff that may allow good weapon damage with Their Cgampion Braved The Horde Alone. Not spetacular but still useful if you find yourself bored by Dragon Thrashed.

  5. I do not like nerfs as a rule...Being overpowered in games like this is not necessarily a bad thing.


    Instead of nerfs the developers should improve challenge rating by making critters smarter and varying their attack repertoire. Nerfs are the lazy way out in my opinion.

    Do you know how much work is buffing all underpowered classes/skills/items and all enemies? Nerfing outliers is the same end result for less effort.



    That said, weapons and gear in general overpower the innate abilities of classes in this game. (Forgemaster gloves I am looking at you) this is not a good thing.


    The power of any class should come from innate abilities chosen during level ups...not the gear they are wearing

    Well, Firebrand on a Druid is much less scary than firebrand on a properly built Barbarian, and you can easily build a Paladin around the fact it deals fire damage. It is all about combining abilities with items.

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  6. 1. As far as I know, yes.


    2. The Ila chant is weird. I think it stacks with all generic "attack speed" bonuses due to not being an "attack speed" bonus, but a "ranged attack speed" bonus, but I am unsure.


    3. Medium armor IMO, at least until you have durgan steel. Adjust armor weight based on your DEX. Lower recovery helps chaining invocations at higher levels.



    One is The White Spire that you can buy at the Crucible Knights - it has a nice spell binding and looks superawesome with a certain plate armor named "The White Crest" that you can get rel. early in WM I. They fit beautyfully - not only the looks, but also the theme and the spell bindings.

    Now I must build a character around these items.

    Try to not make it a Chanter, Boeroer already did that one.

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  8. I think a Chanter also makes sense as a Watcher from a lore perspective, as their powers are based on assembling the stray soul fragments around the area to be the actors/pyrotechnicians in the plays they weave with their voices.


    A solo Chanter may sound strange for some, but I kinda see said character as a wandering artist in search of inspiration, who is far too introverted to lead a group yet creative enough to not need one.


    Unfortunately, you are never given the opportunity to use your musical necromancy like ciphers use their powers. So much wasted potential...

  9. I almost always go Honest + Rational, so I am kinda disappointed there isn't an order or god focused on those attributes for players to choose (Abydon would be a very good fit, IMO).


    IMO Bleak Walkers should be Honest + either Cruel or Aggressive, so they could still be the most "evil" order, but at the same time they are direct and straightforward about their goals, and will bever abandon a mission unless double-crossed by their employers.


    It would also raise the interesting possibility of them becoming Cruel or Aggressive because their direct and unrelenting ways stop them from making the small distortions and concessions diplomacy requires, so they decided to be so feared they would never need diplomacy.


    I agree that Shieldbearers shouldn't be 100% honest. Diplomats need to know when to cloud things a bit, even if sweetening the truth is generally preferable to actually lying.

  10. I'd always defer to your mathematical judgment on most things but for this it seems hard to me to see how 2H style can ever realistically "make up the gap" so to speak.


    +70% recovery bonus vs a little bit more base damage + the extra % damage from 2H talent (can't remember if it's 15% or 20% now ...) is a hard sell for me, at least with the 2H weapons that are available in the game.

    It depends on class and build, I guess. Barbarians don't really need more attack speed after they start killing, and some Rogue builds may benefit more from higher base damage than speed.


    Plus, reach weapons are always two-handed, and so are Blade of The Endless Paths and Tidefall, for example.

  11. I feel that if Bioware had done something closer to the ME2 style for Inquisition instead of the MMO quests and open areas it would've been better, or if they actually decided if their combat was supposed to be action or tactical.


    It still wouldn't have been a masterpiece, mind you, but something relatively fun if you have free time (in other words, the RPG equivalent of a Marvel movie). The way it ended up the ok parts were diluted in elements that seemed to exist just to fill a checklist, just like so many quests that were nothing but checklists.

  12. Be welcome! After a couple playthroughs, consider checking the Builds and Strategies subforum. While there is the risk of raising your inner minmaxer from the grave, knowing your way through the byzanthine and needlessly convoluted mechanics of this game adds a lot of replay value even for roleplayers, as you will have the chance of experimenting with character concepts that few know that the game supports like gunner paladins, scroll-using rogues or melee rangers.

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  13. I am currently trying to make a mid-range budget Sajj deck. The idea is to use her to hold the line in the early game, then stepping back as my buffed minions finish the enemy general, potentially assisting with the Wildfire Ankh I crafted in a moment of hot-blooded foolishness.


    Actually, I will now make another Ankh to try to make the idea more practical and then focus on improving my Vanar skills so I can make a more reliable and less flashy deck for when I don't feel like taking risks.


    EDIT: I am also using an improvised aggro Zirix deck of sorts, and both decks actually share a decent number of cards to make things cheaper. Currently I am still on the lowers ranks of Silver, but the improvement over using only basic cards is noticeable.


    EDIT2: And noticing that I had a MECHAN0ZOR! Chassis, two Swords and a Helm, I decided to craft a couple wings and Helms to have some fun with the big bot. I will probably stop playing Mech decks for months the first time someone uses Crossbones or Chromatic Cold on it, but...

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