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  1. i don't know, i have to go with revolver cuz i love the metal gear games
  2. i choose coruscant because if tie planet was put into the game then we gould hopefully go to things like Jedi Temple there and the Room of a Thousand Fountains. if done right then then the places could look really cool an interestin
  3. maby things should break down every so often depending on how much flight you use the ebon hawk for. some people spent time going back to places 2 - 3 times. you could buy or build (depending on repair skills) the part needed to fix the ship
  4. i want a demo to get a feel for the game, see what they have done to upgrade it and see if it has been done in a good way
  5. i am looking for a computer game that involves the use of magic, if anyone knows a game they would recomend me get to plkay that would be great. i have looked every where, but can't seem to find any that look good. so any help is great thx
  6. i agree with you fully, it would be really cool if we could choose different evil paths. pesonally i think i would be a sadist because i would think it to be interestin
  7. i think it might because they are giving you 3 choices of dark and light side prestige classes and they said that it will be determined by a quest which path you will follow. so maby there will be different paths to follow
  8. ya, you could further enhance skills like computer use and secrity and stuf like that . ya know what i am sayin
  9. i don't know, cloathing wasn't really ment to have special protections in them, thats what armor was made for
  10. is the west end system a rpg book or a pc game
  11. there is really no dark and light side powers. it is all in how the player uses the powers to either protect or hurt others around them. i played KOTOR with all darkside force powers, but i was a lightside jedi. i used thoes darkside powers to help. not hurt what do you guys think
  12. Actually you did. You mentioned sexual predatory behavior and the search for those under the age of 18. You not only repeatedly ignored a question, tried to instigate a flame war, failed to spell sense properly, you also continue to back-pedal. slam, he got you there raven
  13. you may not have to loose a limb, maby it could just be added to an existing part of the body, like a perminent implant. oance you purchuse it a message pops up saying you have further enhanced your whatever
  14. and we are sure this isn't a later release date, this is sooner becauseis seems like to me the would push it back later to try to incoperaate some more of the suggestions we are all giving out
  15. lets not get carried away with the duel-wield here people
  16. i don't know about master because the quest they gave you in kotor was a quest to become a night so really i guess it made sence that they called you padawan
  17. i really hated using the double-bladed saber, personaly i went for the 2, but i agree in kotor the dark jedi should have had more troulb using the double-bladed sabers and the aprentices on koraban shouldn't have been able to use them at all
  18. it would be really cool to see a blue glow in the game
  19. while i agree with makin it easy fo people to make mods, i don't agree with the lightsaber being dangerous to use, i happent to like using it
  20. in a way you will be able to make your own lightsabers because the devs said you will be able to break things down into components and then make better things with them depending on your repair skill
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