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  1. Hi. I am unable to complete the Plucked Fruit quest. I've believe the next step is for me to catch Rongi down at the beach at midnight doing something with the fruit, but he never appears down at the beach. Is there something I have missed? Thanks. It's fine. I figured it out. Needed to wait longer.
  2. Unfortunately I have guests staying for a couple of weeks, which is great because they are mates, but also means I probably shouldn’t retreat to the study to fight dragons as a wizard... Might be able to sneak a couple hours in late in the night, but I’m too old these days and need my sleep. Delayed start is probably unavoidable. Will be avoiding the forum and might benefit from some early patches. Also concerned about how to line up the DLCs with my play through.
  3. Obsidian has mentioned they are working on a solution for GOG users, but haven’t yet revealed what that will be. Several of us are in the same boat. I have faith they will sort something out. Outdrawn!
  4. ^Also hoping they can get this working for GOG users. Thanks to everyone for tracking down the codes to date!
  5. Unfortunately I can't see the physical copy of the Guidebook as an add-on at Fig. Digital copies are great, but call me old fashioned, I like a hardcopy better for some reason.
  6. Thanks for continuing to work on the game. It's reassuring to see such commitment.
  7. Awesome. Missed out on funding PoE 1, glad to have a chance to donate with PoE 2.
  8. Just want to add my thanks to all the people involved with Pillars. The limited time I have for gaming these days all goes to Pillars. I hope future works are planned.
  9. The encounters when defending your keep could really be improved. As Mocker22 said, how did the monsters manage to get past the keep's outer defences? Why did I even bother building the walls? Some of the more fun 'keep defence' scenarios I've played included Skyrim where the attackers came in waves and needed to destroy various inanimate objects such as wooden barriers in an attempt to breach the keep's fortifications. Granted, PoE is quite a different game to Skyrim, but the general principle of how the attack is carried out could be considered. I like having hirelings present to help in the defence, it would be nice to see them slowly develop as well.
  10. I'd back it. Didn't hear about PoE in time to back it, but if PoE2 comes around then I'll throw them some cash. Nothing is perfect, but it is by far the most enjoyable game I've played this year. The more lore they introduce and the more of game's universe they expose will (I believe) just add to my immersion.
  11. I do find calculating a weapon's usefulness difficult. Knowing the numbers in previous Ad&d titles added a sense of achievement when I was able to see and understand the benefits of my weapon choices. With PoE I feel a bit like I am stumbling around in the dark. Currently I am just putting that down to the fact that I am learning a new system and I hope that in time it will become as familiar to me as Ad&d is. Time will tell.
  12. There is heaps of loot. So much that I have so much gold that I have actually started buying the expensive magical items from merchants and I never did that in any other games I played. Money is not an issue at all and it removes a layer of complexity as I can operate with no fear of going broke. Would be nice to see it toned down a bit...
  13. Yeah, the drums in the ogre cave rock! I crank the volume up when I'm sneaking around that place.
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