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  1. Don't blame that on controllers, deciding to put 4 of anything because of "4 buttons" would just be lazy design, plain and simple - especially since there've been an insane amount of games already with no such limitations in place.

    Yeah, one can easily use controllers to scroll a list up and down, instead of assigning an option to each button. Mapping 4 active abilities to 4 buttons makes some sense, but doimg the same to dialogue is just developers being crazy or conspiring to reduce how much writing must be done.

  2. I started playing just a couple days ago and I just can't stop. I only have tried two factions so far, but I am having a blast with Vetruvian and while I am losing a lot with Songhai, it is mostly because I still haven't found the right cost balance and I like the faction mechanics enough to keep tinkering.


    Oh, and I must say I love Repulsor Beasts. Temporarily disabling enemy big hitters (like that cheap Abyssal card that gets bigger every time something dies) or setting up Backstab, Frenzy or Blast.

  3. Why... would they make an artifact like that? 5 cost and... it puts you at a disadvantage!?

    I think those totens are "gifted" to the opponent. Unless there are alternate victory condition cards like in Magic, which I find unlikely.


    But take what I say with a grain of salt, since I just downloaded the game.

  4. So. Ideas very welcome. Maybe a gang? A cult? The knight and his retinue again? What class is most fun to play as a main character anyway, in your opinion?


    (I'm going to play on normal or maybe even easy)

    For the main character it depends a lot on player, but I like leaders with what I call tactical skills: powerful heals, buffs, debuffs or CC that can be applied at key moments to swing the tide in your favor. Casters, Ciphers and Paladins all fit, and all can be seen as natural leaders or strategists.


    All the themes you described are viable.


    For a gang a Cipher or Paladin of the less morally concerned orders would be a good leader, and the followers could be be gun-using Rangers, all kinds of Rogues, more thugish Monks or Fighters, and perhaps even a Wizard with a spellbook full of "nasty" spells or a roguelike Priest of Skaen.


    For a cult most casters can fit, but Priests and Druids do it better than Wizards, and Ciphers are almost a must. There is no "almost" for Chanters however, because few things fit the scary magical cult image better than masked masses chanting in an ancient tongue, building up power to call dark forces with an invocation. They can even brainwash people and summon undead!


    The knight idea sounds cool too. The most knight-like Paladin orders are the Darcozonni Palladini and the Shieldbearers but Fighters also make more than fine knights, as do Barbarians (And they benefit more from INT than most casters, instead of what the name suggests). Priests can also be good knights depending on how you build them. Priests of Berath for example have a talent that gives them bonus accuracy with Maces and Greatswords, and their god is said to manifest as the Pallid Knight.

  5. My impression is that the forums here are frequented by older players, if for no other reason than there are less histrionics over here. Could be wrong of course, would be interesting to find out.

    I am 18 years old and the two other forums I frequent which are pupulated mostly by young adults and teenagers, are both quite civil. The Codex on the other hand is as far as I know also frequented by older players, but it looks like a bottomless pit of drama from my short stroll through it.


    I believe factors other than age have much more sway over the nature of a forum, like the ideology of its creators, how zelous supervisioned it is (for good or ill), and how "niche" is its focus. Something that attracts a select yet loyal on-line following can serve as a bridge between members, but if it is too small, it has the risk of lacking diversity of opinions and becoming clannish and aggressive towards outsiders.


    I would say the PoE forums in general stand on a sweet spot, but that may also be because the more aggressive members got tired and left.

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  6. Just downloaded Duelyst and bought Dragon Age: Origins. Finaly I will see if the hype about the later is true and know if Inquisition was truly "dumbed down", and while I doubt it will be as complex an experience as PoE mechanics wise, I am in the mood for something less byzanthine anyway.

  7. What is Brisk Recitation? I can't find it anywhere.

    A Talent that came with update 3.0. Now the non-linger duration of Chanters phrases gets shorter every 4 levels, being twice as fast at level 16.


    That means that Invocation-focused Chanters who chain lots of small phrases with a few big ones are a viable alternative to Dragon Thrashed face-melters, and they can actually keep up multiple buffing invocations up with high INT and non-dumped DEX (as you only resume chanting after an invocation after the relatively long recovery).

  8. My favorite class is probably the Fighter. Not the strongest, not the most flexible and surely not the flashiest, but still a class I can rarely part with. Never my main, as I prefer more exotic flavours for my avatar, but a solid and reliable presence that come Hel or Ondra's waters, will always be there holding the line and scavenging victory from defeat.


    My last favorite is - steel yourselves - the chanter.


    It was a hard choice, and I am still unsure about it, but there is something about the class that feels lacking. Maybe it is because, despite having the most interesting lore, for most of the midgame they are in a limbo while fighters shine, and the midgame is the part of the game that affects my opinions on a class the most.


    Yes, the two most "boring" classes are the ones I like and dislike the most.But tgen, I like all classes, so it is no big deal.

  9. Some houses, for example, will have so many expressions that to contrast them to word would take forever! It's more productive to caption a screenshot. Further, there are many screenshots possible and this is what I mean by 'many conspiracies'.


    It baffles me, that someone as learned and eloquent as yourself uses the word "conspiracy" so lightly.

  10. +15% casting speed is barely noticeable, since most of your spells are already fast.

    Actually, by multiplying the effects of Spelltongue, DAoM and Gaunlets of Swift Action you get 1.15*1.15*1.5=1.98375, which means basically zero recovery when not wearing armor. Take away Spelltongue and you get 1.725, which means very low recovery, but not zero. Plus, nothing keeps you from using spelltongue on a Citzal build those times when you aren't conjuring weapons.

  11. And nothing keeps you from summoning Citzal's lance when you want bigger numbers. If you can have 0-recovery with no Talents, you can take the 2-handed style talent for when you do summon it. Actually, I am already thinking of a jack of all trades dual-wielding/2-hander/fast caster Wizard build now that I know that Spelltongue speeds up casting too.

  12. And might in this case? Whats the idea behind high int on a monk?

    Might should stay high, specially of you plan on using fists or sabers (which I recommend). For a very "active" dual-wielding Monk I'd invest equally into MIG and CON and then invest what you can in INT. If you look at the Monk active abilities, you will see that almost all have either an area of effect or a duration that benefits from INT:


    Torment's Reach, the main damage dealing ability of a dual-wielding Monk, has a cone AoE. Force of Anguish, a powerful single-target push+prone, can render the target hopeless for the entire fight with high INT. Swift Strikes is a nice buff that you should keep active. I can't speak much about high level powers, but I think that even your Wounds take longer to expire with high INT.


    Plus, both Veteran's Recovery and the AoE healing over time from Shod-in-Faith benefit from INT. I don't think I need to explain why Monks like cheap passive self-healing.

  13. That sounds very interesting, would have to be a frontliner cause friendly fire. How would you build it?


    Truth to be told I don't have much experience with that kind of Wizard, but I would probably focus on INT and MIG above all, and some PER if possible. You can take some points from RES if you don't mind buffing yourself more often, or from DEX if you feel you could use more CON or RES. Invest into Survival for more healing received or bonus Accuracy, and take Shod-In-Faith in Defiance Bay for yourself if you don't have another character who would benefit more from it, like a Monk or Barbarian.


    I would also take Veteran's Recovery and Weapon and Shield Style for more hardyness, and open fights with a Chillfog or other debuff followed by a buff to Deflection or DR, later unloading your damage spells as needed.


    EDIT: but you are an off-tank, not a full tank so don't try to engage more than two or three foes at once unless you are already buffed and charging your nukes.


    EDIT2: For armor, I think you don't need "true" heavy armors like full plate, from my experience with frontliner Priests and Druids, but I am unsure because Wizards are more fragile than them.


    I think you could also like a shieldbearer Druid, since they can afford lighter armors because of their healing spells and higher base deflection and that makes them more dynamic. Take a look at the Batsh!t Crazy build at the sticky list.


    Monk was usually might, dex perc from 15-18 rest around 10. Probably should have built it hardier.

    If you are using fists or dual-wielding any other weapon, DEX can be kept at base. Your high base accuracy means the same for PER. Instead invest into CON and INT (Monks have self-buffs, AoE and CC skills that benefit greatly from it, and so does Veteran's Recovery). For Skills, as always both Lore and Survival are the best.


    That you don't like monks gives me serious doubts about your definition of fun. ;)


    What makes a melee build fun for you?

    Rogues are a very tricky melee class. I never found them to be a source of great fun (with some exceptions).


    Barbs and monks are my source of fun in melee.

    I really don't like having my abilities only available after taking damage, Maybe I didnt play a monk long or make him tough enough or to a point where he could take that damage but it wasn't fun for me.
    I don't think the class you want exists, as all melee characters have some limitations, be it lack of action economy with melee casters or limited use of cool actives with other classes.


    As for Monks, how were your attributes? Early game they can be a tough class if you aren't willing or able to wear chainmail or a breastplate, but if your CON is high you should have enough wounds to Force of Anguish people across the screen without dying.


    EDIT: For a pseudo-melee class with cool actives, have you tried a tanky heavy-armored shield-using Wizard that focuses on cone spells? It generally requires less self-buffing than Citzal melee Wizards (the ones who use conjured weapons to deal damage).

  15. Escape is a somewhat nice offensive ability for a backstab rogue because it does not break stealth (not sure about invisibility), allowing you to to open combat by backstabbing the enemy backline without much effort, even against groups too big to be flanked.


    A Rogue without backstab does not benefit from that, but if you pile up enough mobility on a Heart Orlan with a CC on crit weapon you could have a very flexible way of annoying foes. But since you seem to be using a dual-wielding rogue not focused on crits, I see little reason to not trade some mobility for more full attacks.

  16. Ugh, I cant do it, the mobility just doesnt work like it should and I go splat so easily. You know, I loved this game, but I just cant enjoy melee in it. I like mobility and cool actives, not autoing for crits forever. I dont like the monk cause I cant find a balance where I take damage to use wounds and not die, its either I die or I take no damage and never get my abilities off. Rogue goes splat, melee druid is cool but is a one trick that gets boring after a while.

    Have you tried my melee Wizard suggestion on page 1? Lots of cool tricks to choose from, specially if you and Aloth (the wizard companion) pick different spells at level up and teach them to one another.


    As for Rogue, did you dump defensive stats? That could be why you are dying a lot, or maybe you are focusing too much on your main and forgetting to position the team properly.

  17. Should I approach the enemies with just my rogue and hit them and run and hope to not die or go in with whole group and hope to get off my alpha before I become detected?

    I like split approaches whenever possible. Unstealth your tankier characters first to draw attention and flank with the Rogue and if possible someone else, like a Monk or damage-dealing Fighter. This way you can save your Rogue more easily after your two backstabs.

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